By Andrew Leighton | 18 January 2017

Hello and welcome to the re:source blog.

This is where I'll be revealing more detail on re:source, and asking for your feedback.

So, first things first…

What is re:source?

Firstly, re:source contains intelligence that helps people in the apparel sourcing chain (both buyers and manufacturers) make better strategic sourcing decisions; where to source which products, and when to make changes to your global product portfolio – and most importantly, why.

Secondly, most of us probably don't spend enough time planning our sourcing strategy, perhaps partly because the data and information required is so difficult to find and pull together. re:source gives you the information you need the instant you need it. And by using saved searches it'll be easy to re-run the data you need when you need it again.

Finally, being online, re:source provides lots of handy features to help you share the right information – as widely across your organisation as you need to.

Why did we create it?

I've spent over two years listening to just-style's customers' problems.

You told me that you struggle to find consistent strategic intelligence. Trade data doesn't fit today's industry and is often too old. There's no benchmark for costs or productivity. Trade agreements are difficult to stay on top of. And above all, finding, compiling, updating and sharing this information is an absolute pain.

That's why we've developed re:source – a tool to make your life easier.

What will it do? The tools

Like all new developments, you have to start somewhere. We have some pretty bold aspirations for where we want to take re:source, and 2017 is only the beginning.

During this, our first test program, you'll be concentrating on our trade agreements and tariffs tool, which covers agreements for garments being imported to United States, Canada, European Union and Japan (as these regions are still where most garments are being bought by consumers). You'll be able to select any number of countries you're manufacturing in – and shipping to – and easily compare tariffs (or free trade) across them. You'll also find key insights on the state (and future) of free trade country-by-country from our team of industry experts.

Our next testing development will then focus on our trade data tool. This will track values, volumes and average prices across HS6 codes, providing exports by every country and imports to the regions mentioned. We've created a whole series of product categories too, so rather than having to find the data just by code, you'll be able to quickly look at garment categories, right up to ''all apparel''.

And because all our tools are designed to work together, you'll be able to find average tariffs across all of these broader categories. We plan to quickly expose more granular product codes, allow you to build your own categories, and potentially expand the tool out to include all textiles and materials categories, look at total production by country, and maybe even consumption too. But, these are our plans now – we'll want you to tell us what you think we should do next.

The final tool we're developing is our country profiles. To compliment the country-specific trade and tariff data re:source will already show, we'll go deeper into the strategic intelligence for the major producing countries and provide comparison tools and risk ratings across key corporate social responsibility (CSR), logistics and macro-environment indicators.

All of this will be headed up by our global team of experts delivering world-class insights.

Our first tool – quick intro

As mentioned earlier, the first tool that we will be testing is our trade agreements and tariffs database.
Want to see it in action? Watch the video. Do you have some thoughts on what you've seen? Put it in the comments box below.

Click here to view the video if you are based in China (via YouKu)

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