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Minimum wage rises squeeze Southeast Asia sourcing 25 Feb 2019

Changes in minimum wage rates are likely to be of significant concern to apparel brands and retailers sourcing from Southeast Asia in 2019, with pay in many countries continuing on an upward trajectory.

How can brands source responsibly from Myanmar? 13 Feb 2019

The ongoing human rights crisis in Myanmar has prompted the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) to launch a four-point guide aimed at helping brands and retailers to continue to source responsibly from the country.

Myanmar looks to Taiwan to help build vertical industry 29 Jan 2019

Myanmar is counting on investors from Taiwan to support the country with capacity building and technical assistance – including in textile and garment production – even as its beneficial trade access to the European Union (EU) is under review.

Can Myanmar's garment sector reach its full potential? 29 Aug 2018

After a United Nations (UN) report this week branded Myanmar’s refugee problem one of the world’s worst humanitarian and human rights crises, David Birnbaum looks at the knock-on impact for the country's garment export sector. He argues that while Myanmar is one of the few alternatives to China for high value-added, complex and difficult-to-make products, its poor reputation may prevent it from reaching its full potential.

Rohingya crisis and wage issues weigh on Myanmar 14 Aug 2018

Myanmar’s garment exports may be thriving, but the ongoing Rohingya humanitarian crisis in Rakhine State and rising wages are the latest shadows on the horizon.

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Myanmar evaluates renewable energy in garment factories 8 Apr 2019

Apparel factory managers met with solar companies and regional garment associations in Myanmar last week to discuss the potential for renewable energy in the sector.

Smart Myanmar launches consumer awareness campaign 3 Apr 2019

Smart Myanmar has launched a project aimed at raising awareness among local consumers of sustainable consumption and production in the country's garment sector.

Myanmar garment sector eyes green finance with MoU 30 Jan 2019

An EU-funded initiative aimed at promoting 'Made in Myanmar' apparel has inked a deal to help garment factories in the country access finance to enable environmentally sustainable and energy-saving improvements.

Agreement reached after 72-day Myanmar garment worker strike 1 Nov 2018

An agreement has been reached between owners of the Fu Yuen Garment Factory in Yangon, Myanmar, following the sacking of 30 workers and protests involving 300 others.

Removing Myanmar trade benefit would leave 'thousands' jobless 30 Oct 2018

The European Union's proposed revoking of Myanmar's Everything But Arms (EBA) trade preference tariffs would leave "thousands of young men and women" jobless, according to SMART Myanmar.

Myanmar Textile Summit to focus on trade policies 23 Oct 2018

Governmental and international trading policies, sourcing practices and trends, supply chain innovation and industry strategy will all feature at this year’s Myanmar Textile Summit.

Dozens of garment workers injured in Myanmar protests 18 Oct 2018

Dozens of garment workers are understood to have been injured while protesting outside a factory in Yangon earlier this week.

Myanmar garment exports hit $2.2bn in H1 18 Oct 2018

Myanmar reaped earnings of US$2.2bn from garment exports during the first six months of its financial year, new figures show.

Myanmar companies law paves way for more transparency 3 Oct 2018

Business law experts in Myanmar have welcomed the liberalising impact of the country's new Companies Law, which is expected to increase transparency and improve corporate governance in the garment sector.

Myanmar takes new step towards decent work 21 Sep 2018

Myanmar has agreed its first Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP), which will work to promote employment, protect labour rights, improve safety at work and strengthen social dialogue in the country.

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Myanmar minimum wage causes consternation 7 Jul 2015

Anger and frustration is brewing in Myanmar over plans announced last week to set the country’s first minimum wage at MMK3,600 (US$3.22) per day.