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Rwanda to pay taxes for affected AGOA exporters 18 Jun 2018

Rwanda is to take over the tax obligations of its apparel exporters to ensure they are not significantly affected by the anticipated suspension of duty-free access to the US market under the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA).

Used clothes trade "suffocates" Africa's textile sector 14 Jun 2018

African unions are calling for governments to develop sustainable policies that promote the development of the continent's garment and textile sector after condemning the US$3.7bn global trade in used clothes which they claim "suffocate" the industry.

US warns Rwanda on AGOA duty-free apparel status 3 Apr 2018

The US is to suspend the duty-free treatment for all AGOA-eligible apparel products from Rwanda after determining the African nation had unfairly blocked US exports of used clothing.

AfCFTA giant stride forward for the development of Africa 22 Mar 2018

Leaders of nearly 50 African nations have signed a deal to create the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), marking a historic milestone in the economic integration of the continent.

RWANDA: Deal paves way for new garment sector 17 Jul 2014

A new agreement between the Rwandan government and China's C&H Garments will create a new garment manufacturing sector for the country.