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Who has signed the new Bangladesh '2018 Accord' – Update 2 Aug 2018

186 companies have now signed the new Bangladesh worker safety pact – the '2018 Accord' or 'Transition Accord' – with Australian apparel retailer The Just Group, and non-profit organisation Global Impact among the latest to commit.  Here we list the signatories so far.

DBL embraces digital focus to turbocharge its business – Interview 10 Jul 2018

The digital integration of Bangladesh’s booming textiles and garment sector is gaining pace, with ‘Industry 4.0’ becoming a watchword for increased competitiveness. One company taking such technological development very seriously is Dhaka-based DBL Group, which has targeted digital efficiencies to turbocharge its business growth – as managing director MA Jabbar explains.

How buying from Bangladesh can help boost wages 27 Apr 2018

In spite of the country's advances since 2013, Bangladesh's minimum wage is still just $64 a month. Mike Flanagan asks why, and suggests that buying more from Bangladesh would be in the interests of US brands and retailers.

Bangladesh feels sourcing squeeze amid safety gains 26 Apr 2018

Despite dramatic gains in building safety in Bangladesh since the Rana Plaza disaster, the violation of workers' rights has increased and the squeeze on suppliers has intensified, a new report has found.

Bangladesh a role model for health and safety progress 25 Apr 2018

Five years after the Rana Plaza disaster, Bangladesh’s apparel industry has undergone expansive structural transformation and become a role model for health and safety progress, industry-insiders and trade unionists say.

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Bangladesh "control room" to tackle labour unrest 15 Aug 2018

The government of Bangladesh has set up a temporary control room in the country's capital in a bid to avoid any labour unrest in the apparel sector in the run-up to the Islamic festival of Eid-ul Azha.

Unions renew calls for Bangladesh wage increase 15 Aug 2018

Unions in Bangladesh have renewed their demands for better wages for the country's garment workers, with a human chain protest organised earlier this month calling for a tripling of the monthly minimum.

Bangladesh takes new step towards decent work 31 Jul 2018

A new two-year Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) has been agreed for Bangladesh, focusing on issues such as job creation, social protection, and social dialogue.

Brands warn Accord shutdown would hit Bangladesh sourcing 31 Jul 2018

Representatives of the 180 brands that have signed the 2018 Transition Accord have warned that a premature shut down of the agreement would make them reconsider their sourcing in Bangladesh.

"Huge potential" in Bangladesh-India textile trade 30 Jul 2018

There is "huge potential" for further collaboration between Bangladesh and India in the textile and apparel industry, with opportunities for both countries, according to the president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

Bangladesh officials trained in unfair labour practices 26 Jul 2018

A training course taking place in Bangladesh through to 2021 is training officials on the principles and techniques of investigation of unfair labour practices in Bangladesh with the aim of implementing standard operating procedures.

Bangladesh Alliance helpline to be available to all 24 Jul 2018

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety is to transition its Amader Kotha ('Our Voice') toll-free, confidential worker helpline to an independent initiative later this month, expanding its services beyond Alliance-affiliated factories.

Bangladesh wage proposals "strongly condemned" 20 Jul 2018

An alliance of labour unions and non-governmental organisations has strongly condemned the process to set a new minimum wage for Bangladesh garment workers – and is calling on brands sourcing from the country to take action.

Bangladesh RMG workers reject latest wage proposal 19 Jul 2018

Bangladesh's garment owners and trade unions are far apart in the fraught ongoing minimum wage negotiations, proposing pay floors that are widely divergent.

Two Bangladesh Accord arbitration cases closed 18 Jul 2018

Two landmark cases against multinational fashion brands brought under the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety have been officially closed.

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Garment factories boost Bangladesh education 16 Sep 2014

The explosive growth of the Bangladeshi ready-made garment industry is more likely to be accompanied by accusations of sweatshop exploitation from labour rights activists than praise for the positive opportunities it brings the sector's largely-women workforce.