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Steps to successful sourcing in Vietnam 14 Oct 2019

Trade and political tensions between China and the US have moved many companies to consider sourcing in other areas in Southeast Asia, and especially Vietnam. While challenges abound, it is possible to build good relationships with factories, as Alexander Twibill, director of marketing for HQTS Group, explains.

Buyer beware – Vietnam sourcing is not the same as China 27 Sep 2019

US clothing brands and retailers mulling a sourcing switch to Vietnam to avoid the ongoing tariff war with China need to sharpen up – because doing business with Vietnamese trading partners is very different from working with Chinese suppliers.

Vietnam garment labour standards continue to improve 9 Aug 2019

Compliance rates on core labour standards in Vietnam's garment sector have significantly improved on last year – but violations continue to be found in areas such as worker protection, overtime and occupational safety and health.

China's changing role as the go-to for clothes sourcing 18 Jul 2019

China's role as the clothes sourcing go-to for most of the apparel industry is set to change, driven by a perfect storm of factors including labour costs, exchange rates and the cost of raw materials, and a rampant domestic market, according to John McClure, M&S head of sourcing for the Far East?.

US-China trade spat drives production to Vietnam 15 Jul 2019

Instead of bringing manufacturing back to the United States, the ongoing trade spat with China appears to have accelerated the shift in production to countries like Vietnam and India as companies gear up to protect their businesses.

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Vietnam must invest in technology to stay competitive 15 Oct 2019

Relying on cheap labour is not enough to ensure Vietnam's garment and textile industry remains competitive, a recent seminar in Hanoi has heard, with investment in new technology key to increasing competitiveness and reducing environmental impact.

Public disclosure key to compliance on labour issues 14 Oct 2019

Publicly disclosing the compliance performance of individual firms in global supply chains is key to increased compliance over time in some "critical issues" such as occupational health and safety, work time and child labour, a new study has found.

A&E opens new thread making facility in Vietnam 4 Oct 2019

Sewing and embroidery thread major American & Efird (A&E) has opened a new manufacturing facility in Vietnam to provide expanded services and regional support for apparel, footwear, handbags, and other sewn products in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Vietnam labour code change shrouded in uncertainty 25 Sep 2019

Vietnam’s garment-makers have been worrying that a draft revised Labour Code will reduce their competitiveness – but four months after the draft was published there remains a strong chance it will never be enshrined into law.

Vietnam garment and footwear exports rise in August 19 Sep 2019

Vietnam's textile and apparel exports during August grew 2.2% to US$3.37bn year-on-year according to new data from customs officials.

Vietnam mulls apparel safeguards under CPTPP 30 Aug 2019

Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) is drafting guidance on safeguard measures for textile and apparel products under the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) in order to protect the domestic industry from the risk of rising imports.

ISA TanTec starts work on its second tannery in Vietnam 21 Aug 2019

Leather supplier ISA TanTec has started construction work on its second tannery in Vietnam.

Big C resumes business with 169 apparel suppliers 21 Aug 2019

Vietnam's Big C supermarket chain has reportedly completed the review of its 200-strong apparel supplier portfolio and will continue to work with 169 of them.

New factory safety initiative launches in Vietnam and India 14 Aug 2019

Global brands and retailers including Walmart, Bestseller, Gap Inc, Target, PVH Corp and VF Corp are participating in a new initiative that has been launched to promote safer working at apparel and footwear factories in India and Vietnam.

Vietnam garment exports rise double-digits in July 14 Aug 2019

Vietnam's textile and garment exports grew 14.5% to US$3.3bn in July and were up 10.8% for the first seven months of the year to $18.4bn, according to new data from the Vietnamese customs department.