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Supply chain transparency for sustainable fashion 4 Apr 2019

Consumers are becoming increasingly vigilant about the clothing they wear each day, seeking out more sustainable options, as well as information on supply chains, production processes and product afterlife. Which is why there's an ongoing need for consumer education, as well as collaboration among all stakeholders to redefine the standard of transparency practices across the industry value chain, says Dr Florian Heubrandner, vice president of global business management textiles, at Lenzing AG. 

Apparel and textile production rises in key regions 17 Sep 2015

World apparel and textile production growth in the second quarter depicts a mixed picture, reflecting wider challenges in the global economy.

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Lenzing to trace fibres with blockchain technology 20 May 2019

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing Group has announced it will use blockchain technology to support its Tencel branded fibre business in a move it says will ensure complete transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain to the finished garment.

Lenzing shares progress on sustainability targets 25 Apr 2019

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing Group says it is on track with all of its committed sustainability targets and reaffirmed its pledge to invest more than EUR100m (US$111.5m) in sustainable production technology by 2022.

Lenzing in FY profit and sales slip 15 Mar 2019

Lower selling prices for standard viscose, as well as higher raw material and energy costs, have contributed to a decline in full-year revenue and earnings at Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing compared with record results in the previous year.

Lenzing, Solvay partner on new green fabric 6 Mar 2019

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing has partnered with international chemical and fibres group Solvay to develop a new fabric that boosts the benefits of the firms' respective Tencel branded lyocell and Amni Soul Eco biodegradable polyamide yarn.

Lenzing to open Tencel Studio in Singapore 15 Feb 2019

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing is to partner with the Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore (TaFF) as part of a bid to make its Tencel brand more accessible to consumers.

Lenzing, Tejidos Royo partner on sustainable clothing line 24 Jan 2019

An international partnership of textile and apparel companies, including Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing and Spanish denim mill Tejidos Royo, has developed a new sustainable collection to illustrate that fashion can be both responsible and beautiful given the right supply chain partnerships.

Lenzing and Hysosung partner on sustainable fabrics 7 Jan 2019

Fibre manufacturers Lenzing and Hyosung are to collaborate on a new sustainable fabric collection that will showcase the sustainable benefits of their bestselling brands: Tencel from Lenzing, and Creora from Hyosung.

Lenzing posts nine-month profit tumble 7 Nov 2018

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing continues to expect its results for 2018 to be lower than those achieved in the previous two years as lower prices for standard viscose and price increases for key raw materials took their toll in the first three quarters of 2018.

Indorama acquires Schoeller European wool business 3 Oct 2018

Thai chemicals, fibres and woollen yarns conglomerate Indorama Ventures has announced the acquisition of European wool and wool-blend worsted yarn producer Schoeller Immobilien - und Beteiligungs GmbH, expanding its presence in Europe.

New Lenzing web technology for sustainable nonwovens 13 Sep 2018

Austrian cellulosic fibre producer Lenzing has developed a new technology platform with a focus on sustainable nonwoven products it says will open up new market opportunities for the industry.