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Can Myanmar's garment sector reach its full potential? 29 Aug 2018

After a United Nations (UN) report this week branded Myanmar’s refugee problem one of the world’s worst humanitarian and human rights crises, David Birnbaum looks at the knock-on impact for the country's garment export sector. He argues that while Myanmar is one of the few alternatives to China for high value-added, complex and difficult-to-make products, its poor reputation may prevent it from reaching its full potential.

Rohingya crisis and wage issues weigh on Myanmar 14 Aug 2018

Myanmar’s garment exports may be thriving, but the ongoing Rohingya humanitarian crisis in Rakhine State and rising wages are the latest shadows on the horizon.

Myanmar facing hurdles in garment industry growth 12 Jan 2018

A few years ago, optimistic observers believed that by 2020 the Myanmar garment industry would employ 1.5m people and generate US$10-12bn in exports. With this date now looming, such performance seems out of the question. Even attaining these figures in 2024, the new target date, seems overly ambitious. Jozef De Coster looks at some of the challenges facing the sector.

No US rush to Myanmar despite end to sanctions 18 Apr 2017

America may have scrapped its major sanctions against emerging outsourcing centre Myanmar, and brought back the southeast Asian country's GSP (Generalised System of Preferences) access to US markets, but the impact on the clothing trade has so far been underwhelming.

Experts urge faster pace to sustainable fashion factories 5 Jan 2017

As the global clothing and textile industry looks towards a 2017 where trade relations are unpredictable, fast fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) invited stakeholders to an event in Myanmar – attended by just-style – to look at how to maintain stability on the factory front by improving labour relations.

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Myanmar companies law paves way for more transparency 3 Oct 2018

Business law experts in Myanmar have welcomed the liberalising impact of the country's new Companies Law, which is expected to increase transparency and improve corporate governance in the garment sector.

Myanmar takes new step towards decent work 21 Sep 2018

Myanmar has agreed its first Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP), which will work to promote employment, protect labour rights, improve safety at work and strengthen social dialogue in the country.

Myanmar garment productivity project gains momentum 17 Sep 2018

A three-year project taking place in Myanmar's garment industry to enhance productivity and improve workplace health and safety is generating great interest, organisers have told just-style, and feeds into a wider goal of improving productivity by 25% over the next ten years.

Efforts to end violence against migrant workers in Myanmar 31 Aug 2018

The European Union (EU), the International Labour Organization (ILO) and UN Women are to work together to try to find ways to promote labour rights and end violence against migrant women in Myanmar, in workplaces including factories.

Myanmar makers confident despite sector slowdown 3 Aug 2018

Myanmar's garment industry is likely to achieve exports of US$3bn for 2018, despite huge ongoing social and environmental challenges and a slowdown in the growth of the sector.

Myanmar female garment workers in fear of violence 3 Jul 2018

Businesses involved in Myanmar’s garment industry should take steps to ensure better safety and welfare of female employees, a new report recommends, as findings suggest women workers are in fear of rape and robbery.

Researchers study impact of Myanmar minimum wage rise 19 Jun 2018

As part of an ongoing programme to improve labour conditions in the garment industry, a European multi-stakeholder initiative has started a research project on living wages in Myanmar.

Myanmar garment sector faces risks despite export growth 25 May 2018

Garments are now the second largest export item for Myanmar, new figures show, but the sector remains exposed to fluctuations in demand from major trading partners such as China and supply shocks.

Myanmar garment app teaches workplace safety 16 May 2018

A smartphone game has been developed to teach garment factory workers in Myanmar about workplace safety and labour laws.

Will buyers absorb new Myanmar wage increase? 14 May 2018

An industry body that works to promote 'Made in Myanmar' garments and sustainable practices has questioned how much of the country's minimum wage increase will be absorbed by international buyers as it comes into effect today (14 May).

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Myanmar minimum wage causes consternation 7 Jul 2015

Anger and frustration is brewing in Myanmar over plans announced last week to set the country’s first minimum wage at MMK3,600 (US$3.22) per day.