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Philippines prepares for textile-garment industry roadmap 4 Mar 2020

The Philippines department of trade and industry is finalising a roadmap to revive the textile and garment industry.

Lack of action weighs on Philippines clothing industry 11 Sep 2019

Clothing industry sources in the Philippines say their country is one of the few that has not seen a boost in garment export orders as a result of the US-China trade war – despite the government's plan to boost local manufacturing capacity.

Weak minimum wage compliance in Asia garment industry 7 Oct 2016

The rate of minimum wage non-compliance among seven major garment exporting nations in Asia is highest in the Philippines and India, according to a new report, with more than half of workers in these countries under-paid.

Philippines garment sector upbeat over EU GSP+ 19 Jan 2015

The Philippines' garment sector is expected to be a key beneficiary of the country's inclusion within the European Union's (EU) GSP+ scheme from 1 January, allowing the export of 6,274 additional items of all kinds to the EU at zero tariffs over the next 10 years.

Philippine garment industry pins hopes on trade progress 17 Dec 2013

The Philippine garment industry is optimistic that in the next few years nearly 500,000 new textile and garment jobs can be created if the country obtains beneficial trade access to the European Union and United States.

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Philippines roadmap eyes garment sector revival 20 Dec 2019

The Philippines has launched a garment and textile industry roadmap that places it as one of the top-ten global players if it achieves a targetted annual export growth of 45%.

Chinese fabric maker "mulls" Philippines investment 20 Aug 2019

Chinese yarn and garment fabric maker, Texhong Textile Group, is considering investing in a production facility in the Philippines, according to Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez.

Philippines garment jobs at risk from tax reforms bill 23 Jul 2019

Workers in the Philippines garment industry could lose out if a new bill that proposes sweeping removal of tax incentives for the manufacturing sector is passed into law.

Philippines ups paid maternity leave for workers 27 Feb 2019

Female workers in the Philippines will now benefit from increased paid maternity leave, as a new law comes into force.

Philippines exports reawakening from decade-long sleep 5 Nov 2018

The Philippines' latest national trade data suggests a recent slump may be over for the southeast Asian country's troubled garment export sector thanks to a surge in the number of foreign investors shifting production from China to avoid the additional US tariffs. 

Philippines eyes shift in Chinese garment investment 26 Sep 2018

Signs are emerging of an accelerating relocation of garment investment from China to the Philippines, amidst the US imposing an additional 10% duty on textile and some clothing products from China.

Philippine unions celebrate maternity win 14 Sep 2018

Unions in the Philippines are celebrating the passage of a bill on expanded maternity leave by the House of Representatives that will soon become law.

New expo to attract Philippines garment investors 24 Aug 2018

The first Philippine Garment Industry and Fabric Expo is taking place this weekend, focusing on attracting potential investors to the country’s garment market.

Philippines looks to scale up local garment sector 16 Jul 2018

The Philippines' leading investment promotion agency has met with garment and textile manufacturers in the country's Taytay district to discuss scaling up the sector and making it more competitive as part of a government roadmap for the industry.

US and Philippines renew trade agreement talks 13 Jul 2018

The Philippines and the US have renewed their interest in exploring a possible free trade agreement in a bid to further deepen bilateral economic cooperation between the two countries.