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Ahmed Abdullah

Pakistan's new textile policy aims to double exports

16 February 2015 | Ahmed Abdullah

Pakistan’s second Textile Policy aims to double the country’s textile and clothing exports to US$26bn in the next five years as it seeks to reap full benefits of the EU GSP+ scheme.... read more

PAKISTAN: Chinese firms eye textile and garment investments

27 January 2014 | Ahmed Abdullah

Following Pakistan's accession to the EU's GSP+ scheme, Chinese firms are eyeing the country as a competitive destination for foreign investment in the textile and garment sectors.... read more

PAKISTAN: Textile and clothing exports up 8% in H1

23 January 2014 | Ahmed Abdullah

Pakistan's textile and clothing exports grew 8% to US$6.9bn in the first half of the current fiscal year, helped by improved availability of yarns and fabrics for domestic garment makers.... read more

PAKISTAN: Textile producers upbeat for 2014

21 January 2014 | Ahmed Abdullah

Textile producers in Pakistan are upbeat about the year ahead, with opportunities seen to include market access under the European Union's GSP+ trade scheme, the changing dynamics of the Chinese textile industry, labour unrest and higher wages in Bangladesh, and the local availability of cheaper fibres, especially cotton.... read more

PAKISTAN: Garment exports caught in container carrier strike

22 November 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Thousands of garment export consignments remain stranded at Karachi Port and across Pakistan after an 11-day strike by transport workers, which ended on Monday.... read more

PAKISTAN: Eyes export boost through social accountability

3 September 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

A strategy that could contribute to targets to double Pakistan's textile and clothing exports over the next three years by making the industry socially accountable has been unveiled.... read more

PAKISTAN: Garment zone to be set up with Chinese firms

2 September 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Chinese investors are to set up woven and knitted garment factories in Punjab, Pakistan's largest textile-producing province, following an agreement signed with the China National Textile & Apparel Council (CNTAC).... read more

US: Walt Disney Company to phase out Pakistan sourcing

28 August 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

The Walt Disney Company (WDC) is to phase out the sourcing of Disney-branded products from Bangladesh, Belarus, Ecuador, Pakistan and Venezuela over concerns the countries no longer meet its guidelines on working conditions.... read more

PAKISTAN: To remove anti-dumping duty on China PSF

14 August 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Pakistan's National Tariff Commission (NTC) has decided to remove anti-dumping duty on imports of polyester staple fibre (PSF) from China after a four-month evaluation.... read more

PAKISTAN: Garment containers caught up in port delays

8 August 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Over 250 export-bound garment containers are stuck at Pakistan's Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT) after problems with security scanning facilities led to a backlog. ... read more

PAKISTAN: Solution to tackle textile energy supply crisis

2 August 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Utility companies in Pakistan have come up with what they believe is a solution to the energy supply problems hurting Pakistan's textile industry, with a combination of electricity and gas ensuring continuous power.... read more

PAKISTAN: Nishat Chunian acquires Taj Textile for US$3.4m

1 August 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

One of Pakistan's largest textile companies, Nishat Chunian Limited, has acquired Taj Textile Mills in a deal worth PKR350m (US$3.4m).... read more

PAKISTAN: Textile and clothing exports rose 6% in FY

24 July 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Pakistan's textile and clothing exports rose by 6% to US$13.06bn in the fiscal year that runs from July to June.... read more

PAKISTAN: Textile and apparel firms burdened by budget

27 June 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Textile producers and apparel exporters in Pakistan have warned that the latest budget proposals will burden them with further costs.... read more

PAKISTAN: Textile and clothing exports up 6% in 10-months

28 May 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Pakistan's textile and clothing exports have risen by 6% to US$10.75bn in the ten months from July through April 2013, thanks to a shift in export orders from Bangladesh.... read more

PAKISTAN: Textile and clothing exports up 7%

24 April 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Pakistan's textile and clothing exports increased by 7% to US$9.63bn in the nine months from July through March 2013, supported by a waiver in EU import duties.... read more

PAKISTAN: Applies for duty-free exports to the EU

20 March 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Authorities in Pakistan have applied for duty-free exports to the European market under the EU's Generalised System of Preferences Plus (GSP+) scheme.... read more

PAKISTAN: Government unveils export investment strategy

12 February 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Authorities in Pakistan have unveiled a three-year Strategic Trade Policy Framework to provide subsidies and support to export sectors including textiles and clothing, footwear and leather.... read more

PAKISTAN: Power supplies restored to textile sector

8 February 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Authorities in Pakistan have restored energy supplies to textile and garment plants in the northern part of the country where more than 70% of the industry is located.... read more

PAKISTAN: Transport strike leading to export delays

8 February 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

An ongoing strike by transport workers is leading to delays in garment shipments from Pakistan, as well as problems in importing raw materials and fuel for factory operations.... read more

PAKISTAN: Textile and clothing exports up 8.5% in H1

24 January 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Pakistan's textile and clothing exports have risen by 8.5% to US$6.46bn in the first six months of the current fiscal year, after a surge in demand from garment importers in Europe and US.... read more

PAKISTAN: Efforts to boost trade with India deferred

23 January 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Efforts to open up trade between Pakistan and India by the end of 2012 have been deferred after concerns were raised by some industry sectors in the two countries.... read more

PAKISTAN: Nishat Chunian to invest $1m in US unit

15 January 2013 | Ahmed Abdullah

Nishat (Chunian) Limited (NCL), the fourth largest vertically integrated textile company in Pakistan, hopes to increase its textile exports to the US by investing US$1m to set up a subsidiary in the country.... read more

PAKISTAN: Clothing exports held up in transporters strike

13 December 2012 | Ahmed Abdullah

Thousands of garment export containers are being held up in various cities across Pakistan following a strike by transport workers that has so far lasted for ten days.... read more

PAKISTAN: Textile firms see Q1 sales and profit rise

6 December 2012 | Ahmed Abdullah

Quarterly results posted by a number of textile firms in Pakistan suggest the sector has seen a strong start to the current financial year.... read more

PAKISTAN: Protests threatened as energy shortages kick in

22 November 2012 | Ahmed Abdullah

Protests and sit-ins are being threatened by the group representing Pakistan's textile mills unless power supplies are restored to the industry.... read more

PAKISTAN: Mill execs get special visa facility from India

16 November 2012 | Ahmed Abdullah

The Indian government has agreed to a special visa facility for top executives at member companies of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) as part of efforts to build trade between the two counties.... read more

PAKISTAN: Authorities urged to initiate factory inspections

13 November 2012 | Ahmed Abdullah

Unions and labour rights groups in Pakistan are calling on authorities to inspect garment export factories in the country to ensure they comply with health and safety regulations.... read more

PAKISTAN: Textile firms warned of winter power cuts

6 November 2012 | Ahmed Abdullah

Power distribution companies have warned Pakistan's textile industry to make alternative energy arrangements over the winter months since more shortages are likely.... read more

PAKISTAN: Japanese investors back export processing zone

30 October 2012 | Ahmed Abdullah

Pakistan's Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) is to set up the second-phase of the Karachi Export Processing Zone with financial assistance from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).... read more

PAKISTAN: Textile and clothing exports up 3% in Q1

26 October 2012 | Ahmed Abdullah

Pakistan's textile and clothing exports increased by 3% to US$3.27bn during the first quarter of the current fiscal year, thanks to higher demand from Europe and the United States.... read more

PAKISTAN: Garment firms face cancelled orders on safety fears

25 September 2012 | Ahmed Abdullah

Garment firms in Pakistan are facing cancelled export orders and problems in securing new orders from the EU and US following safety concerns after a factory fire earlier this month killed more than 289 workers.... read more

PAKISTAN: TUFS scheme to boost textile investment

17 September 2012 | Ahmed Abdullah

Authorities in Pakistan have responded to industry calls by introducing a Technology Up-gradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) for textile firms to subsidise and boost investments in new equipment.... read more

PAKISTAN: Groups call for action following factory fires

13 September 2012 | Ahmed Abdullah

Human rights groups and trade unions have called upon the Pakistan government to ensure safe working conditions and effective monitoring of garment manufacturing facilities in the wake of two fires that killed nearly 300 garment and footwear workers this week.... read more

PAKISTAN: Hundreds of garment workers perish in factory fire

12 September 2012 | Ahmed Abdullah

Labour rights groups are calling for action after fires killed around 265 garment and footwear factory workers in two separate incidents in Pakistan yesterday (11 September).... read more