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Africa apparel sector takes steps towards sustainability 26 Nov 2019

African manufacturers are trying to integrate sustainability into their textile and fashion supply chains as retailers demand compliance with increasingly high standards. But to do so, they require assistance from international organisations to implement change.

African garment makers seek supply chain synergies 25 Nov 2019

African garment and textile manufacturers are trying to create more synergy to better integrate the supply chain within the continent – but North African producers still dominate and are expanding capacity, particularly in Egypt, say participants at a major regional industry meeting.

Egypt slow to get back on track under Vision 2025 plan 3 Apr 2019

Egypt is moving ahead with its Vision 2025 strategy to quadruple garment and textile exports, employ a further 1 million people, and attract US$17.5bn in investment – even though the double-digit growth needed to achieve the goals has yet to be reached.

Egypt garments set to benefit from African free trade treaty 5 Feb 2019

Eventual implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement is expected to provide a boost to Egypt's garment industry – but logistics and government red tape will pose a major challenge, industry executives have told just-style.

Chinese clothing firms target Egypt to avoid Trump tariffs 8 Jan 2019

A free trade zone system in Egypt that links businesses with Israeli suppliers is being targeted by Chinese clothing companies wanting to access the US, amid fears an accelerating Trump trade war risks exports through standard channels.

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New initiative to catalyse African cotton sector 29 Oct 2019

The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) is developing an initiative to boost the African cotton value chain.

Swiss-Egypt partnership ramps up to boost clothing exports 25 Sep 2019

Egypt’s Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Swiss Confederation have stepped up collaboration to strengthen the competitiveness of Egyptian textile and clothing producers, with the central aim of boosting exports, creating jobs and raising incomes.

Egypt pumps $1.2bn into developing textile sector 17 Sep 2019

Egypt has announced an EGP21bn (US$1.2bn) investment into developing its textile industry which will include the establishment of what it says is the "world's largest textile factory."

Egyptian Cotton exports at five-year high 23 Aug 2019

Egyptian Cotton production and exports are at their highest levels for five years following a promotional and sustainability drive to reset the fibre's reputation after a number of setbacks.

Egypt invests US$1.2bn to promote cotton sector 20 Aug 2019

The Egyptian Government is ramping up efforts to develop the country's textile industry, including a EGP21bn (US$1.2bn) investment to promote the added value of Egyptian cotton.

Egyptian Cotton blacklist to expose non-genuine goods 3 Jun 2019

Cotton Egypt Association is doubling down on efforts to tackle fraud in the cotton supply chain and has announced the launch of a 'Black List' where it will be publicly disclosing information on manufacturers whose products fail its accreditation scheme.

Applied DNA closes loop on Egyptian Pima traceability 31 May 2019

Applied DNA Sciences claims to have closed the loop on traceability for Egyptian Pima using DNA-based genotyping assays for cotton authentication from ginned fibre to finished textile product.

Chinese textile and garment maker to open Egypt site 3 May 2019

Chinese fabric manufacturer Handa Textile Co is planning to open a 250,000 sq metre production facility in Egypt, according to the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), after representatives from the company met with the minister of trade and industry during a visit to China last week. 

Applied DNA brings tech to Egypt cotton supply chain 2 May 2019

Egypt has employed Applied DNA's molecular tagging technology in two varieties of cotton which will help ensure product authenticity and provenance.

Africa edges closer to Continental Free Trade Agreement 10 Apr 2019

The ambitious African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA) is edging closer towards implementation after Egypt this week became the 18th member state to deposit its instruments of ratification.