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Are EU shoe duties an economic mistake? 3 Apr 2006

The decision to impose protective duties on imports of leather shoes from China and Vietnam into the European Union has been slammed by leading footwear retailers, importers and trade groups as a costly economic exercise. But just how real are fears of price hikes, job losses and even suggestions that the move will pave the way for import tariffs on other goods from China? Leonie Barrie reports.

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GLOBAL: Louis Vuitton tops fashion brand rankings 16 Sep 2010

Louis Vuitton continues to lead a pack of ten fashion names named in the latest rundown of the top 100 global brands drawn up by Interbrand.

EUROPE: Gap launches dedicated e-commerce site 31 Aug 2010

Fashion retailer Gap has launched a dedicated e-commerce site in Europe, with initial availability limited to the UK market.

EUROPE: Luxury groups back new EU retail rules 21 Apr 2010

New European Commission rules which could restrict the sale of luxury goods online have been backed by groups including LVMH and PPR.

EUROPE: LVMH loses trademark case against Google 24 Mar 2010

Search engine Google has scored a legal victory in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) against Louis Vuitton brand owner LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton).

GLOBAL: Organic cotton glut follows tough year 18 Feb 2010

Unsold stocks of organic cotton have reached about 20% of global production, according to a new report compiled by Organic Exchange (OE).

EUROPE: FTA welcomes new Trade Commissioner 10 Feb 2010

European retail and importer pressure group the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) has welcomed the appointment of a new EU Commissioner for Trade.

ASIA: Region awaits effects of new China trade deal 5 Jan 2010

South-east Asia’s textile industries are awaiting the effects of a new Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China, which came into effect on 1 January.

EUROPE: EC “desperate” to keep shoe anti-dumping duties 3 Nov 2009

The European Commission has been accused of showing “a certain desperation” to maintain anti-dumping levies against footwear imports from China and Vietnam.

EUROPE: Reject anti-dumping extension, EU ministers told 14 Oct 2009

The European Commission's plan to extend anti-dumping duties against footwear imports from China and Vietnam ignores the concerns of importers, retailers and consumers, a leading pressure group says.

EUROPE: Anti-dumping taxes on shoes to continue – reports 13 Oct 2009

The European Commission is proposing to extend anti-dumping taxes on footwear imports from China and Vietnam for another 15 months, according to reports.