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Cambodia clothing sector faces up to skills gap 17 May 2017

Cambodia's apparel industry – of critical importance to its national economy – is struggling to retain experienced workers, which means the sector is facing a chronic skills shortage.

Cambodia garment sector faces ongoing challenges 12 Sep 2016

At first glance, Cambodia's garment sector is doing fine. ANZ Bank recently predicted 7.2% GDP growth in 2016, mainly fuelled by rising clothing exports. And just-released data from the International Labour Organization (ILO) points to a 14.7% jump in the country's clothing shipments to US$1.605bn during the first quarter of this year. But dig deeper, and it seems the overall situation of the Cambodian garment industry is less optimistic.

Cambodia worker wages threatened by low garment prices 7 Sep 2016

As annual discussions get underway in Cambodia on a new minimum wage for garment workers, a new report warns significant further wage increases will be hard to achieve unless higher prices are paid by retailers and brands.

Cambodia compliance improves but challenges remain 6 Jul 2016

Transparent reporting of garment factory compliance in Cambodia is contributing to better conditions for workers, a new study has found – although the top compliance issues remain ongoing.

Cambodia garment prices fall as export growth continues 8 Apr 2016

New figures show Cambodia’s garment and footwear exports continued to see strong growth during 2015, albeit it at a slower rate than the year before and with footwear far outpacing clothing. Despite an increase in exports, garment prices overall remain on a downward trajectory – although those shipped to the European Union went up for the first time in four years.

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Cambodia clothing factory fainting figures disputed 15 Feb 2018

Cambodia's clothing industry has welcomed a reported drop in the number of workers who fainted while at work in garment factories last year – although the decline is disputed by unions.

New guidelines to prevent Cambodia factory faintings 12 Jan 2018

Cambodia's labour ministry has outlined new guidelines to prevent factory workers in the country's apparel and footwear industries from fainting at work.

European Parliament mulls Cambodia trade sanctions 18 Dec 2017

The European Parliament has passed a resolution calling for the temporary suspension of Cambodia's preferential Everything But Arms (EBA) duty-free trade access over claims the country is violating its obligations under the agreement.

Cambodian garment makers urge buyers for support 1 Dec 2017

Cambodian garment makers have today (1 December) urged international buyers to continue sourcing from the country amid fears the European Union (EU) may withdraw preferential trade terms in protest at a government crackdown on the main opposition party.

Cambodia garment growth slows as exports diversify 30 Nov 2017

The potential negative impacts of the slowdown in clothing and textile exports from Cambodia need to be closely monitored, according to a new report, which also claims footwear is one of a few products helping the country's economy remain robust.

Cambodia too dependent on the garment industry 28 Nov 2017

Despite the massive economic gains made by Cambodia since joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2004, it still faces a number of constraints including a narrow economic base largely dependent on the garment industry and its reliance on foreign investment, a new report says.

Cambodia garment factory investment growing 16 Nov 2017

The Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) has given the green light to over US$11m worth of projects to open garment factories in the country.

Cambodia garment and footwear exports to slow in 2017 30 Oct 2017

Cambodia's garment and footwear exports will likely experience slower growth this year – although this is not expected to be indicative of an overall decline, the country's garment association has said.

Cambodia petitions US for GSP extension to footwear 20 Oct 2017

The industry body representing Cambodia’s garment sector is understood to have submitted a petition to the US Government asking for an extension to the duty-free privileges of the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) scheme to include footwear.

Cambodia drops contentious clauses from wage law 18 Oct 2017

Cambodia's Labour Ministry is to drop two contentious clauses from a proposed minimum wage law that would have prevented independent research into the annual negotiation process and established labour courts to resolve disputes.