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Guess what? When you weren’t looking prices inched up 20 Aug 2018

Guess what? When you weren’t looking prices inched up...unless you sourced clothing made with synthetics. With talk of trade conflicts affecting prices across the board, we have analysed statistics over multiple years to provide a baseline from which to gauge what adjustments to expect.

re:source monthly trade programme roundup – July 2018 14 Aug 2018

The latest monthly round-up of updates to key free trade agreements and trade preference programmes involving the US, EU and Japan covers developments in July 2018. Trade agreements, rules of origin, tariffs and schedules are all covered in depth in re:source, the new online strategic planning tool from the team behind just-style.

The unintended consequences of China clothing tariffs – Comment 13 Aug 2018

If President Donald Trump imposes punitive tariffs on Chinese imports into the United States, David Birnbaum believes the move would simply subsidise every other garment exporting country in the world, in the form of increased orders at higher prices.

China trade war not yet hurting US garment imports 9 Aug 2018

Apparel imports into the US from China have risen again, jumping nearly 16% in June from a month earlier despite ongoing trade tensions between the two countries. Year-on-year, however, shipments from the largest supplier of apparel to the US slipped slightly, while gains were seen by competitors Vietnam, Bangladesh, India and Cambodia. Elsewhere, El Salvador booked the highest growth of the top ten, despite of the spectre of rising violence threatening to undermine sourcing in the region.

Volt Smart Yarns bridging the gap on wearables – Interview 9 Aug 2018

Ahead of the launch of its new Volt Wearable Technology division, Matt Kolmes, CEO at Supreme Corporation, talks to just-style about how the company’s Volt Smart Yarns has been gaining momentum in the smart fabrics industry – and some of the challenges still facing the sector in reaching its full potential.

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Escalating trade war could impact US exports 20 Aug 2018

The rise of US import tariffs and the subsequent escalating trade war will hit the cost of producing goods for export and make them less competitive, economists have warned.

Walmart commits to zero waste by 2025 20 Aug 2018

US retail giant Walmart has committed to achieving "zero waste" in its operations in Canada, Japan, the UK and the US by 2025 – and says it will work with suppliers to prevent products and materials from becoming waste upstream and downstream.

Long Beach pilot to teach supply chain skills 20 Aug 2018

The Port of Long Beach and Long Beach City College have launched a new pilot programme to train workers in the supply chain and logistics industries.

Customer experience drives supply chain innovation 17 Aug 2018

Customer experience is driving the next wave of supply chain innovation, according to a new report, but market leaders are also giving short shrift to emerging technologies like blockchain and drones.

US urges more from China ahead of new trade talks 17 Aug 2018

US President Donald Trump has urged China to bring a fairer deal to the bargaining table as the two countries prepare to meet later this month in an effort to reach a resolution before an all-out trade war ensues.

Long Beach Port uses data to enhance planning 17 Aug 2018

A pilot project at the Port of Long Beach has launched aimed at enhancing advance planning at the busiest port complex in North America.

US Q2 in brief – Walmart, Nordstrom, JC Penney 17 Aug 2018

In the latest second-quarter filings from US apparel and footwear brands and retailers, Wolverine Worldwide has raised its full-year guidance after quarterly earnings more than doubled, while Walmart booked its highest comparable sales growth for over ten years. 

Clothing contributes to US retail sales rise in July 16 Aug 2018

Sales at US clothing stores rebounded in July, helping to lift total retail sales during the month and kicking off the third quarter a on solid footing.

FineLine eyes global tagging growth with Traderplus buy 16 Aug 2018

FineLine Technologies is extending its global service bureau presence to South Africa, Australia and China with the acquisition of South Africa-based barcode tag and RFID label provider Traderplus.

Reebok unveils first plant-based performance shoe 15 Aug 2018

Global fitness brand Reebok has unveiled the inaugural product from its 'Cotton + Corn' sustainable products initiative, in a move that brings its first plant-based footwear to the market.

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Concern mounts over Trump's trade policies 16 Apr 2018

Since President Donald Trump took office in January 2017, his administration has been busy fulfilling major campaign promises on trade policy – much to the concern of US fashion brands and apparel retailers.

Kingpins Goes to DC – Watch now 12 Sep 2017

The challenges and opportunities facing today’s textile and apparel industry is also explored in the second in a series of expert panel discussions that is now available to watch on demand

Agile logistics key to new hybrid retail world 3 Aug 2017

US retail giant Walmart has topped a list of the fastest growing retailers thanks to its investment in ensuring it has the right balance between its online and brick and mortar operations.