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How a converged single audit approach marks the next step in responsible sourcing 28 Jun 2019

An overhaul of the auditing process on factory safety and working conditions is long overdue – and a new initiative launched this month could offer the solution. The Social & Labour Convergence Programme's Converged Assessment Framework enables apparel brands and retailers to align collectively around one standard, reduce the amount of money spent on duplicated auditing, and instead free up resources to improve efficiency and factory working conditions. SLCP executive director Janet Mensink, and Peter Higgins, senior director of global responsible sourcing at VF Corp, tell just-style more.

Tariff threats stand in the way of apparel supply chain investments 28 Jun 2019

With the Trump Administration mulling up to 25% additional duties on all US imports from China, Matthijs Crietee, secretary general of the International Apparel Federation (IAF), argues that even the threat of new trade barriers is likely to have a long-term impact on complex global clothing supply chains.

Higher margin opportunities found in circular fashion models 17 May 2019

A new report exploring the financial viability of circular business models in the fashion industry has found they could drive a higher margin per garment compared to the current linear ‘take-make-waste’ process. 

Why technology is key to the future of smart retailing 27 Nov 2018

The digital disruption of the apparel industry from manufacturing to retail is being driven by virtual reality, 3D modelling, artificial intelligence and voice technology. So to be successful into the future, companies along the supply chain must embrace these new tools to better connect with consumers. 

Who's responsible for a sustainable garment industry? 23 Nov 2018

Creating a truly sustainable global garment industry requires input from all players, including brands and retailers, business associations, trade unions, governments, NGOs and the end consumer, was the message at this year's Fair Wear Foundation Annual Summit.

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Fibre-to-fibre recycling shortfall hampers fashion's circularity drive 11 Jul 2019

The second annual status report from the Global Fashion Agenda suggests fashion brands must urgently accelerate efforts to reach the remaining targets of the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment. It also notes progress is hampered by a lack of high-quality fibre-to-fibre recycling solutions.

New G-Star collection dyed with upcycled plant waste 11 Jul 2019

Denim brand G-Star has revealed a second collection of garments coloured using patented plant-based dyes from textile chemicals specialist Archroma.

Zalando invests in new logistics centre to boost growth 5 Jul 2019

German fashion e-tailer Zalando has announced plans to build a new 140,000 sqm fulfillment centre in the Netherlands to help boost its growth in Western Europe.

C&A Foundation to probe impact of circular fashion models 27 Jun 2019

C&A Foundation is seeking prototype initiatives or research programmes to investigate the financial, health or social impacts of circular fashion business models on women and vulnerable groups.

Recyclable plastic hanger to tackle landfill issue 25 Jun 2019

Dutch company Arch & Hook (A&H), which claims to be the world's first global sustainable hanger brand, has today (25 June) released its first 100% recyclable plastic hanger made from up to 100% recycled materials.

C&A Foundation looks towards the next five years 21 Jun 2019

The head of the C&A Foundation says it is time "to step up our effort and...for the entire industry to use its collective power to make fashion a force for good," as the philanthropic initiative reviews its progress over the last five years.

Fashion for Good expands into South Asia 19 Jun 2019

Fashion for Good, a global initiative trying to make fashion more sustainable, is expanding to South Asia with the launch of a dedicated regional innovation programme. 

Dutch government pours EUR35m into combating child labour in supply chains 29 May 2019

The Dutch government has pumped EUR35m into a programme designed to tackle the issue of child labour in various industries including garment and footwear manufacture.

Global project seeks acceleration of circular fashion 2 May 2019

Amsterdam based social enterprise Circle Economy and Fashion for Good, a global initiative trying to make fashion more sustainable, have partnered on a new global initiative which aims to accelerate the uptake of recommerce and rental business models in the apparel industry. 

Stahl makes progress on long-term sustainability goals 29 Apr 2019

Leather chemicals and coatings company Stahl says it is progressing towards a more transparent supply chain that continuously reduces its environmental footprint.