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Fashion brands take a stance on Syrian refugees in Turkey 13 Mar 2017

Experts have highlighted concerns over the exploitation of Syrian refugees working in the Turkish textile industry and are urging the Turkish government and the clothing supply chain to work together to improve their plight.

Hard hit Turkish industry is not knocked out 21 Feb 2017

After a number of setbacks last year, including political upheaval, terrorist attacks and an influx of Syrian refugees, textile and clothing industry executives in Turkey are optimistic that better times lie ahead in 2017.

Business as usual in Turkey despite coup crackdown 5 Aug 2016

Turkish security sources are advising textile and clothing manufacturers in Turkey that the country remains a safe and secure country in which to operate, despite the crackdown following the attempted coup last month. Likewise, local and international players in the apparel and textile industry are noting that business continues to run smoothly.

Turkey textile and clothing makers under pressure 18 Dec 2015

With diplomatic tensions mounting between Turkey and Russia over the downing of the Russian Su-24 jet fighter plane on 24 November, there are rising concerns that the important Turkish clothing sector could struggle as a result of these geopolitical troubles.

IAF ISTANBUL - Navigating a turbulent sourcing landscape 18 Nov 2015

Apparel brands, retailers and suppliers are having to navigate an increasing number of supply chain challenges in order to operate in a more efficient and ethical way. But it is also important to look to alliances in creativity, engineering and sustainability to avoid inconsistency in the future, according to speakers at last month's International Apparel Federation (IAF) Convention in Istanbul.

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Isko first denim mill to environmentally assess all products 22 Mar 2018

In a move designed to help boost its understanding of the impacts involved in its supply chain, Turkey-based denim manufacturing giant Isko has worked to obtain Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) of all 25,000-plus of its denim products.

Turkey denim giant Taypa improving sustainable footprint 7 Nov 2017

Turkish denim manufacturing giant Taypa Tekstil, supplier to brands including Levi's and Calvin Klein, has made progress on a number of environmental initiatives, including lowering its water usage by 50% and its chemical usage by 40%.

Refugee exploitation persists in Turkey supply chains 3 Nov 2017

The fashion industry needs to do more to prevent the exploitation of Syrian refugees in Turkish supply chains, a new report suggests, with suggested actions including a change in purchasing policies.

Turkey apparel and textile exports near US$30bn 3 Nov 2017

Turkey's textile and apparel exports are approaching US$30bn annually, with the government hoping this will grow to exceed $50bn by 2023.

Turkey denim giant Taypa investing $800m in North Africa 1 Nov 2017

Turkish denim manufacturing giant Taypa Tekstil, supplier to brands including Levi's and Calvin Klein, is investing US$800m in what it says will be the largest textile facility in Algeria, in a bid to double production capacity in North Africa and diversify its product offering.

Zara, Next, Mango urged to pay Turkish factory wages 26 Sep 2017

Fashion giants Zara, Next and Mango are being urged to reimburse workers for three months of unpaid labour at a supplier factory in Turkey that closed last year.

H&M to tackle water challenges in Turkey 29 Aug 2017

H&M Group and WWF have launched an initiative to help Turkey tackle sustainable water management with the aim of promoting clean production technologies in the country's textile sector - a move that builds on previous partnerships in China and Bangladesh. 

Turkish sock and underwear factory dispute resolved 14 Jul 2017

A dispute at a sock and underwear factory in Turkey over the firing of union members in response to an organising drive has been resolved thanks to intervention from leading European clothing brands.

Turkish sock and underwear factory in union row 5 Jul 2017

?Beks Sock and Underwear Factory has been criticised for firing union members in response to an organising drive – despite efforts by several leading European clothing brands urging the supplier to respect trade union rights.

Supply chain mapping key to tackling child labour 8 Jun 2017

Confronting child labour in a complex, global garment industry will require brands to commit to a collaborative supply chain mapping process that prioritises trust and transparency, a new research project has found.