By Andrew Leighton | 23rd July 2018

Over the last 18 months I’ve written more blog posts than I care to remember.

But none of them have meant as much to me as this one.

You see - this is the one where I get to tell you that we are finally ready.

Yep - re:source launches today.

But before I go any further, I’d like to say a few thank-yous. Firstly, thanks to our developers for creating an awesome product. Next, a big thank you to our team of analysts for providing the data and supporting commentary behind re:source. But the biggest thank you of all goes to you - our customers and beta testers who have helped us mould, twist and shape re:source into something that goes some way to meeting our mission; to help those in sourcing build strategies for the future.

So, on to the launch.

Today we’re launching re:source as a toolset containing three key components:

  • A tariffs and trade agreements tool
  • A trade data tool
  • A sourcing country profiling tool

The first tool was available in our beta test, but the version that goes live today contains a number of changes that make it easier-to-use and more powerful. You’ll still be able to compare duties for a range of product categories across all countries, and view trade agreement summaries including jargon-free guides to rules of origin. But now you’re able to export tariff data straight to Excel as well.

The second and third tools, however, are brand-new and solve a whole set of different problems.

The trade data tool - the second tool - allows you to see exactly how the world sources apparel. You can now track apparel trade flows between the US, Europe, Canada, Japan and the rest of the world – with values, volumes and average prices by country and region across a range of product categories. And once you’ve found the exact data you need, re:source can remember it for you, ready to update at any time with one click.

Finally, our sourcing country profiles – tool number three - helps you create better sourcing plans by quickly and consistently comparing countries against key sourcing metrics. You’ll also find strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis, as well as political and currency risk assessments for the most important sourcing destinations. It’s a great way to start finding potential savings and identify potential risks.

Sound good so far? Well, you can find out more here, and for those who love getting into the detail, you can download a product datasheet - and you can also watch this short video from our first multi-user customer Ranju Mahtani, CEO of Epic Group. And if you’ve seen enough and are ready to talk turkey, you can find out about our launch pricing (and contact our sales team) here.

I’ll be posting some updates on both the product and our launch program over the next few weeks as things start to happen.

This is just the beginning - and I can’t wait to welcome you onboard.

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