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Assessing Africa as an alternative apparel source 31 Mar 2016

Africa has undeniable advantages that make it attractive as a potential destination for large volume, low cost, commodity garments, according to Chris Wynne-Potts, CEO at African Merchandising Services.

AGOA renewal offers great opportunities for Africa 15 Jun 2015

Should the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) be renewed for ten years as expected, there would be unprecedented opportunities for the sub-Saharan Africa textile and apparel sector, according to an expert speaker at this year’s Source Africa textile, apparel and footwear trade event.

SOURCING: African apparel makers must plan for renewed AGOA 24 Jun 2014

There are growing opportunities in the US for African clothing and textile producers, but a long-term preferential trade agreement is needed for them to develop supply chains that can meet demand, industry experts at the Source Africa trade show have said.

South Africa curbs textile and garment job losses 3 Apr 2014

The decline of South Africa's beleaguered garment and textile industry is bottoming out, and the sector has stemmed job losses by 66% between 2010 and 2013, industry experts say.

Comment: Prospects for an African clothing industry? 25 Jun 2013

The sub-Saharan Africa clothing industry faces a number of challenges, including the fact it is only partly African-owned and much of it is rather tenuously located on the continent. But could a focus on grouping countries together as an integrated regional value chain be the answer to a more competitive future? asks Shane Godfrey.

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South Africa's TFG deploys RFID to drive stock accuracy 12 Sep 2019

Half-way through an ambitious 24-month RFID (radio-frequency identification) roll-out, South African based retail group TFG is reporting cost savings and significant cuts in stock counting time.

Woolworths implements PLM to provide a platform for growth 16 May 2019

Woolworths South Africa, part of Woolworths Holdings Limited, has implemented a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to help transform end-to-end product development and provide a platform for collaboration.

Law change to end fake cooperatives in South Africa textile sector 14 May 2019

A change to the law governing cooperatives in South Africa is expected to benefit the textile and clothing sector, where unions say loopholes have enabled employers to avoid paying decent wages and benefits.

Source Africa trade show returns to Cape Town 29 Apr 2019

Preparations are underway for the return of what organisers claim are the biggest sourcing, apparel, textile, and footwear trade events in South Africa.

Sappi joins the Sustainable Apparel Coalition 4 Mar 2019

South African pulp and paper company Sappi, whose products are used by the apparel industry, has announced its affiliation to the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), adding the partnership will allow it to drive environmental and social responsibility throughout its supply chain.

New South Africa national minimum wage now in force 9 Jan 2019

Clothing, textile, footwear and leather workers in South Africa are among the millions of beneficiaries of a new National Minimum Wage that came into force at the beginning of January.

South Africa eyes master plan for apparel value chain 4 Dec 2018

The South African Trade and Industry Department is to develop a master plan to grow the clothing and textile and footwear and leather retail value chain.

South Africa trade unions split over minimum wage hike 26 Nov 2018

The South African parliament has signed off on a minimum wage bill that will see clothing and textile workers receive a wage hike to ZAR20 (US$1.50), but the move has left unions divided with some calling the increase "outrageous".

South Africa mohair farmers charged over cruelty 17 Aug 2018

Cruelty-to-animals charges have been filed against four angora goat farmers in South Africa following an exposé by animal rights group PETA earlier this year.

Strike threat looms for South Africa clothing workers 9 Aug 2018

Workers in South Africa’s cotton textile, woven textile and footwear sectors have agreed to new deals on higher pay – but the threat of a strike looms for 60,000 clothing manufacturing workers after the trade union and industry employers failed to reach a wage settlement after three rounds of negotiations.