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Myanmar facing hurdles in garment industry growth 12 Jan 2018

A few years ago, optimistic observers believed that by 2020 the Myanmar garment industry would employ 1.5m people and generate US$10-12bn in exports. With this date now looming, such performance seems out of the question. Even attaining these figures in 2024, the new target date, seems overly ambitious. Jozef De Coster looks at some of the challenges facing the sector.

No US rush to Myanmar despite end to sanctions 18 Apr 2017

America may have scrapped its major sanctions against emerging outsourcing centre Myanmar, and brought back the southeast Asian country's GSP (Generalised System of Preferences) access to US markets, but the impact on the clothing trade has so far been underwhelming.

Experts urge faster pace to sustainable fashion factories 5 Jan 2017

As the global clothing and textile industry looks towards a 2017 where trade relations are unpredictable, fast fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) invited stakeholders to an event in Myanmar – attended by just-style – to look at how to maintain stability on the factory front by improving labour relations.

Myanmar garment exports surged 20% in 2015 22 Sep 2016

Myanmar garment industry exports soared by around 20% last year, while footwear exports also surged as the Southeast Asia country gained new sourcing partners and invested in high end manufacturing.

Lingering US sanctions dampen Myanmar apparel trade 5 Sep 2016

American orders of ‘Made in Myanmar’ garments are growing, although uncertainty on sanctions and a lack of preferential market access is hindering further expansion, according to experts.

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Myanmar garment app teaches workplace safety 16 May 2018

A smartphone game has been developed to teach garment factory workers in Myanmar about workplace safety and labour laws.

Will buyers absorb new Myanmar wage increase? 14 May 2018

An industry body that works to promote 'Made in Myanmar' garments and sustainable practices has questioned how much of the country's minimum wage increase will be absorbed by international buyers as it comes into effect today (14 May).

New guidelines to safeguard Myanmar garment workers 30 Apr 2018

New guidelines have been drawn up to help ensure the safety and health of garment workers in Myanmar.

Concern over Myanmar labour law reform process 19 Mar 2018

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) and the Fair Labor Association (FLA) have welcomed the labour law reform process underway in Myanmar, but say it needs to lead to the implementation of laws and regulations for the country's garment and footwear sectors.

Myanmar approves minimum wage increase of 33% 6 Mar 2018

The Myanmar Government has approved a 33% increase in the country's minimum wage rate across all regions following a period of consultation and despite objections from labour groups and employers.

C&A Foundation pauses Myanmar grant-making indefinitely 14 Feb 2018

C&A Foundation has put its philanthropic work in Myanmar on hold in the wake of what it called evidence of ongoing persecution and human rights violations by the country's military against the Rohingya people.

Bogart Lingerie to open training centre in Myanmar 15 Jan 2018

Bogart Lingerie, one of the world's largest intimate apparel exporters, is taking the next step in its commitment to manufacturing in Myanmar with the opening of a new training centre in the country at the end of this month.

Myanmar proposes minimum wage increase of 33% 2 Jan 2018

The Myanmar Government has set out plans to increase the country's minimum wage rate by 33% across all regions – a move the garment sector suggests could put pressure on its business owners.

Survey takes close look at Myanmar garment workers 22 Dec 2017

A survey of workers in Myanmar’s garment sector has found that most are single women aged between 16 and 23, earning an average of about MMK120,000 (US$88) a month, including overtime.

Myanmar project to boost garment sector welfare 13 Dec 2017

A new three-year project has launched in Myanmar with the aim of improving the work environment in the country's garment sector through the generation of more decent jobs, sustainable value addition, improved productivity and social dialogue.

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Myanmar minimum wage causes consternation 7 Jul 2015

Anger and frustration is brewing in Myanmar over plans announced last week to set the country’s first minimum wage at MMK3,600 (US$3.22) per day.