By Andrew Leighton | 23 July 2018

The weather is, or so I have been told, the most watched part of any news broadcast. As a sometime-news junkie I was amazed when I was first told that. Surely it’s the headlines? The sports section? The funny story at the end? Nope. The one thing that unites everyone - especially where I live in the UK - is knowing whether they will need to take their umbrella out with them or not.

Sometimes the things you think will be popular aren’t, and sometimes ideas you think will never take off end up capturing the public’s imagination.

Anyone can freely jump on to have a play with the demo of re:source containing a complete version of re:source, our apparel sourcing planning suite. It’s pretty much fully functional, but it contains archive data, one trade agreement and one country profile (don’t worry - the latest data is in the paid version of re:source). You don't even have to provide us with any contact information (yeah!). 

But what parts of re:source did our beta testers like the most? Let’s find out.

The single most popular activity in the re:source demo is…

The Trade Agreements Listing page, which came out on top with 12% of activity.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that our faithful early testers hit this page up the most, as it was the default homepage of the test program for many months (the Trade Data and Country Profiles tools were added later). We’re all creatures of habit I suppose. However, this page wasn’t where our testers spent most of their time (more on that later).

Other popular pages within the Trade Agreements and Tariffs tool have been Product Finder (5% of activity - you use this to find tariffs for a specific product ), our example Trade Agreement profile with 4% (in our demo all agreements point to DR-CAFTA), Tariff Finder (4%) and our example Country’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) page (again, 4%).

This all adds up to the FTAs tool getting 29% of the page visits.

The Countries tool has come out on top by quite some way, with almost half of the visits. This is no surprise, because this is the part of re:source that we’ve received most interest in. Within it, our Key Metrics tool was most visited with 7% of all activity. This is an extremely handy tool that allows you to choose from over 40 data points on countries and rank them all individually.

Another neat feature is our Sourcing Criteria tool, which received 6% of all traffic. This is great as we hoped this would be of interest to our customers. It’s the tool which overlays different countries on a spider chart across 15 criteria our analysts have scored supplying countries on.

Aside from number of visits, we also looked at time on page

And our Countries tool also came out on top when it came to the time spent on each page, with 55% of all time spent. But, our Trade Data tool came second in time spent - but given that it contains millions of data points (yes, really) it’s to be expected!

Within the Trade section of re:source, our Categories Dashboards and Data Finder tools were both popular visits. Again, not too surprising as we’ve developed them to allow you to find the answers to trade queries really quickly and easily.

Interestingly, our example Import Country profile (for the United States) came out on top by quite some way, with 14% of all time spent so far visiting its profile page. This clearly ties in with the amount of friction the Trump Administration is generating when it comes to global trade uncertainty.

The next highest time spent was in Data Finder (with 9% of activity). This tool contains the most data within re:source, but with a very simple search interface. So no doubt, our testers got to grips with searching across all apparel categories traded across the world. Certainly, being able to search by product category, HS code, material type, even gender allows you to get the trade data you need really quickly.

What does this tell us?

This information has been useful as it has showed how our customer research compares with actual usage. We knew from our countless customer interviews that people would appreciate detailed sourcing country profiles the most, and being able to compare the countries easily with re:source’s tools has meant that, hey presto, people have found - and used those tools, as the evidence suggested they would.

It’s been fascinating looking at this snapshot period of usage by our testers. It’ll be even more fascinating to look at the data now that we have launched. Keep an eye out for more insights on re:source over the coming months.

In the meantime, why not take a look at the re:source demo for yourself?

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