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Apparel production in limbo at Kaesong industrial park 11 Apr 2013

As global tensions continue to build over North Korea's nuclear programme, the fallout has already extended to the inter-Korean Kaesong industrial complex, where work at the area's key clothing and textile manufacturing plants has ground to a halt after 53,000 North Korean workers failed to show up.

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Korean textile firms criticise Kohl’s order cancellations 21 Apr 2020

Representatives from the Korean textile and apparel industry are calling on US department store retailer Kohl’s to reconsider its recent decision to unilaterally cancel orders – which it says puts at risk the livelihoods of nearly 200,000 workers around the world.

Hyosung develops 100% recycled multi-performance fibres 16 Jan 2020

South Korean fibre giant Hyosung has developed a sustainability programme of 100% recycled multi-performance fibres as it looks to help its customers produce more eco-friendly products.

Hyosung to present updated recycled fibre range 17 Sep 2019

South Korean fibre giant Hyosung will use the upcoming Intertextile Shanghai show to present an updated collection of its Regen recycled nylon and polyester fibres.

HMM membership strengthens global shipping alliance 3 Jul 2019

South Korean shipping company Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) has become the fourth company to join The Alliance, a group of ocean carriers who are pooling resources deliver better quality, be more efficient, and reduce emissions.

New Creora spandex connects fashion and function 13 Jun 2019

South Korean fibre giant Hyosung has unveiled a new high-performance Creora spandex stretch fibre designed for multi-sport apparel for endurance sports enthusiasts and to help bridge the gap between fashion and function.

Hansae makes profit pledge to eco-friendly initiatives 1 May 2019

South Korean apparel manufacturing giant Hansae Fashion Worldwide has pledged to invest 10% of net profits from all 'green orders' made using eco-friendly raw materials to support third-party sustainability initiatives.

Centric Software expands PLM presence to South Korea 12 Feb 2019

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) specialist Centric Software is expanding into Seoul, South Korea, as it continues its growth in Asia.

Hyosung prepares for Industry 4.0 with smart factories 26 Oct 2018

Hyosung TNC, the textile and trading arm of South Korean fibre giant Hyosung, has rolled out a series of 'smart factories' at five of its Spandex factories in China and Vietnam as the company looks to boost product quality and capacity, while preparing its business for the Industry 4.0 era.era.

Start-up uses crowd sizing for better fitting clothes 21 Nov 2017

A Korean start-up aims to remove the guesswork from garment sizing and instead use crowd sizing and clustering to make clothes that fit.

Hyosung and Bossa partner on Creora bi-stretch line 23 Oct 2017

South Korean fibre manufacturer Hyosung has partnered with Turkey-based textile firm Bossa to launch a collection of bi-stretch denim using new proprietary technology.