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Eco-fashion: Green is the new black 4 Apr 2018

With ethical consumerism on the rise, manufacturers and brands unable to meet 'green is the new black' expectations risk damaging their reputations. Weaving transparency throughout the end-to-end process is a proven path to a sustainable future.

Global supply chains still missing sourcing strategy links 3 Apr 2018

Like the scientists and academics debating the missing link in human evolution, global supply chains are still missing "links" when it comes to their sourcing strategies, even after years of practice. In today's supply chains this is the compelling connection between sourcing and logistics.

Spotlight on jeans – Denim bounces back 29 Mar 2018

In an effort to compete against athleisure, jeans manufacturers are innovating and adapting to evolving consumer needs. Lorna Hennelly, beauty and fashion analyst at market research provider Euromonitor International, takes a closer look.

The Flanarant – Brexit threat fades, along with interest 23 Mar 2018

This week, the UK and EU agreed a provisional Brexit transition deal on their relationship from March 2019. So what's going to change next year? More or less nothing, writes Mike Flanagan, adding that the end result is likely to mean little more than 'Brexit existing as name only' – or Beano.

How scalable is customisation in mass production? 16 Mar 2018

As the fashion industry shifts towards proper omnichannel it requires an on-demand supply chain that combines customisation with the ability to re-stock shops more efficiently and respond to trends more quickly. Unmade is a fashion technology business that provides a digital solution to create customisation at an industrial scale.

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Survey seeks feedback on modern slavery in supply chains 24 Apr 2018

Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX), which works to end human trafficking in the UK and worldwide, has launched a new survey to find out what garment sector companies really think about the Modern Slavery Act.

You versus Amazon - who wins? 20 Apr 2018

As the apparel market continues to change and competition intensifies, brands need to consider executing digital transformation strategies if they are to compete effectively.

Top stories this week on just-style... 20 Apr 2018

Top stories this week on just-style include the news that US President Donald Trump may explore the possibility of re-joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Better Buying and the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) are to collaborate on an 18-month programme to tackle buying practices in Bangladesh, Nike develops what it claims is the first 3D-printed textile upper in performance footwear, and H&M launches a pilot to educate consumers on garment care.

Debenhams in 84.6% profit tumble as CFO departs 19 Apr 2018

Shares in Debenhams tumbled by more than 6% this morning (19 April) as the British department store group revealed an 84.6% drop in profit for the first half of the financial year and announced the departure of its chief financial officer.

Make it British prepares for return to London 19 Apr 2018

The UK Fashion and Textile Association and brands including Jigsaw and Cheaney Shoes are among those speaking at this year’s Make it British conference.

M&S creates single-tier clothing logistics network 18 Apr 2018

As part of ongoing efforts to transform its business, UK retail group Marks & Spencer is to implement a new single-tier clothing and home logistics network it says will allow it to move products from suppliers to stores faster and at a lower cost.

Fairtrade urges brands to commit to paying living wage 18 Apr 2018

As the fifth anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse nears, UK charity Fairtrade Foundation has issued a call for fashion brands and retailers to set a deadline to pay living wages in their supply chains.

Bank withdraws New Look supplier credit protection 18 Apr 2018

UK fashion retailer New Look insists it has adequate financial liquidity to operate effectively, despite reports credit protection has been withdrawn from a handful of its suppliers.

Fur farm footage released ahead of UK enquiry 18 Apr 2018

Humane Society International UK has highlighted what it says are cruel conditions on fox fur farms in Finland and a mink fur farm in Ireland – both exporters to the UK – as the fur industry prepares to give evidence in support of the UK fur trade to an enquiry.

Primark H1 earnings up despite sales slowdown 17 Apr 2018

Value clothing retailer Primark has increased earnings in its first-half against a backdrop of unseasonable weather in Europe and a margin decline following the adverse effect of currency on purchases.

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Bangladesh safety gaps still remain 23 Apr 2018

As the apparel industry prepares to mark the fifth anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory building tragedy, a new report estimates it could cost US$1.2bn to complete remediation across Bangladesh's ready-made garment industry.

Jeans makers eye innovation to regain market share 3 Apr 2018

just-style’s latest weekly roundup begins with a look at how jeans makers are innovating and adapting to evolving consumer needs and the impact of athleisure with new fabric innovation and more sustainable production processes.

Trump's tariffs threaten textile trade 26 Mar 2018

With tariff discussions looming over the White House, just-style’s news and analysis last week was not surprisingly dominated by talk of a possible trade war.