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Hungary offers a mix of strengths and weaknesses 26 Nov 2015

As a textile and clothing producer, Hungary offers a mix of the traditional and high-tech, ranging from fabric makers supplying the automotive and other advanced industries, to medium-sized CMT-manufacturers (often owned by, or working for, German and other foreign apparel groups) and a number of small fashion brands.

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HUNGARY: Virtual marketplace opens for textile supply 19 Aug 2009

A new business-to-business website has been launched to provide a range of buying and selling opportunities for companies in the global textile, apparel, leather and footwear industries.

HUNGARY: Levi Strauss mulls factory closure 10 Mar 2009

Jeans giant Levi Strauss is mulling the closure of its Hungarian manufacturing plant in response to lower demand for its clothes – in a move that would lead to the loss of 549 jobs.