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Keith Nuthall

China remains top source of unsafe clothing sold in Europe

15 April 2019 | Keith Nuthall

China continues to be the largest source of clothing and accessories detected as being unsafe for consumers in the European Union (EU), according to data analysed by just-style from the EU Safety Gate database.... read more

US fashion sector mulls tactics to tackle Trump tariffs

18 July 2018 | Keith Nuthall

Executives from the US clothing industry have met in Washington DC to plot tactics to push the Trump administration away from a protectionist policy they regard as potentially damaging for brands, retailers and consumers.... read more

Bangladesh Transition Accord sees operation extended

13 June 2018 | Keith Nuthall

The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh has been given an extension to its mandate by the Bangladesh government – from 1 June – after a court order preventing this was lifted.... read more

EU to continue consultation on imposing US duties

26 March 2018 | Keith Nuthall

The European Union (EU) looks set to continue ongoing procedures to impose retaliatory safeguard duties on American clothing exports over the US’s imposition of protective duties on steel and aluminium imports even though Washington has now suspended the EU from these tariffs until 1 May.... read more

US clothing and footwear on EU tariff retaliatory list

20 March 2018 | Keith Nuthall

The European Union (EU) has warned it is prepared to impose temporary safeguard duties on imports of US-made apparel and textiles, as part of its response to American duties on aluminium and steel imports.... read more

OECD supply chain guidance moves towards implementation

16 February 2018 | Keith Nuthall

Clothing and textile companies are grappling with new good practice guidance in supply chain management in the garment and footwear sector, which was released by the Organisation for Economic Development & Cooperation (OECD) in May last year.... read more

Chinese clothing exporters exploiting EU tax loopholes

2 January 2018 | Keith Nuthall

The European Union (EU) financial watchdog has highlighted concerns about how Chinese clothing and footwear exporters may be exploiting loopholes in EU customs and VAT controls to evade paying proper amounts of these taxes.... read more

Businesses warned over post-Brexit chemicals impact

19 October 2017 | Keith Nuthall

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has warned of the major impact on British and European Union (EU) textile and clothing companies, especially those with integrated upstream fabric and finishing units, should the UK push ahead with quitting the European Union (EU) as planned in 2019.... read more

Brexit sparks uncertainty over pending EU trade deals

27 June 2016 | Keith Nuthall

Brexit creates deep uncertainty over the fate of EU trade deals that are pending ratification, such as the deal with Canada, and those under discussion, such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP, with the US.... read more

Japan helps Angola restore textile and apparel sector

16 June 2016 | Keith Nuthall

Japanese international trading house Marubeni Corp has teamed up with US based clothing and textile management consultants Werner International in rehabilitating a textiles factory in Angola to produce denim and knitwear products. The move is part of a long-term plan by the Angolan government to restore its clothing and textile sector, which was severely damaged by the country's civil war, which lasted from 1975 to 2002. ... read more

What the EU-Vietnam trade deal means for duties

10 February 2016 | Keith Nuthall

Recently released details of the European Union's trade agreement with Vietnam show how the deal could boost garment sourcing by EU brands in this key emerging south-east Asian player.... read more

Pakistan seeks more FDI for textile and clothing sector

7 April 2015 | Keith Nuthall

The Pakistan government has told the World Trade Organization (WTO) that it will proactively seek foreign direct investment (FDI) for its clothing and textile sector as it seeks to leverage its GSP+ preferential trade access to the European Union (EU).... read more

US apparel firms failing to exploit free trade deals

3 April 2014 | Keith Nuthall

Are free trade agreements that allow the clothing and textile industries to import products free of duties, or at sharply reduced rates, really worth the effort involved in their negotiation? Maybe not always, or at least not in the US, say some experts.... read more

EU: Refuses anti-dumping duties on Chinese shoemakers

26 March 2014 | Keith Nuthall

The European Union (EU) Council of Ministers has refused to reimpose EU anti-dumping duties at 16.5% on five China and Hong Kong-based shoemakers, rejecting a European Commission proposal.... read more

UKRAINE: Clothing industry could benefit from EU duty plans

24 March 2014 | Keith Nuthall

Ukraine clothing manufacturers exporting to the European Union (EU) could benefit from the planned scrapping of import duties charged on products traded between them.... read more

CAMBODIA: Clothing exports should continue to grow in 2014

19 February 2014 | Keith Nuthall

The secretary general of the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) has predicted that the country's clothing industry will continue to grow exports to key target markets, despite the industrial unrest currently threatening production.... read more

WORLD: WTO agrees to new talks on reducing cotton subsidies

9 December 2013 | Keith Nuthall

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has struck an agreement that will put pressure on rich-world cotton producers to reduce subsidies that undercut their emerging market rivals.... read more

International cotton group mulls fibre promotion

8 October 2013 | Keith Nuthall

Senior figures within the global cotton industry are considering promoting sales of their fibre proactively for the first time, as price shifts are allowing synthetics to seize more market share.... read more

EU: Proposes reforms to product traceability rules

14 February 2013 | Keith Nuthall

Manufacturers, retailers and importers selling apparel, footwear and accessories within the European Union (EU) will have to ensure product labels include a country of origin, or say they were made in the EU, under new consumer legislation proposed yesterday (13 February).... read more

MEXICO: Delays WTO panel on Chinese textile subsidies

11 December 2012 | Keith Nuthall

Mexico has delayed a move to challenge at the World Trade Organization (WTO) what it claims are illegal Chinese subsidies for textile and clothing producers.... read more

MEXICO: WTO talks fail to resolve dispute with China

27 November 2012 | Keith Nuthall

Talks between Mexico and China at the World Trade Organization (WTO) have failed to resolve a dispute over Mexico's claims that China is illegally subsidising its textile and apparel producers, the Mexican government has told just-style.... read more

MEXICO: Challenges China's textile and clothing policy at WTO

16 October 2012 | Keith Nuthall

The Mexican government has launched an audacious attack at the World Trade Organization (WTO) on Chinese industrial policy regarding the textile and clothing sector - claiming almost all Beijing's support for the industry is illegal.... read more

just-style management briefing: Global labelling legislation a challenge

3 September 2012 | Keith Nuthall

The management challenge of introducing increasingly sophisticated labels is compounded by the continuing diversity of labelling laws worldwide.... read more

US: Consumers follow more retailers on Pinterest

4 June 2012 | Keith Nuthall

US consumers are more likely to engage with retailers on Pinterest than Facebook or Twitter, according to research released by the National Retail Federation. ... read more

EU: Shelves plans for organic clothing standard

25 May 2012 | Keith Nuthall

A review by the European Commission has decided not to expand the official European Union (EU) certification of organic products to textiles and clothing.... read more

JORDAN: World Bank questions textile sector growth

25 May 2012 | Keith Nuthall

A report from the World Bank has questioned whether Jordan should continue to back the growth of its textile and clothing industry with significant public money and policy backing.... read more

SRI LANKA/CAMBODIA: Textile workers hurt by lifting of quotas

15 May 2012 | Keith Nuthall

A World Bank assessment has concluded the abolition of the World Trade Organization's (WTO) multi-fibre agreement (MFA) on textile trade quotas failed to deliver wealth to Cambodian and Sri Lankan textile and clothing workers.... read more

EU: Accuses Brazil of restricting European textile exports

1 March 2012 | Keith Nuthall

Brazil has been targeted for criticism over its increasing use of red tape to restrict imports of European textiles and clothing.... read more

just-style management briefing: Sourcing winners and losers in 2011

19 December 2011 | Keith Nuthall

Garment-making countries had a number of hurdles to overcome in 2011, ranging from the Arab Spring revolts to natural disasters like floods striving to disrupt supply chains. But while some buckled under the weight of this pressure, others really came into their own.... read more

just-style management briefing: Manufacturing winners and losers in 2011

19 December 2011 | Keith Nuthall

Established skills and tradition were not enough to save some apparel makers from layoffs and factory closures in 2011. But acquisitions, an environmental focus and international expansion helped others to build on a solid recovery from the recession.... read more

just-style management briefing: Retail winners and losers in 2011

19 December 2011 | Keith Nuthall

While some retailers continued to be vulnerable to cost-cutting, swingeing redundancies and store closures in 2011, others acted swiftly to respond to the changing economic circumstances, offering real value to their customers and embarking on ambitious international expansion.... read more

BANGLADESH: Textile clean-up programme a success

18 October 2011 | Keith Nuthall

The World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC) has hailed as a success an initiative to use global expertise to clean up Bangladesh's notoriously dirty wet textile processing units.... read more

EUROPE: EC mulls new restrictions on endocrine disruptors

12 October 2011 | Keith Nuthall

The European Commission is undertaking a major study on the environmental health dangers posed by endocrine disruptor chemicals – often used in textiles – promising to report back to the European Union (EU) Council of Ministers by 31 December.... read more

BELGIUM: EC OKs Brasken polypropylene purchase from Dow

3 October 2011 | Keith Nuthall

The European Commission has removed an obstacle preventing Brazil-based Braskem from becoming the largest polypropylene producer in the US - approving its purchase of Dow Chemical's polypropylene business.... read more

EU: Lifts red tape on clothing and textile imports

25 July 2011 | Keith Nuthall

Clothing and textile exporters in countries with trade agreements with the European Union (EU) are to be exempted from providing burdensome origin documentation.... read more