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Who has signed the new Bangladesh '2018 Accord' – Update 14 Jun 2018

More than two-thirds of the 220 companies who signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh have now committed to the new agreement – the '2018 Accord' or 'Transition Accord'. Spanish clothing brand Desigual and UK clothing retailer Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group are among the latest to sign, taking the total to 182. Here we list the signatories so far.

How buying from Bangladesh can help boost wages 27 Apr 2018

In spite of the country's advances since 2013, Bangladesh's minimum wage is still just $64 a month. Mike Flanagan asks why, and suggests that buying more from Bangladesh would be in the interests of US brands and retailers.

Bangladesh feels sourcing squeeze amid safety gains 26 Apr 2018

Despite dramatic gains in building safety in Bangladesh since the Rana Plaza disaster, the violation of workers' rights has increased and the squeeze on suppliers has intensified, a new report has found.

Bangladesh a role model for health and safety progress 25 Apr 2018

Five years after the Rana Plaza disaster, Bangladesh’s apparel industry has undergone expansive structural transformation and become a role model for health and safety progress, industry-insiders and trade unionists say.

Let’s salute Bangladesh’s progress since Rana Plaza 24 Apr 2018

Five years ago, the Rana Plaza catastrophe made Bangladesh notorious – and turned our industry into a pariah. Today, our reaction to the catastrophe has helped Bangladesh become a beacon for how poor countries can pull themselves out of poverty and, in the process, transform human rights and gender equality. All through clothing exports to the West. You will probably never again help achieve anything so extraordinary.

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Apparel firms urged to do more for Bangladesh workers 14 Jun 2018

Despite years of efforts to strengthen the voices of workers in the Bangladeshi garment sector through social dialogue, real improvements remain to be seen, a new report has found.

Denim Expert latest to join Sustainable Apparel Coalition 14 Jun 2018

Denim Expert Ltd has become what is understood to be the first Bangladeshi manufacturer to join the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC).

Bangladesh Accord mandate renewed for three years 13 Jun 2018

The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh has been given a three-year extension to its mandate by the Bangladesh government – from 1 June – after a court order preventing this was lifted.

Bangladesh needs to diversify exports to boost growth 12 Jun 2018

Bangladesh's economy continues to perform well, with robust and stable growth led by the ready-made garment sector – but the country needs to address infrastructure bottlenecks and expand export opportunities, according to a new report.

New Bangladesh Safety Accord missing key brands 5 Jun 2018

The new Bangladesh worker safety pact – the '2018 Accord' or 'Transition Accord' – is now in effect but has fallen short of its goal of retaining 100% of its original signatories, including brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Australia's Pacific Brands. 

Bangladesh to implement industrial safety unit? 4 Jun 2018

The Government of Bangladesh is understood to have initiated a move to set up an industrial safety unit with the aim of ensuring safe working conditions across all industrial sectors, including garment manufacturing.

Bangladesh garment skills course gears up for fifth round 1 Jun 2018

Testing and inspection specialist Intertek has teamed up with the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) to launch the fifth collection of training courses set up by the Government of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh eases trade union formation rules 30 May 2018

Bangladesh has eased regulations for forming trade unions at garment factories in what appears to be a bid to appease the International Labour Organization (ILO).

New skills initiative to boost Bangladesh growth 30 May 2018

A new skills initiative is being implemented in Bangladesh to help the country achieve its goals of becoming a developed country by 2021 and a middle income country by 2041.

Accord’s stay in Bangladesh embroiled in legal tangle 29 May 2018

The right of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh to continue working in the country has been thrown into renewed uncertainty after the high court extended an injunction preventing the government from prolonging its operations.

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Garment factories boost Bangladesh education 16 Sep 2014

The explosive growth of the Bangladeshi ready-made garment industry is more likely to be accompanied by accusations of sweatshop exploitation from labour rights activists than praise for the positive opportunities it brings the sector's largely-women workforce.