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Surge in Egyptian clothing production and exports 24 Nov 2017

With greater political and economic stability returning to Egypt nearly seven years after the uprising that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak, the country's garment exports are rebounding.

Africa waking up to apparel sourcing opportunities 23 Nov 2017

African governments are waking up to the fact that the continent could be a 'new frontier' for garment sourcing, export associations and manufacturers have told just-style.

African clothing sector eyes growth on rising China costs 16 Nov 2017

African clothing exporting countries are banking on rising costs in China and changing consumption patterns worldwide to attract buyers to the continent to take advantage of lower production costs.

Egypt apparel sector underperforming but ambitious 30 Mar 2016

With advantages that include the best cotton in the world, thousands of textile and garment factories, low labour costs and duty-free access to key markets in the US, European Union (EU), the Middle-East and Africa, Egypt should have formidable potential. But at the same time it's facing a mountain of problems, including low labour productivity, lack of investments in ginning, spinning and weaving, difficult access to finance, and poor infrastructure.

Egypt garment sector eyes ways to boost performance 18 Mar 2016

International brands and clothing manufacturers met in Cairo this week to discuss how to boost Egypt's overall potential as a production sourcing centre through improved labour efficiency, working conditions and personnel management.

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Egyptian Cotton rebrands to boost demand 11 Jan 2018

The Cotton Egypt Association (CEA) has launched a new brand identity and digital platform in a bid to rid the supply chain of falsely labelled Egyptian Cotton goods and increase consumer demand and retailer confidence in the raw material. 

US and Egypt discuss expanding trade 7 Dec 2017

The US has met with officials in Egypt to provide an update on President Donald Trump's administration priorities on trade, including those related to apparel – a dominant import for the US from the country.

Egypt plots US$1bn leather export expansion 30 Nov 2017

As part of a bid to boost Egypt's leather exports by 80% to reach US$1bn by 2020, the government has committed to modernise the sector and develop two dedicated manufacturing hubs – one of which will be geared to export markets.

Egypt's textile exports reach US$673m in 10 months 21 Nov 2017

Egypt's textile exports reached US$673m in the first ten months of the year, new figures show, with Turkey remaining the top top importer.

Egypt mulls national strategy to boost textile exports 5 Oct 2017

Egypt is mulling a national strategy for spinning, weaving and ready-made garments in a bid to boost its exports and lower its reliance on imports.

Webinar on duty-free sourcing from Egypt QIZs 4 Oct 2017

The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) is joining with the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry to host a webinar next week covering strategic, duty-free sourcing from Qualifying Industrial Zones (QIZs) in Egypt.

Egypt garment exports reach $941m in eight months 25 Sep 2017

Egypt's garment exports reached US$941m in the first eight months of the year, new figures show, boosted by exports to the United States.

Egypt inks EUR1.5m deal to boost cotton added value 20 Jul 2017

The Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry has agreed a EUR1.5m (US$1.72m) project with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Italian Development Cooperation (AICS) to boost the value of its cotton.

Welspun India inks deal to promote Egyptian cotton 15 Feb 2017

Welspun India, a subsidiary of the company embroiled in controversy last year over the provenance of its cotton, is launching a US$3m initiative with the Cotton Egypt Association (CEA) to promote Egyptian cotton products worldwide.

Destination Africa event taps into sourcing opportunities 18 Oct 2016

Another trade show highlighting the potential benefits of Africa as a sourcing destination for apparel and textiles is taking place in November.