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Where next for minimum wages in Cambodia and Vietnam? 27 Sep 2017

Cambodia's tripartite talks that will set a new minimum wage limit for 2018 for the country's garment and textile sector opened this week, as Vietnam pay discussions are also moving ahead.

Vietnam grows share of US apparel imports in 2016 17 Feb 2017

Falling prices and an industry focus on specialisation and increasing value added have all helped Vietnam increase its share of US imports over the last year.

Business as usual for Vietnam sourcing without TPP 12 Dec 2016

Vietnam's clothing and textile industry has been assessing the impact of losing a huge anticipated garment export boost under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) now that US president-elect Donald Trump has promised to sign an executive order pulling out of the 12-nation trade deal.

Will new Vietnam wage hinder competitiveness? 19 Oct 2016

Vietnam's National Salary Council may have agreed to increase the country-wide minimum wage next year by the smallest proportion in a decade, but the country's clothing manufacturers are still warning this will be a hike too far.

TPP tariff phase-out can steer Vietnam sourcing plans 15 Jul 2016

A close look at the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s tariff phase-out schedule on US textile and apparel imports from Vietnam can guide sourcing decisions and investment strategies in the years ahead, according to Dr Sheng Lu, assistant professor at the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies at the University of Delaware.

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Vietnam to limit hazardous chemicals in apparel 24 Nov 2017

Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has implemented a new regulation on the use of formaldehyde and azo dyes in textile and apparel products sold in the country.

Vietnam garment sector urged to invest in technology 15 Nov 2017

Investing in new technology to reduce production costs will help Vietnam's textile and apparel industry increase its competitive edge, the country's industry association has said.

APEC leaders call for open trade and strengthening of WTO 15 Nov 2017

Asia-Pacific leaders have pledged to work together to make trade more inclusive, support improved market access opportunities, and address unfair trade practices.

TPP 11 nations move trade pact forward with new name 14 Nov 2017

Trade ministers from 11 Trans-Pacific Partnership nations have agreed on core elements of the new trade pact that is moving forward despite the absence of the US from the agreement.

Inditex supplier unions work to boost labour rights 16 Oct 2017

A workshop in Vietnam has seen 33 trade union leaders from Inditex supplier garment factory unions review their network's activities for 2017, exchange best practices and set the agenda for 2018 as part of their role to implement a pledge made by the Spanish clothing giant to protect and promote labour conditions throughout its entire supply chain.

Vietnam textile sector opposes polyester import tariff 13 Oct 2017

Vietnam's textile industry has appealed to the country's government not to impose import tariffs on polyester fibre, saying the move would add to the challenges facing textile and garment exporters.

New sew-free seam solution for intimates fabrics 12 Oct 2017

A new adhesive for heat-sensitive intimates fabrics has been developed by Bemis Associates, the manufacturer of thermoplastic adhesives, films, and coatings.

Vietnam apparel sector opposes proposed wage hike 11 Oct 2017

Vietnam's textile and apparel industry has opposed a proposed 6.5% minimum wage increase from the beginning of next year, saying the move will reduce competition, shift the labour structure and prevent expansion.

Industry meets to tackle violence against women garment workers 2 Oct 2017

Apparel industry professionals will gather in Vietnam today (2 October) to discuss ways to put an end to gender-based violence in garment factories.

Vietnam textile sector growing cooperation with US 28 Sep 2017

Vietnam's textile and garment exports are expected to reach US$30.5bn in 2017, with the US market accounting for more than half, according to new figures.