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Busana expands to build business with leading brands – Interview 17 Aug 2017

For a business that even its chairman Maniwanen Marimutu admits is "low profile," Busana Apparel Group has high ambitions. Here he tells just-style how Indonesia's largest woven apparel exporter is on a drive to expand its domestic capacity, has set up its first factory in Ethiopia, is exploring opportunities in Vietnam, and eyeing new products as it builds the business to lead in each of its categories.

The Flanarant: Fast facilitation is key for garment trade 18 Dec 2013

Trade Facilitation is the new industry buzzword, but can anyone get excited about it? asks Mike Flanagan. They should, he says, highlighting here the potential of the WTO's Bali Package to enhance clothing supply chains. He also urges the industry to push for fast implementation, noting that garment workers would be the biggest beneficiaries.

Apparel industry integration key for ASEAN growth 5 Feb 2013

The creation of a new harmonised customs system between the ten countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) offers opportunities for the region's clothing and textile industry - but only through strategic partnerships and better vertical integration.

Indonesia’s makers eye trade deal with Japan 24 Jan 2007

Indonesia’s textile and clothing industry hopes to be one of the main beneficiaries of an Economic Partnership Agreement currently being negotiated with Japan. As Baari La Inggi reports, market expansion is key if Indonesian companies are to survive the increasingly fierce global competition in the US and EU.

Indonesian makers face an anxious future 1 Nov 2006

Safeguard measures against Chinese imports into the EU and US continue to protect other apparel producing countries from the full impact of Chinese competition. But while Indonesian apparel exporters see bright short-term prospects, what is the outlook for their longer-term future? Jozef De Coster reports from Jakarta.

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Indonesia's largest rayon facility to open August 29 Jan 2018

Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) is due to complete the construction of what is thought to be Indonesia's largest integrated rayon facility by August – a move that will help support the development of a national textile industry and help the country reduce its dependency on imported materials.

H&M Indonesia turning plastic waste into clothes 7 Sep 2017

Swedish fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has partnered with the Indonesian arm of French consumer giant Danone, bottled water brand Aqua, and one of its most sustainable suppliers, to turn plastic waste into clothes.

German brands targeted over Indonesia compensation 5 Apr 2017

Gerry Weber and s.Oliver were the target of protests in the Indonesian capital Jakarta last week, with the German fashion brands being urged to pay compensation following the collapse of a supplier two years ago.

Activists pressure Uniqlo on Indonesia severance pay 8 Mar 2017

After pressuring Fast Retailing to publish the supplier list for its Uniqlo casual clothing chain, activists are now urging the Japanese corporation to settle wage and severance payments at a former factory in Indonesia.

EU and Indonesia FTA talks get underway 8 Feb 2017

The European Commission has started the first full round of negotiations over a proposed European Union (EU)-Indonesia free trade deal that is expected to boost apparel and textile trade on both sides.

Mizuno urged to resolve Indonesia dismissal dispute 12 Oct 2016

Unions and labour groups are stepping up a campaign urging sporting goods group Mizuno to resolve a dismissal dispute affecting nearly 350 workers in Indonesia.

EU and Indonesia start talks on free trade agreement 11 Aug 2016

The European Commission has told just-style it is planning to launch a sustainability impact assessment on a proposed European Union (EU)-Indonesia free trade deal that is expected to boost apparel and textile trade on both sides.

Southeast Asia apparel industry vulnerable to automation 8 Jul 2016

Workers in Southeast Asia's textiles, clothing and footwear industries are at the highest risk of losing their jobs to the rise of automation, according to new research, with those in Vietnam and Cambodia most vulnerable.

Buana Group expands with new facility in West Java 7 Jul 2016

Indonesian apparel manufacturer Buana Group has confirmed to just-style it is expanding its production capacity with a new facility in West Java to supply fashion products for leading brands and retailers.

Indonesia moves to solve middle management shortages 6 Jun 2016

A new textile training academy in the city of Solo on the Indonesian island of Java is an important step towards addressing the critical shortage of middle managers in the country's garment industry, according to chairman of the Indonesia textile association Asosiasi Pertekstilan Indonesia (API).