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Partnership will further cellulosic fibre technologies 12 Jul 2017

Brazilian forestry company Fibria, the world's leading producer of eucalyptus pulp from planted forests, has partnered with Spinnova to further develop the Finnish startup's sustainable technologies for making cellulosic fibres.

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Helsinki Fashion Week bans leather 13 Aug 2018

Helsinki Fashion Week has pledged to prohibit leather, starting with its July 2019 events.

Fashion for Good aims to scale Spinnova innovative fibre 24 Jul 2018

Fashion for Good, a global initiative trying to make fashion more sustainable, is partnering with Finland-based fibre technology company Spinnova to help accelerate the development and adoption of its revolutionary fibre.

Makia adds packaging to sustainability efforts 6 Jul 2018

As part of its sustainability efforts, Finnish clothing company Makia is now shipping all of its web orders in recyclable RePack packaging.

Shipping giant CMA CGM buys Containerships 26 Jun 2018

Global shipping group CMA CGM has inked a deal to buy Containerships – a European transportation provider – giving the carrier a stronger foothold in intra-regional trade.

Reima selects PLM to help digitalise business 8 Jun 2018

Finland-based functional childrenswear brand Reima has invested in a PLM system as part of its plans to digitalise its global business and help bolster more agile and cost-effective growth.

Spinnova scales up fibre production at pilot factory 31 May 2018

Fibre technology company Spinnova is preparing to begin the industrial production of sustainable cellulose fibres at its pilot factory in central Finland.

Metsa Group softwood pulp fibre plant progressing 23 May 2018

Finnish forest industry products company the Metsä Group is to begin producing sustainable softwood pulp-based textile fibres through the establishment of a new innovation arm.

Marimekko and Spinnova cooperate on wood-based textiles 14 Nov 2017

Finnish fashion and textile business Marimekko Group is cooperating with fibre technology company Spinnova on the development and market entry of new, wood-based textiles.

Recycled fibre fabric has a cotton/viscose feel 20 Sep 2017

Researchers in Finland have developed a range of "natural" feeling knitted textiles made from chemically recycled cotton yarns.

New method for upcycling cotton-polyester blend garments 7 Apr 2017

A team of chemists from Aalto University in Finland has presented a new method for upcycling worn-out garments made from cotton-polyester blends.