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Public reporting continues to improve Cambodia factories 23 Feb 2018

Publicly reporting critical issues in Cambodia’s garment factories is continuing to drive positive change, according to the latest report on working conditions in the country’s clothing sector, with almost half of factories now in compliance with all critical issues.

Cambodia clothing sector faces up to skills gap 17 May 2017

Cambodia's apparel industry – of critical importance to its national economy – is struggling to retain experienced workers, which means the sector is facing a chronic skills shortage.

Cambodia garment sector faces ongoing challenges 12 Sep 2016

At first glance, Cambodia's garment sector is doing fine. ANZ Bank recently predicted 7.2% GDP growth in 2016, mainly fuelled by rising clothing exports. And just-released data from the International Labour Organization (ILO) points to a 14.7% jump in the country's clothing shipments to US$1.605bn during the first quarter of this year. But dig deeper, and it seems the overall situation of the Cambodian garment industry is less optimistic.

Cambodia worker wages threatened by low garment prices 7 Sep 2016

As annual discussions get underway in Cambodia on a new minimum wage for garment workers, a new report warns significant further wage increases will be hard to achieve unless higher prices are paid by retailers and brands.

Cambodia compliance improves but challenges remain 6 Jul 2016

Transparent reporting of garment factory compliance in Cambodia is contributing to better conditions for workers, a new study has found – although the top compliance issues remain ongoing.

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Cambodia H1 garment exports see double-digit growth 26 Jul 2018

Cambodia saw its garment and footwear exports increase 11% in the first six months of this year, new figures show.

EU officials mulling Cambodia preferential trade access 19 Jul 2018

The European Union (EU) is assessing Cambodia’s eligibility for key preferential trade access in response to what it describes as "recent worrying human rights and labour rights developments" in the country.

Cambodia to lobby EU over preferential trade benefits 2 Jul 2018

Cambodia's Foreign Ministry has dispatched a diplomatic team to the European Union in a bid to stop the EU removing the country from the Everything But Arms (EBA) preferential trade programme.

New Cambodia minimum wage law edges closer 18 Jun 2018

Cambodia’s newly adopted national draft minimum wage law will not harm the country’s garment and textile sector because it "formalises what the industry has been doing for the past four years," just-style has been told.

Report highlights gender disparities in Cambodia's garment sector 29 May 2018

Balancing paid work and family care is a major challenge for female workers in Cambodia’s garment sector but investing in practical solutions to enhance gender equality is good for business as well as for workers, their families and communities, a new report has found.

GMAC concern at amended Cambodia labour policy 21 May 2018

The Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) has called on the country’s Labour Ministry to reconsider its intent to amend article 89 of the labour law concerning worker protection and severance pay.

Cambodia lobbies US for GSP to include footwear 1 May 2018

Cambodia's garment industry is lobbying the US to add footwear to its Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) programme, but says it is less optimistic for the inclusion of garments.

Apparel groups call for Cambodia garment sector reform 21 Mar 2018

Cambodia is facing further pressure to adjust its labour laws after a number of groups representing major US and European international brands and retailers wrote an open letter to the country's premier urging action to improve worker and labour rights.

EU ups pressure on Cambodia over rights abuses 15 Mar 2018

The European Union (EU) has fired a warning shot over Cambodia’s bows over concerns about declining democratic and human rights, and the rule of law in this key clothing exporter.

Cambodia clothing factory fainting figures disputed 15 Feb 2018

Cambodia's clothing industry has welcomed a reported drop in the number of workers who fainted while at work in garment factories last year – although the decline is disputed by unions.