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Partnership will further cellulosic fibre technologies 12 Jul 2017

Brazilian forestry company Fibria, the world's leading producer of eucalyptus pulp from planted forests, has partnered with Spinnova to further develop the Finnish startup's sustainable technologies for making cellulosic fibres.

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Marimekko sees bright future for Spinnova fabrics 28 Feb 2020

Finnish fibre company Spinnova has revealed the first printed clothing made from its wood-based fibre under a partnership with the Marimekko fashion group.

More calls for EU law on human rights in supply chains 2 Dec 2019

Over 100 civil society organisation and trade unions are backing calls for the European Union (EU) to develop effective legislation to tackle human rights and environmental abuses in company supply chains.

Spinnova and Bergans unveil takeback and reuse concept 29 Nov 2019

Finnish sustainable fibre producer Spinnova has launched a fully circular, subscription-based takeback and reuse concept as part of its collaboration with sustainable outdoor brand Bergans.

Spinnova reveals first wheat straw-based clothing 17 Oct 2019

The first prototype clothing products made from a sustainable textile fibre based on wheat straw have been unveiled.

Spinnova secures EUR11m to scale sustainable fibres 11 Oct 2019

Finnish sustainable fibre company Spinnova has secured a EUR11m (US$12.1m) investment to take its cellulose-based textile products to commercial scale.

Wood fibre, spider silk combo could replace plastics 3 Oct 2019

A Finnish university has carried out research into a combination of wood fibres and spider silk which it says could replace plastic in the textile industry.

Natural wax coating makes garments water-resistant 2 Oct 2019

Researchers at Finland's Aalto University have developed a new way of making garments water-resistant with wax obtained from Brazilian palm tree leaves. 

Textile start-up to scale new waste-based fibre technology 16 Aug 2019

Textile startup Infinted Fiber Co is planning to scale up its technology that turns textile waste and other pulp-based materials into new textile fibres, following its largest single investment from Singapore based viscose specialist RGE.

Spinnova appoints first in-house textile expert 23 Jul 2019

Finnish sustainable fibre company Spinnova has named Maree Hamilton as its first in-house textile expert, responsible for liaising with brand owners who wish to implement the firm's sustainable technologies for making cellulosic fibres.

Sneaker brand Rens makes shoes from coffee grounds 19 Jul 2019

Sustainable footwear startup Rens Original has secured more than US$200,000 in funding via Kickstarter to manufacture its 100% waterproof sneakers – which are made using recycled coffee grounds.