By Andrew Leighton | 15 July 2019

re:source customers receive a monthly email, which provides a round-up of all the latest content updates that have been added to re:source. To show you the information that has recently been updated, I thought we'd blog an abridged version of the July email to hopefully whet your appetite. Note, unless you have access to re:source, the links below will re-direct you to the re:source information website.

Trade data update

All data for April 2019 imports to the US, EU, Japan and Canada are now live in re:source. This data can be viewed as both imports and exports by originating country. EU apparel imports have fallen for the third month in a row, whilst US saw a slight improvement on last month.

Click here to view the "all apparel" dashboard, where you can select monthly, annual, US$ value, quantity in units or weight and unit value in US$. Click here to view the major exporters by category. TIP: when you click on any category, click the "Show Search" button and select up to 14 products to build a dashboard with. Then pin the search at the top of your search history to save the dashboard. 

Country profiles

Financial stability ratings updated for sourcing countries

Each quarter we review the financial stability ratings - one of the 15 Sourcing Criteria in re:source. This time around, we've improved the ratings for Bangladesh, Egypt and Vietnam. But our ratings for Cambodia, El Salvador, India, Nicaragua and Pakistan have worsened. Click the title above to review the countries of your choice.

International Trade Union Confederation's (ITUC's) 2019 Global Rights Index added

As reported in just-style, 10th July, ITUC has published its 2019 report on global worker rights. You can find the index in re:source's country listings page. Here, we have filtered the page to just list this index. You can export the data easily to Excel.

Country currency notes updated

Across re:source's 27 key sourcing countries, we've updated their trading currency notes. We review and update these quarterly and you can find them on the Environment page of each country's profile. Click the title of this alert to view the list of top countries to choose from. 

Country price scores updated in Sourcing Criteria 

As the Price scores within re:source's Sourcing Criteria tool are aligned with the Productivity Ratings, we have reviewed and updated where necessary each country's Price score and commentary. Countries we've improved scores for include: Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Madagascar, Philippines and Turkey. Prices we've scored worse for include: Dominican Republic, Morocco, Myanmar and Nicaragua.

re:source productivity ratings updated

For the key sourcing countries profiled in re:source we have updated their productivity ratings. These are scores we give that enable you to benchmark all countries on the time (SAM or Standard Allowed Minutes) and cost to cut and make a basic cotton tee shirt. In this update, we have added productivity ratings for Jordan.

Efficiency ratings updated in Sourcing Criteria

When we measure a country's apparel manufacturing efficiency, we determine three factors: 1) Output as a percentage input, e.g. how many shirts are made to get a properly finished and saleable garment; 2) The efficiency of the system based on the level of integration or the relative speed of technological manufacturing process; 3) Lead times.

In this latest update, our analysts have increased the efficiency scores for China, India, Pakistan and Vietnam. Example update for Vietnam: "High levels of efficiency. Used to large order quantities. Vietnam factories follow line systems, lean manufacturing, 5S, visual control systems, data monitoring, and rejection analysis. Their production efficiency is 95% which is outstanding."

US-China punitive tariffs update (and download added)

We've updated the duty prospects page for the United States with commentary on the latest situation regarding the US-China trade war. In addition, we've added an Excel file for download, featuring lists for those products affected by the punitive tariff rates since September 2018.

Trade agreements

EU Vietnam FTA updated

Following news that the agreement will be signed on Sunday 30th June, we've updated the profile of the agreement in re:source. Signature of the agreement doesn't mean that its tariffs kick in on the day. Further approval needs to be made by the EU. When the tariffs eventually do enter into force, they will still be subject to a phaseout. Full details of which - including the first year's tariffs by HS6 code - are all available in re:source. 

EU-Mercosur agreement reached

On 28 June 2019, the European Union and South American bloc Mercosur (including Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) reached a political agreement for a comprehensive free trade agreement between the two regions. Details have been added to re:source's profile.

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