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Cambodia's garment industry resilience put to the test 26 Sep 2019

The Cambodian garment industry has had a long run of good growth – but could this come to an end pending reviews by the EU and US into the country’s access to key trade benefits? Jozef De Coster reports.

New Cambodia seniority payments cause controversy 15 Jul 2019

Garment industry associations in Cambodia are accusing factory owners of dismissing experienced workers without paying due compensation, claiming this is a breach of recently introduced legally mandated seniority payments.

Public reporting continues to improve Cambodia factories 23 Feb 2018

Publicly reporting critical issues in Cambodia’s garment factories is continuing to drive positive change, according to the latest report on working conditions in the country’s clothing sector, with almost half of factories now in compliance with all critical issues.

Cambodia clothing sector faces up to skills gap 17 May 2017

Cambodia's apparel industry – of critical importance to its national economy – is struggling to retain experienced workers, which means the sector is facing a chronic skills shortage.

Cambodia garment sector faces ongoing challenges 12 Sep 2016

At first glance, Cambodia's garment sector is doing fine. ANZ Bank recently predicted 7.2% GDP growth in 2016, mainly fuelled by rising clothing exports. And just-released data from the International Labour Organization (ILO) points to a 14.7% jump in the country's clothing shipments to US$1.605bn during the first quarter of this year. But dig deeper, and it seems the overall situation of the Cambodian garment industry is less optimistic.

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Cambodia garment makers call on buyers to honour contracts 7 Apr 2020

A trade body representing garment manufacturers in Cambodia has appealed to buyers asking them to commit to orders already fulfilled.

How Asia supplier countries are responding to coronavirus 26 Mar 2020

Garment workers in global supply chains are especially exposed to risks linked to the global Covid-19 crisis, but how are the governments in key production countries in Asia responding?

Workers in Cambodia and Myanmar feel coronavirus fall-out 13 Mar 2020

Workers in Cambodia and Myanmar are among the hardest hit by fall-out from the global coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, according to unions who are urging measures to protect workers.

Cambodia prepares for arrival of raw materials 10 Mar 2020

Cambodia’s garment factories are preparing for the arrival of raw materials from China, just a week after it was thought production in the Kingdom might slow due to shortages linked to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Production to slow at 200 Cambodia factories as coronavirus impacts raw material supply 3 Mar 2020

Cambodian officials have warned production will slow at 200 garment factories due to a lack of raw materials linked to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in China.

Cambodia government offers tax relief to garment factories? 25 Feb 2020

The Cambodian government is understood to have promised tax breaks to garment factories hit by the EU’s partial removal of preferential trade access, and supply chain disruptions from the coronavirus epidemic.

Cambodia EBA withdrawal a "dramatic setback" for footwear 19 Feb 2020

Cambodia's footwear industry has expressed "disappointment" over the EU's decision to partially suspend the Everything But Arms (EBA) trade benefit, describing the decision as a "dramatic setback" for the sector.

Cambodia urges EU to reconsider partial trade benefit withdrawal 17 Feb 2020

The organisation representing garment manufacturers in Cambodia (GMAC) has urged the European Commission to reconsider its decision to partially suspend the Everything But Arms (EBA) trade benefit under which it exports goods duty-free to the EU.

EU ends some trade benefits on Cambodia garments & footwear 12 Feb 2020

The European Commission has partially withdrawn Cambodia's preferential access to the EU market meaning from mid-August, the country will be charged duties on some garment and footwear products and all travel goods at teh Most Favoured Nation (MFN) rate.

Cambodia factories may close as coronavirus hits supplies 11 Feb 2020

Four textile factories in Cambodia may be forced to stand down operations due to raw material supply interruptions from China related to the Coronavirus outbreak, according to the country's Labour Ministry.