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Bolivian apparel makers hope for extended trade pact 24 Aug 2006

Bolivia’s textiles industry is not afraid of Evo Morales’ nationalistic drive and expects its trend-setting president to strike a new trade deal with the US that will boost the industry's growth. Ivan Castano reports.

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BOLIVIA: Seeking to expand clothing exports 23 Jul 2012

Bolivia's clothing industry is diversifying its exports as it looks to combat the challenges faced by the influx of cheaper products from China.

BOLIVIA: Protests held against used clothing imports 12 May 2009

Thousands of textile workers in Bolivia are protesting against the sale of used clothing imported from the US, say local reports.

BOLIVIA: Four maquilas shut as US cuts trade benefits 11 Dec 2008

The US' decision to remove Bolivia's free-trade benefits under the ATPDEA (Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act) trade agreement has forced four textile firms to close in the South American country.

BOLIVIA: Textiles industry to grow strongly this year 21 Jun 2006

Bolivia’s textiles and apparel industry will grow 36% to over US$170m in 2006, helped by state policies to tackle the used-clothing market and a strengthening economy, a leading trade official told just-style.