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Trade Agreements. Simplified.

Find and read apparel trade agreements with ease. Test out re:source's trade agreements and tariffs database tool - free for a limited time.

Trade agreements are complex, dull, hard to find - and a vital part of apparel sourcing.

But, wouldn't it be great if dealing with them could become just a little bit easier?

That's why the team here at just-style have created a powerful new tool - the trade agreements and tariffs database. It's the first release from re:source, a new suite of tools made just for apparel sourcing people.

Why spend hours looking for the right tariff when a simple search of our database of 90 trade agreements (ordered by apparel product category) will find it in seconds.

The trade agreements and tariffs database gives you:

  • A single source of garment tariffs that is clear and concise.

  • Country and category filters to help you find the right duty rate, instantly.

  • Agreement rules re-written in plain English so that anyone can understand them.

It's time to show those trade agreements who's boss.

Your sourcing secret weapon

You no longer have to be a tuxedo-lovin' British spy to have a secret weapon.

Try it for free

With the full trade agreements and tariffs database, you'll:

Know the detail like a lawyer - With handy summaries for products with exceptional rules of origin.

Become future-proofed - Read notes on the current and future tariffs outlook for each country.

Be prepared for change - With simple overviews of trade agreement phase-out schedules.

Know the background - Find related news from just-style right next to each agreement.

Save a ton of time - With condensed trade agreements for different countries and categories.

Sourcing problems, meet the solution

You told us what makes apparel sourcing painful. We listened.

Try it for free

Over the last three years we've spoken to lots of people in apparel sourcing. We heard how difficult it is to compare country risk. How vital it is to secure the best price. How trying to track trade flow changes by garment category is beyond frustrating.

We wouldn't put up with this everyday. And neither should you.

So we've created a set of tools designed to meet each problem head-on:

Our country profiles will allow you to consistently compare countries by key factors to find potential savings and identify hidden risks.

Our trade data tool will track values, volumes and average prices by country and garment category over time.

Soon, you'll also be able to create and share your own alerts, dashboards and saved searches.

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