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What Arket reveals about H&M's new direction 21 Jun 2017

H&M’s new Arket concept is quite unlike anything previously seen from the retailer. Rather than adopt a faster sourcing strategy, the company has opted to introduce a new brand to cater to shifts in consumer behaviour and progress towards a more sustainable business model. Bernadette Kissane, senior analyst for apparel and footwear at Euromonitor International, takes a closer look.

What's the difference between compliance and safety? 26 May 2016

Swedish fashion retailer H&M is one of the leaders of the move to change compliance, and is at the forefront of sustainability. However, at the same time H&M appears to show no interest in the safety of workers making its products, write Emma Birnbaum and David Birnbaum. What is the difference between compliance and worker safety? they ask.

H&M sustainability goals include water-based PU shoes 15 Apr 2016

Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is to place its first volume orders for shoes made with water-based vegan leather this year as part of new sustainability goals set out by the Swedish fashion retailer.

IN THE MONEY: H&M faces margin pressure on dollar impact 26 Jun 2015

H&M Hennes & Mauritz will likely suffer gross margin pressure in the near-term, analysts believe, as the negative impact from the strong US dollar is compounded by increased purchasing costs and increasing wages.

SUSTAINABILITY: H&M adds transparency to yarn and fabric suppliers 10 Apr 2015

The latest sustainability efforts from fashion retailer H&M Hennes & Mauritz include adding fabric and yarn mills to its publicly published supplier factory list, and further progress in its work towards fair living wages - although criticism suggests this is not progressing fast enough for some.

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H&M hires diversity leader in response to racist hoodie 18 Jan 2018

Swedish fashion retailer H&M has appointed a diversity leader in response to accusations of racism, after an image of a black child modelling a hoodie reading "coolest monkey in the jungle" appeared on its website.

H&M preparing to launch discount fashion site? 8 Jan 2018

As part of a so-called secret bid to become a "digital powerhouse", Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has reportedly inked agreements with 60 brands to launch a discount fashion site later this year.

H&M launches sustainable activewear line 3 Jan 2018

As part of its commitment to closing the loop and a more sustainable fashion future, Swedish fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has unveiled its latest sustainable offering – a global activewear collection.

H&M to close more stores, open less on "weak" Q4 15 Dec 2017

Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) said it is to close more stores after sales development in the fourth quarter was "significantly below" its expectations.

H&M urged to deliver on promise to pay living wage 27 Nov 2017

An international alliance has called on Swedish clothing retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) to deliver on a promise made four years ago to pay a "fair living wage" to the garment workers in its supply chain.

H&M faces new allegations of incinerating new clothing 24 Nov 2017

Swedish clothing giant Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has again been accused of incinerating unused clothes, rather than recycling them – this time in Sweden and amounting to twice as much as previously disclosed.

Sweden to open chemical knowledge centre 13 Nov 2017

The Government of Sweden is to open a substitution centre that it says will help SMEs identify safer alternatives to hazardous substances, with a particular focus on textiles.

Röjk pledges 100% biodegradable fashion or no production 9 Nov 2017

Swedish fashion brand Röjk has pledged to make all its products 100% biodegradable and natural by 2020 or it will stop producing them.

Lindex develops "most sustainable" denim line 2 Nov 2017

Swedish fashion retailer Lindex has developed what it claims is its most sustainable denim line yet, made with a washing process using only one bottle of water.

Lindex names Dahlberg as sustainability manager 1 Nov 2017

Swedish fashion retailer Lindex has named Anna-Karin Dahlberg as corporate sustainability manager, succeeding Sara Winroth.

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H&M leads on sustainable fashion 17 Apr 2015

H&M's new Conscious Exclusive collection, which launched this week, proves that high street fashion can be sustainable. And as the line gains momentum it’s using more diverse materials, including recycled beads, fabrics such as hemp, organic linen, and organic leather.