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Ivan Castano Freeman

Pandemic could shrink US apparel sales by 50% in 2020

5 August 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

US textiles and apparel sales could shrink by more than 50% this year due to US textiles and apparel sales could shrink by more than 50% this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, top executives say, but fabric makers are set to fare better than retailers amid a booming personal protective equipment (PPE) shift. ... read more

Brazil’s Santista developing Covid-free denim treatment

17 July 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Brazilian textile major Santista Textil is set to launch a new fabric treatment that protects workwear, denim and other apparel from SARS-CoV-2, the strain that causes the novel coronavirus – and sees it as a potential game-changer for its business.... read more

Elcatex secures $100m loan to bolster Honduras production

16 July 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has loaned US$96m to Honduran textiles and apparel manufacturer Grupo Elcatex to help it bolster production and exports.... read more

Mexico makers relish better times as USMCA kicks in

2 July 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Yesterday (1 July) should have been a day to celebrate in Mexico as its newly revamped trade deal with the US and Canada – the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) – swung into effect. But instead of hosting a fiesta over the extension of a pact to export textiles and apparel duty-free to the world's biggest market, the Aztec nation is counting its losses amid tumbling shipments to its key northern neighbour.... read more

El Salvador eyes 25,000 apparel job losses as exports falter

29 June 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

El Salvador lost 20,000 apparel industry jobs this year and could lose another 5,000 as production plummets 35% due to Covid-19.... read more

China or India eyed for next Fashion Transparency Index

22 June 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Fashion Revolution, which monitors and ranks 250 clothing brands based on their labour and environmental behaviour, could launch its next Transparency Index in India or China, just-style has learned.... read more

Guatemala garment workers on the frontline of the pandemic

4 June 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Reports of a Covid-19 outbreak in a Guatemalan garment factory last week have sent shockwaves across the region, fuelling calls for tougher action to ensure garment workers are provided with sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE).... read more

Levi's and C&A to anchor Mexico Fashion Transparency Index

27 May 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Mexico's fledgling Fashion Transparency Index has picked C&A and Levi Strauss as the international brands that will anchor its sustainability survey set to launch in December.... read more

Guatemala's Startex says demand spike will now keep it open – Update

22 May 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Sportswear and knitwear manufacturer Startex is to close for up to two months as US clients owe it $10m in unpaid orders and new restrictions to contain surging Covid-19 cases hamper workers' ability to reach its 1,400-strong site in Guatemala City. ... read more

Covid-19 set to reshuffle fashion’s sustainability focus

21 May 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

The coronavirus pandemic is seen as triggering a set-back for labour rights in apparel supply chains, with workers left vulnerable as brands and retailers cancelled orders. But it could also lead to re-thinking on the sustainability front, industry executives say.... read more

Unions seek support for 80,000 Central America garment workers

15 May 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Nearly 50,000 in El Salvador, 26,000 in Honduras and 6,000 in Nicaragua: that's how many workers Central American garment factories are laying off with no paycheck, trade union officials say. They are stepping up calls for governments and fashion brands to help compensate and provide a livelihood for impoverished sewers until the pandemic recedes.... read more

US fashion industry ramps up calls for more duty delays

30 April 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

The US fashion industry is ramping up efforts to obtain billions of dollars in tariff relief and stimulus aid from Washington as it moves to provide an oxygen tank for battered retailers and save jobs.... read more

Virus seen halving Central American garment exports

29 April 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Central America's apparel exports will likely hover at $4bn to $5bn this year as the coronavirus pandemic slashes the impoverished region's shipments by 50%, observers say. ... read more

Peru scrambles to save 140,000 textile jobs amid virus fallout

15 April 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Peru's textile and apparel industry is scrambling to save hundreds of thousands of jobs as the coronavirus lockdown, newly extended until 26 April, wreaks havoc in the industry.... read more

Inditex pays virus-hit factory workers in Spain – for now

31 March 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Spanish fashion giant Inditex, which owns the Zara fashion chain, is to pay its Spanish workers their full salaries until 15 April, just-style has been told – including those in its domestic factories.... read more

Central America factories shutter as virus dents demand

26 March 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Mexican and Central American garment factories are shutting down as regional governments respond to the coronavirus outbreak and US demand slumps as retailers face widespread shutdowns to contain the global health emergency.... read more

Covid-19 boosts demand for virtual sourcing shows

24 March 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

The coronavirus pandemic is encouraging textile trade shows to consider virtual and other digital alternatives as it forces the cancellation of myriad events around the world.... read more

Colombia eyes US export boost as virus shuffles supply chains  

13 March 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Colombia's textiles and apparel industry is hoping its exports to the US will rise this year as brands rush to find sourcing alternatives away from China amid the fast-spreading coronavirus.... read more

Coronavirus pressures Central America garment exports

9 March 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

The growing coronavirus epidemic continues to cast a shadow on Central America's garment export and deliveries, with Nicaragua now forecasting a full-year export decline and Guatemala also acknowledging its apparel shipments face delays.... read more

Central America makers face delays due to coronavirus

28 February 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Central American garment suppliers are fretting over delays of up to a month in essential Chinese fabric supplies as a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.... read more

Grupo Kattan mulls $70m wovens facility in Honduras

25 February 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Manufacturing giant Grupo Kattan is seeking a venture partner to help build a $70m woven fabric plant in Honduras, the company’s president and owner, Jacobo Kattan, has told just-style.... read more

Fashion Transparency Index to launch in Mexico

14 February 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Mexico is launching Latin America's second Fashion Transparency Index to encourage brands and retailers to report how their businesses impact workers and the environment.... read more

Mexican denim seen as big winner in USMCA trade pact

28 January 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

The freshly-inked US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) or NAFTA 2.0 will strongly benefit Mexican denim and jeans makers, with overall exports potentially jumping 10% this year, executives say. ... read more

Honduras eyes 10% apparel export hike on US orders

21 January 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

The apparel industry in Honduras is betting that US demand for its key T-shirt and underwear products will rise this year, boosting exports by 10% to $2.9bn and mirroring a similar performance in 2019.... read more

Startex bucks trade war with high apparel growth hopes

3 January 2020 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Startex, a fast-growing Guatemalan full-package apparel maker, has skirted some of the headwinds that the US-China trade war have brought to Central America, with expectations of huge growth this year, its president tells just-style.... read more

Trade turbulence weighs on Central America apparel

29 November 2019 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Central America’s textile and apparel exports are on course to miss growth targets this year as Trump’s impeachment concerns and rising political instability in Latin America cripple orders and freeze investments.... read more

Argentine apparel makers see few Mercosur gains

16 September 2019 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Argentina's textile and apparel industry expects revenues to fall sharply in 2019 as a growing financial and economic crisis fuels a decline in clothing production and consumption. ... read more

Guatemalan makers pin growth on trade wars

11 June 2019 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Guatemala's textiles and apparel industry expects to grow sales by 10% to $1.8bn this year as the US's escalating trade war with China turns eyes towards Central America. Simultaneously, neighbouring Honduras and Nicaragua are also boosting its fortunes by buying more Guatemalan fabric to make America-bound apparel.... read more

Haiti’s apparel exports seen rising despite turmoil 

26 March 2019 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Haiti's apparel exports are set to rise 8% this year despite political turmoil that has seen several factories in the capital Port Au Prince area shutter in recent months.... read more

How TexOps is restructuring to hedge Central America 'renaissance'

21 January 2019 | Ivan Castano Freeman

"The supply chain is getting whipsawed," is how David Ha, owner of Salvadoran sportswear maquila TexOps, describes the state of the current global sourcing market in this exclusive interview with just-style.... read more

Honduras raises $1bn in textile investments under 2020 plan

12 November 2018 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Honduras has raised over $1bn or about one-third of the $3bn needed to transform its textiles industry as part of the Honduras 2020 development plan, a top executive has told just-style, admitting the initiative is facing heavy delays. ... read more

Honduras 2020 plan challenged as migrant caravan surges

24 October 2018 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Unions in Honduras are set to demand a 24% salary hike as part of negotiations to increase apparel minimum wages as a swelling migrant caravan continues to approach the US, a leading official has told just-style.... read more

TPL, trademarks and ‘Made in USA’ come to fore in NAFTA 2.0

4 October 2018 | Ivan Castano Freeman

Apparel industry executives from the US, Canada and Mexico have told just-style they are largely in favour of the terms of the renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – which will be called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).... read more

Dominican Republic falls behind on apparel exports

14 September 2018 | Ivan Castano Freeman

The Dominican Republic is letting a key provision to bolster its US exports run into expiration, deepening a 12-year rout that has seen its apparel sales to the world's biggest market halve, observers say.... read more

El Salvador exports seen surging despite regional unrest

15 August 2018 | Ivan Castano Freeman

El Salvador’s garment exports are forecast to rise 6% to roughly $2.3bn this year as the US lifts demand for the country’s performance and cotton apparel, executives have told just-style.... read more