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Egypt garments set to benefit from African free trade treaty 5 Feb 2019

Eventual implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement is expected to provide a boost to Egypt's garment industry – but logistics and government red tape will pose a major challenge, industry executives have told just-style.

Chinese clothing firms target Egypt to avoid Trump tariffs 8 Jan 2019

A free trade zone system in Egypt that links businesses with Israeli suppliers is being targeted by Chinese clothing companies wanting to access the US, amid fears an accelerating Trump trade war risks exports through standard channels.

US-China trade war could accelerate Africa sourcing 26 Nov 2018

While North Africa accounts for more than US$10bn of the continent's US$13.54bn in clothing and textile exports, the much discussed potential of sub-Saharan Africa as the world's next sourcing hub is starting to materialise, an industry conference has been told.

Surge in Egyptian clothing production and exports 24 Nov 2017

With greater political and economic stability returning to Egypt nearly seven years after the uprising that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak, the country's garment exports are rebounding.

Africa waking up to apparel sourcing opportunities 23 Nov 2017

African governments are waking up to the fact that the continent could be a 'new frontier' for garment sourcing, export associations and manufacturers have told just-style.

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Egypt sees 45% jump in cotton exports 1 Mar 2019

Egyptian cotton exports rose by more than 45% to 186,100 metric quintals in the first quarter of 2018/19 according to The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) .

New pilot will safeguard Egyptian Cotton supply chain workers 15 Feb 2019

Cotton Egypt Association has announced a collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation — The Egyptian Cotton Project — which it says will boost sustainability efforts and improve conditions for supply chain workers of the Egyptian Cotton brand.

Chinese firm building Egypt's "biggest" textile city 31 Jan 2019

A Chinese investment firm is constructing what is being hailed as Egypt's "biggest city for textile and clothes manufacturing."

Steering committee to safeguard Egyptian Cotton brand 2 Jan 2019

The Egyptian government has appointed an official steering committee to safeguard the future of the Egyptian Cotton brand after several setbacks – including a scandal that saw cheap sheets passed off as premium Egyptian cotton products.

Egypt to invest $1.3bn to modernise textile sector 30 Aug 2018

The Egyptian Government has set out plans to invest around EGP24bn (US$1.34bn) in modernising the state-owned textile sector.

Egypt gets first ZDHC chemical management training 17 Jul 2018

A two-day training workshop on chemical management in the textile and clothing value chain is taking place in Egypt for the first time this week.

Egypt garment exports jump 17% in Q1 9 May 2018

Egypt's exports of ready-made garments jumped 17% in the first quarter of 2018, with the US accounting for the largest share of its shipments, new figures show.

Oritain partners with Modern Nile Cotton on traceability 12 Mar 2018

Supply chain traceability firm Oritain has partnered with Modern Nile Cotton Co to verify the origin of Egyptian cotton and mitigate against risks in the company’s supply chain.

Egyptian Cotton rebrands to boost demand 11 Jan 2018

The Cotton Egypt Association (CEA) has launched a new brand identity and digital platform in a bid to rid the supply chain of falsely labelled Egyptian Cotton goods and increase consumer demand and retailer confidence in the raw material. 

US and Egypt discuss expanding trade 7 Dec 2017

The US has met with officials in Egypt to provide an update on President Donald Trump's administration priorities on trade, including those related to apparel – a dominant import for the US from the country.