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India lockdown of little impact as orders already cancelled 27 Mar 2020

The three-week lockdown ordered by the Indian government from Wednesday (25 March) to contain the spread of the coronavirus will have a limited impact on apparel exporters because production is already largely halted by a wave of order cancellations.

India budget a mixed bag for textile and clothing sector 6 Feb 2020

Indian clothing and textile manufacturers have welcomed a series of policy changes announced in the central government's national budget.

Ethical aspirations at odds with brand actions in South India 9 Sep 2019

A new report has surfaced alleging top fashion brands that are pledging to end worker exploitation in supply chains are hampering progress through "irresponsible sourcing practices".

New India government likely to review minimum wage 26 Jun 2019

India's new Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government is planning to increase the country's minimum wage rates – a move that could damage the current cost advantages enjoyed of Indian apparel exporters an industry body has warned.

Worker exploitation in India's home-based garment sector 4 Feb 2019

Home-based garment workers in India are "invisible" and "exploited" by major fashion retailers in the United States and European Union, according to a new in-depth survey – which also suggests brands should acknowledge their presence in supply chains as a first step to improving working conditions.

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Coronavirus adds to testing times for India apparel exporters 18 Mar 2020

Subdued demand in key markets due to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus is weighing on Indian apparel and cotton exporters, with concerns over working capital and liquidity as orders are postponed.

Fire at garment label factory in India kills three? 26 Feb 2020

Three workers were killed when a fire broke out at a garment label factory in Ahmedabad at the weekend, in the second such incident in the region this month.

India 10-month apparel and textile exports slip to $29.3bn 21 Feb 2020

India's textile and apparel industry exported US$29.3bn worth of goods in the first ten months of its fiscal year, new figures show, marking a decline on the prior-year period.

Gujarat factory fire leads to call for preventative safety measures 18 Feb 2020

The fire at a denim manufacturing facility in Gujarat earlier this month that resulted in seven deaths has led to calls for concerted preventive safety measures throughout India's garment industry.

Gujarat denim factory fire kills seven 12 Feb 2020

A fire that broke out at a denim manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is understood to have resulted in seven deaths.

New facility for eco-friendly leather technologies in India 7 Feb 2020

Leather chemicals and coatings company Stahl has opened a new Center of Excellence in India to support the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies and processing methods.

Indian sewing factory gets first Fairtrade certification 31 Jan 2020

Indian manufacturer Purecotz has become the first sewing factory to be certified according to the Fairtrade Textile Standard, in a move that paves the way for a Fairtrade certified supply chain.

The nine South Asia innovators joining fashion's revolution 29 Jan 2020

Wastewater management, dyeing solutions, textile waste and blockchain are among the solutions from the nine new innovators joining Fashion for Good’s first South Asia Innovation Programme.

End of MEIS benefit could hit India garment exporters 27 Jan 2020

India's government has withdrawn the Merchandise Export from India Scheme, a decision that an industry trade body has warned is a "serious situation" likely to erode profit margins of textile exporters

Youngone Corp pumps US$127m into new India factories 14 Jan 2020

A Korean textile and apparel company is investing INR9bn (US$127m) in setting up new factories in India's Kakatiya Mega Textile Park (KMTP).