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From Field to Shelf – What price fast-fashion and the future of clothes? 17 Sep 2019

The harsh realities of the global business of textiles and apparel are set out in a new book 'Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes.' Aimed at the general public, explains industry consultant Robert Antoshak, managing director at Olah Inc, the message for industry insiders is clear: clean up your act.

Bangladesh garment group's new boss has big agenda – Interview 30 Aug 2019

Months after taking the reins as president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), businesswoman Dr Rubana Huq tells just-style of her priorities for the next two years – from factory safety, to exploring new markets, increasing sustainability, and promoting innovation in the world’s second largest clothing exporter.

Nirapon's vision for a safer apparel sector in Bangladesh – Interview 24 Jul 2019

Bangladesh's newest safety monitoring initiative, Nirapon, has come under fire since its launch earlier this year, with much of the criticism around its focus on monitoring rather than overseeing factory remediation, and the fact it doesn't name or shame non-compliant suppliers. But in a candid interview with just-style, CEO Moushumi Khan suggests getting supplier buy-in and encouraging them in the right way to be compliant is a key factor in increasing workplace safety in Bangladeshi garment factories. 

New Bangladesh guidelines on garment subcontracting 19 Jul 2019

A new guideline aimed at stemming unauthorised subcontracting in Bangladesh’s textile and clothing sector will help control its "unplanned" expansion – but at a risk of increased costs and lost jobs, industry owners warn.

Global Organic Textile Standard plans second Bangladesh seminar 12 Jul 2019

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) will host its second seminar in Bangladesh this autumn to update brands, exporters, certifiers, chemical industry, and other significant stakeholders on the country's organic textile value chain.

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Better Work to expand operations in Bangladesh 18 Nov 2019

Better Work, a joint collaboration between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to improve garment worker conditions, plans to expand its operations in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh buyers urged to conduct responsible purchasing practices 12 Nov 2019

Stakeholders of Bangladesh's denim industry are being urged to analyse and conduct responsible business practices when dealing with the country's vendors.

Bangladesh RMG exports slip in Q1 12 Nov 2019

The export of readymade garments (RMG) from Bangladesh during the first quarter of the fiscal year fell 6.67% to US$10.5bn.

Nirapon holds seminar on fire safety in Bangladesh 11 Nov 2019

Bangladesh safety monitoring initiative Nirapon has held a seminar on fire safety in the country's readymade garment (RMG) sector, attended by industry stakeholders and government representatives.

Bangladesh urged to support newest factory safety initiative 8 Nov 2019

A group representing US apparel retailers and importers has expressed its concern at reports coming from Bangladesh of calls to suspend the new Nirapon factory safety monitoring initiative.

Online apparel platforms criticised over Bangladesh sourcing 31 Oct 2019

Several online apparel retailers are alleged to be hosting third-party sellers on their platforms whose products are sourced from factories in Bangladesh that could be unsafe for workers.

Bangladesh manufacturer M&J focuses on big data 28 Oct 2019

Bangladesh denim and apparel specialist M&J Group has made a number of advances at its Genesis washing and printing facility that have improved working conditions and helped increase the sustainability of its products.

Bangladesh government cuts taxes to boost exports 24 Oct 2019

In a bid to grow exports, the government of Bangladesh has announced a tax reduction at source on the export of products including garments from 0.7%-0.6% for the current fiscal year.

Cotton On to boost women workers in Bangladesh 23 Oct 2019

Aid organisation CARE Australia and retailer Cotton On Group are working on a two-year project aimed at increasing the number of women in garment factory leadership roles in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh maternity compliance low in RMG sector 22 Oct 2019

Many women workers in Bangladesh's ready-made garment sector do not receive legally required benefits, including paid maternity leave, a new report claims.

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Garment factories boost Bangladesh education 16 Sep 2014

The explosive growth of the Bangladeshi ready-made garment industry is more likely to be accompanied by accusations of sweatshop exploitation from labour rights activists than praise for the positive opportunities it brings the sector's largely-women workforce.