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Chris Brook-Carter

Comment: Tesco's Clarke rolls up sleeves after shaky start

6 October 2011 | Chris Brook-Carter

Timing is everything in life. And few people will be feeling that sentiment more this week than Sir Terry Leahy, the former chief executive of Tesco, and his successor Philip Clarke. While Leahy stepped down from the role in March to a chorus of approval for his tenure, Clarke's first six months in charge have been marked by the group's worst performance in the UK in two decades.... read more

Tech advances make work a home from home

28 September 2011 | Chris Brook-Carter

Launch shows for new software applications into the apparel industry are, I must admit, not a regular entry in my diary.... read more

UK: ABF trading in line after mixed year for Primark

12 September 2011 | Chris Brook-Carter

Associated British Foods has said that its operating profit for the second half will be in line with expectations, with sales at its clothing arm Primark primed for double-digit growth.... read more

UK: M&S appoints e-commerce director

22 July 2011 | Chris Brook-Carter

David Walmsley has been appointed to help lead Marks and Spencer's e-commerce business.... read more

US: LaCrosse confident despite fall in profits

22 July 2011 | Chris Brook-Carter

The president and CEO of LaCrosse Footwear has remained upbeat despite the company reporting a loss for its first half of the year.... read more

US: The Finish Line green lights further share buy-backs

22 July 2011 | Chris Brook-Carter

The Finish Line's board of directors has authorised a share repurchase programme to buy back up to 5 million shares of the company's Class A common shares, or approximately 9% of the aggregate Class A and Class B common shares that are outstanding.... read more

China; which way will the Dragon turn?

20 January 2011 | Chris Brook-Carter

China. A land of opportunity and panacea for all that ails the global business community or an economic time-bomb ready to explode the World's fragile recovery and plunge us back into a second crisis in so many years? Whether it's pundits on the television or economists in the newspapers, no one can seem to agree. ... read more

COMMENT: Asian state visits reveal shifting balance of power

9 November 2010 | Chris Brook-Carter

Of all the media coverage of this economic crisis, one line has stuck in my mind more than any other, and it perfectly sums up the shifting global economic axis. "This isn't a global recession, it's a Western recession."... read more

COMMENT: Air cargo bomb threat has far-reaching consequences

2 November 2010 | Chris Brook-Carter

The UK's Home Secretary Theresa May has announced a review all aspects of air freight security in the UK. The news follows the discovery on Friday (29 October) of a bomb on a US-bound UPS cargo plane at East Midlands airport and a similar bomb on a FedEx plane in Dubai. ... read more

COMMENT: CIVETS loom into focus beyond the BRICs

10 September 2010 | Chris Brook-Carter

Talk of emerging markets in recent years has been so dominated by the BRIC markets - an acronym first coined at the investment bank Goldman Sachs in 2001 - that the term's constituents, Brazil, Russia, India and China, have left little room for discussion of other markets.... read more

In the money: Republic buy highlights secondary buyout trend

3 August 2010 | Chris Brook-Carter

Private equity firms are playing an increased role in shaping the fashion industry, snapping up brands under a variety of circumstances as trade buyers approach M&A with more caution. ... read more

COMMENT: Consumer sentiment may buffer secondary downturn

2 July 2010 | Chris Brook-Carter

Last week, I used my column on our sister site just-food, against the backdrop of the G20 Summit, to discuss whether the Western economies were finally out of recession. ... read more

Spotlight on...Phil Clarke, Tesco CEO-elect

8 June 2010 | Chris Brook-Carter

The news of Sir Terry Leahy's plans to leave Tesco next year has led to a flurry of plaudits for the UK retailer's chief executive but what of the man set to replace him?... read more

Welcome to the new-look just-style

15 May 2010 | Chris Brook-Carter

Welcome to the new look just-style. The changes you see before you are the culmination of over a year's hard work here at just-style Towers and we believe respond directly to the intelligence needs of the modern style industry.... read more

COMMENT: Sainsbury's silence fuels new bid rumours

16 October 2009 | Chris Brook-Carter

The silence was indeed deafening”, one UK media commentator remarked on Sainsbury's refusal yesterday (15 October) to comment on the rumours that Quatar's sovereign wealth fund was plotting to renew its efforts to fully acquire the UK-based supermarket giant.... read more

Behind the scenes at Asda

2 October 2009 | Chris Brook-Carter

The news that Asda is attempting to turn itself into the paragon of transparency is well-timed. Few can blame the retailer for trying...... read more

COMMENT: M&S clings to Rose-tinted future

9 July 2009 | Chris Brook-Carter

The news of a shareholder revolt against M&S CEO and chairman Stuart Rose at yesterday's AGM has garnered an extraordinary amount of press coverage here in the UK. That it did reflects both the exalted position of corporate governance on the news agenda at the moment and the place of Marks and Spencers in the hearts and minds of the British public, media and business community.... read more

GERMANY: Puma board approves PPR takeover bid

24 May 2007 | Chris Brook-Carter

German sportswear group Puma has given PPR’s EUR330.00 (US$443) per share buyout offer the official thumbs up today (24 May).... read more

UK: JJB presses ahead with in-store Nike format

2 May 2007 | Chris Brook-Carter

JJB has reportedly stepped up its phased rollout of in-store Nike and Adidas departments in an effort to compete with Sports Direct in the UK.... read more