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Gaps remain in India's move towards sustainability 12 Feb 2018

India's textile and garment industry is making strides in ensuring ethical compliance and environmental standards in its factories. Yet gaps still exist, and filling these will be key if it is to reach its full potential, cement long-term relationships with brands, and compete more effectively in Asia.

Unravelling the Indian garment export anomaly 8 Dec 2017

How is it possible that an industry that, for all practical purposes, is dominated by a single season can become one of the world's largest garment exporters? David Birnbaum takes a closer look at the Indian garment anomaly.

India clothing export boss hails new sustainability scheme 15 Aug 2017

The chairman of India's Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) has told just-style how a new national sustainability programme should help Indian clothing exporters become more competitive.

Next steps for India as an international sourcing hub? 6 Jul 2017

India's hopes of capturing more business within the international textile and clothing market lie in expanding its man-made fibre (MMF) production – combined with innovative product design, improved labour laws, quick delivery systems and drastically improved logistics, experts say.

India ban on cattle trade hurts leather sourcing sector 5 Jun 2017

A sudden shortage of leather in India, prompted by government religious policies on reducing cattle-related trades, is forcing major fashion brands to look for alternative sourcing destinations.

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Union building workshop for Indian garment workers 9 Aug 2018

A workshop to share best practice on union building for garment workers in India has helped participants develop plans to address various practical difficulties that they face in union organising efforts at the factory level.

Fung Group invests US$35m in India's ShopX platform 8 Aug 2018

Indian B2B e-commerce company ShopX, which connects consumers and small merchants with brands and suppliers, has secured a US$35m investment from Fung Strategic Holdings to fuel its expansion plans.

India raises import duty on another 328 textile items 8 Aug 2018

Less than a month after it doubled import duties on over 70 textile and apparel products, India’s government has unveiled plans to add another 328 items to the list.

India raises import duties on textile and apparel 17 Jul 2018

The Government of India has this week raised import duties on a large number of textiles and apparel by up to 20%.

Apparel brands "ignoring abuses" at India factory 28 Jun 2018

A report by an international watchdog group is claiming retailers including H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Columbia Sportswear and Benetton have not done enough to stop the violence and abuse against workers at an Indian clothing factory they all source from.

Inditex India suppliers commit to better social dialogue 22 Jun 2018

More than 50 Inditex textile and garment suppliers in India have gathered in Bangalore and Delhi to ensure the effective implementation of global union IndustriAll's Global Framework Agreements (GFAs) in the country's garment sector.

Indian fashion leaders fight back against plastic 8 Jun 2018

A growing awareness of the worldwide problem of plastic pollution has spurred fashion and retail leaders in India to initiate a pledge to cut plastic use in their businesses.

Americhem expands global reach with Prescient buy 4 Jun 2018

US custom colour and additive solutions firm Americhem has acquired one of India’s leading producers of high-end masterbatches in several niche applications including synthetic fibres.

Indian mills to get subsidies for solar power 14 May 2018

India's Maharashtra state government is to provide subsidies for spinning mills and textile units to set up solar power plants in a move designed to reduce costs for companies across the state.

Arvind denim gets graphene boost from Directa Plus 14 May 2018

Fabrics from India's denim major Arvind Ltd are to get a boost from graphene-based product supplier Directa Plus as part of an exclusive collaboration between the two companies.