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Sourcing from Myanmar requires extraordinary due diligence. Here's why 1 Sep 2020

As fashion brands and retailers begin to reset and reshape their supply chains as they emerge from the global coronavirus pandemic, a new multi-year investigation has identified some of the risks at stake when sourcing from garment factories in Myanmar. Highlighted exclusively here on just-style, child labour and audit deception are among the ongoing challenges. 

Minimum wage rises squeeze Southeast Asia sourcing 25 Feb 2019

Changes in minimum wage rates are likely to be of significant concern to apparel brands and retailers sourcing from Southeast Asia in 2019, with pay in many countries continuing on an upward trajectory.

How can brands source responsibly from Myanmar? 13 Feb 2019

The ongoing human rights crisis in Myanmar has prompted the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) to launch a four-point guide aimed at helping brands and retailers to continue to source responsibly from the country.

Myanmar looks to Taiwan to help build vertical industry 29 Jan 2019

Myanmar is counting on investors from Taiwan to support the country with capacity building and technical assistance – including in textile and garment production – even as its beneficial trade access to the European Union (EU) is under review.

Can Myanmar's garment sector reach its full potential? 29 Aug 2018

After a United Nations (UN) report this week branded Myanmar’s refugee problem one of the world’s worst humanitarian and human rights crises, David Birnbaum looks at the knock-on impact for the country's garment export sector. He argues that while Myanmar is one of the few alternatives to China for high value-added, complex and difficult-to-make products, its poor reputation may prevent it from reaching its full potential.

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Myanmar garment worker support fund doubled 18 Jan 2021

Myanmar’s garment workers will have access to more financial help after the European Union (EU) doubled its funding to the country’s Myan Ku 'Quick Assistance Fund’.

EU's Myanmar garment support fund pays out MMK5.4bn 6 Oct 2020

Myanmar's garment workers have now received more than MMK5.4bn (US$4.14m) in payments through the EU funded Myan Ku 'Quick Assistance Fund'.

Myanmar garment factory orders fall by 75% 3 Sep 2020

Garment factories in Myanmar have seen orders fall by 75% amid Covid-19.

EU's Myanmar garment support fund pays out MMK4bn 7 Aug 2020

Myanmar's garment workers have now received more than MMK4bn (US$2.9bn) in payments through the EU funded Myan Ku 'Quick Assistance Fund'.

Myanmar signs key convention on minimum working age 23 Jun 2020

Myanmar has become the latest country to confirm its commitment to addressing child labour after signing up to a key international convention on minimum working age.

EU's Myanmar garment support fund pays out MMK1 billion 2 Jun 2020

Myanmar’s garment workers have received the first MMK1.04bn (US$753,512) in payments through the EU funded Myan Ku ‘Quick Assistance Fund’.

Brands commit to paying for orders under new Myanmar support scheme 18 May 2020

H&M, Inditex and Next are among the global brands that have backed an initiative to protect garment workers and factories in Myanmar from the economic impact linked to the coronavirus outbreak.

EU's Myanmar garment support fund makes first payments 4 May 2020

The first payments have been made to some of Myanmar's garment sector workers through the European Union's EUR5m (US$5.5m) 'Rapid Response' support fund.

EU launches Myanmar support fund for garment sector 9 Apr 2020

The European Commission has launched a 'Rapid Response' support fund for Myanmar's textile and garment sector in light of the Covid-19 crisis, with the aim of assisting around 70,000 workers.

Myanmar Covid-19 fund unlikely to cushion garment jobs 25 Mar 2020

The government of Myanmar has unveiled an initial US$70m stimulus package to cushion the blow of the coronavirus outbreak on the country's economy, but sources suggest it might not be enough to save "tens of thousands" of garment workers who are likely to find themselves out of a job in the near future.

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Myanmar minimum wage causes consternation 7 Jul 2015

Anger and frustration is brewing in Myanmar over plans announced last week to set the country’s first minimum wage at MMK3,600 (US$3.22) per day.