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How technology is helping to build supply chain trust 19 Oct 2018

New tools and technologies are helping the apparel industry to build smarter, transparent – and more trusted – supply chains. Executives from Hugo Boss and Mango were among speakers at last week's IAF World Fashion Convention sharing their experiences.

Nimble new players building a smart future for fashion 17 Oct 2018

The convergence of disruptive new technologies, easy access to cheap capital, and changing consumer attitudes are shaking up an already-broken retail model, according to speakers at last week’s IAF World Fashion Convention. But rising Phoenix-like from the ashes are nimble new players building a smart future for fashion.

C&A Foundation sets out vision for circular fashion – Interview 20 Sep 2018

One year into his role as head of circular fashion at the C&A Foundation, Douwe Jan Joustra is leading discussions on how to create the conditions for change in the entire fashion system. His main aim is to see retailers adopt new business models, transitioning into "service providers" where fashion will be offered as a service for customers, not consumers – an idea he will share at next month's IAF World Fashion Convention.

How C&A Foundation is trying to transform fashion 27 Jun 2017

Driven by concerns the fashion industry isn't working to improve the lives of the 150 million people who make our clothes, the C&A Foundation is tasked with the single goal of making it a force for good. Here executive director Leslie Johnston tells just-style how the corporate foundation affiliated with global fashion retailer C&A is trying to be the catalyst that transforms the sector to be both sustainable and responsible.

Technology and sustainability help transform denim industry 12 May 2017

Technological innovation continues to transform every step of the jeans industry from fibre blends, alternatives to indigo dyes, use of sustainable resources, and new developments in fit and finish.

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Dutch investors push for living wage in garment supply chains 17 Oct 2018

Eight Dutch financial institutions managing assets worth a combined EUR725bn (US$836) have launched a coalition to campaign for fairer wages in the garment industry.

Mud Jeans among new Ellen MacArthur CE100 members 11 Oct 2018

Sustainable and Fair Trade Certified denim brand Mud Jeans is among the latest members to join the Ellen MacArthur Circular Economy 100 (CE100) Network.

34th IAF World Fashion Convention deemed a sell out 4 Oct 2018

More than 20 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas will be represented at next week's IAF World Fashion Convention with the event now fully booked.

Fashion Makes Sense Award winners named at IAF 1 Oct 2018

The winners of the second Fashion Makes Sense Award (FMSA) 2018 will be announced next week during the 34th IAF World Fashion Convention.

Innovations sought to cut hazardous chemistry use 13 Sep 2018

Fashion for Good, a global initiative trying to make fashion more sustainable, and the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Foundation are calling for innovations to help phase out hazardous chemistry in the manufacturing of clothing.

Ecco Leather takes major step towards water-free tanning 12 Sep 2018

Netherlands based Ecco Leather has developed a technology that could take the industry a step closer to water-free leather tanning by using the moisture already present in the hides.

12 start-ups chosen to re-think fashion industry 10 Sep 2018

A cloud platform that enables buyers to communicate with supply chain workers directly, a digital marketplace for companies to exchange excess materials and products, and textiles made from banana fibres are among the latest innovations with the potential to help brands and manufacturers find more sustainable ways of producing fashion.

What's in store at the IAF World Fashion Convention? 29 Aug 2018

The agenda for the 34th IAF World Fashion Convention has been confirmed, with 21 speakers having already committed to the event and panel discussions ranging from how blockchain will enable transparency to how better buyer-supplier collaboration is achieved.

Fashion for Good opens museum in Amsterdam 22 Aug 2018

Fashion for Good, a global initiative trying to make fashion more sustainable, is to open a museum next month, dedicated to highlighting more than 50 innovations on the verge of disrupting the fashion industry.

C&A Foundation strengthens transparency commitment 21 Aug 2018

C&A Foundation has become the first European foundation to sign up to the Glasspockets initiative which works to champion philanthropic transparency in today's online world.