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Trade turbulence weighs on Central America apparel 29 Nov 2019

Central America’s textile and apparel exports are on course to miss growth targets this year as Trump’s impeachment concerns and rising political instability in Latin America cripple orders and freeze investments.

SAE-A Trading eyes polyester yarn plant in Guatemala 5 Jul 2019

South Korea's SAE-A Trading, one of the world's largest apparel manufacturers and exporters, is considering building an estimated US$200m high-tech industrial complex in Guatemala to make polyester yarns. Its goal: taking advantage of rising US demand for apparel made in Central America. 

Guatemalan makers pin growth on trade wars 11 Jun 2019

Guatemala's textiles and apparel industry expects to grow sales by 10% to $1.8bn this year as the US's escalating trade war with China turns eyes towards Central America. Simultaneously, neighbouring Honduras and Nicaragua are also boosting its fortunes by buying more Guatemalan fabric to make America-bound apparel.

Guatemala eyes export surge amid yarn investment 5 Jun 2018

Guatemala expects to double its apparel export growth this year amid surging US orders and investment to boost synthetic yarn production to help Central American neighbours churn out more fashionable apparel, executives told-just-style during the country's latest Apparel Sourcing Show.

Central America apparel exports up on activewear and NAFTA 29 Nov 2017

Central American apparel exports are on the up thanks to rising US demand for high-performance synthetic activewear and ongoing uncertainty over Mexico's position in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

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Startex bucks trade war with high apparel growth hopes 3 Jan 2020

Startex, a fast-growing Guatemalan full-package apparel maker, has skirted some of the headwinds that the US-China trade war have brought to Central America, with expectations of huge growth this year, its president tells just-style.

Guatemala political crisis not yet hurting apparel exports 31 Oct 2018

Guatemala's turbulent political climate is eroding domestic business confidence, although the impact on textile exports – which depend heavily on the United States market – remains to be seen.

Unifi ends joint venture talks in Guatemala 17 Jul 2018

US yarn maker Unifi has put an end to its joint venture discussions in Guatemala to further expand the geographic footprint of its Repreve recycled filament fibre.

Unifi signs letter of intent to form Guatemala JV 2 Aug 2017

US yarn maker Unifi has inked a non-binding letter of intent to form a joint venture in Guatemala as part of a bid to further expand the geographic footprint of its Repreve recycled filament fibre.

Guatemala's Iris Textiles to launch recycled clothing line 7 Jun 2017

Guatemalan eco-friendly apparel, yarn and fabric maker Iris Textiles is set to launch a recycled apparel line as it works to transform its business into a sustainable fashion supplier.

PLM to help Denimatrix streamline product development 22 Mar 2016

While product lifecycle management (PLM) software is more traditionally used by retailers and brands, Guatemala’s leading fashion denim producer Denimatrix has also recognised the potential of such a tool when it comes to improving the efficiency and speed of key product development and pre-production processes – including sampling, costings, and bill of materials. 

Guatemala joins EFTA-Central America FTA 30 Jun 2015

Guatemala has become the first country to join the EFTA-Central American Free Trade Agreement (FTA), in a move that will help enhance economic ties and promote trade and investment between the country and EFTA states.

Denimatrix selects planning tool to support growth 3 Jun 2015

Guatemala’s leading fashion denim producer, Denimatrix, is implementing Fast React’s Evolve solution to help reduce lead times and work in progress, as well as improving productivity.

US claims Guatemala labour violations affected trade 7 Nov 2014

The US is proceeding with its case against Guatemala for failing to enforce its domestic labour laws, with an initial written submission this week citing at least 402 instances where failures occurred, including apparel manufacturers.

US: Presses Guatemala again on labour law reforms 22 Sep 2014

US Trade Representative Michael Froman has said his administration is once again taking action on behalf of workers globally by proceeding with its labour enforcement case against Guatemala.