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NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS: Saipan garment makers to close 7 Jan 2009

The Pacific island of Saipan is about to lose its three remaining garment manufacturers following a drop in apparel orders from the US, local news reports said today (7 January).

NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS: Wage hikes threaten garment firms 13 Jun 2007

Plans to raise the minimum wage rate for workers in Saipan could lead to the end of garment manufacturing on the island according to local media reports.

NORTHERN MARIANAS: Government lacks funds for tax rebates 14 Dec 2006

The government of the Northern Marianas has suggested it does not have the finances to provide tax rebates for the 1,000 workers laid off by Concorde Garment Manufacturing.

NORTHERN MARIANAS: Concorde workers protest at closure plans 13 Dec 2006

Workers from Saipan's largest garment production plant, Concorde Garment Manufacturing Incorporated, have been protesting against plans to shut down the business.