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Leonie Barrie

South Africa's TFG deploys RFID to drive stock accuracy

12 September 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Half-way through an ambitious 24-month RFID (radio-frequency identification) roll-out, South African based retail group TFG is reporting cost savings and significant cuts in stock counting time.... read more

New FDI rules in India retail relax sourcing requirements

6 September 2019 | Leonie Barrie

India's Ministry of Commerce has recently announced a slew of relaxations on its foreign direct investment (FDI) rules for single-brand retailers, including an easing of the local sourcing requirements.... read more

Lycra FitSense launches for targeted lightweight support

6 September 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Following a trial launch in Europe and the US, fibre firm The Lycra Company is to roll out its new Lycra FitSense technology globally, offering a new way to deliver targeted lightweight support to stretch fabrics.... read more

Will the new Fashion Pact shift the needle on sustainability?

5 September 2019 | Leonie Barrie

The vast number of sustainability-focused initiatives already running across the global apparel and textile sectors has a new addition: the Fashion Pact. But does it go far enough to really make a difference in reducing the industry’s environmental impact – or just add more complexity and confusion to the issue?... read more

US goes ahead with new tariffs on China clothing and footwear

2 September 2019 | Leonie Barrie

The US and China have both gone ahead with threats to impose new levies on another tranche of imports – with the US move meaning around US$31bn in textile, apparel and home textile products from China are now subject to an additional tariff of 15%.... read more

Tegra expands facilities for faster response at scale

2 September 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Tegra, an integrated apparel manufacturing and supply chain provider working with companies like Nike to build a responsive vertical supply chain in the western hemisphere, has expanded its domestic and international facilities.... read more

Better Buying feedback loops to turn ratings into action

30 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

The Better Buying initiative is piloting a new process to help convert supplier ratings on brand and retailer purchasing practices into concrete actions and more sustainable business partnerships with measurable impacts.... read more

Cone Denim and Crystal collaborate on eco-friendly denim

30 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Two leading denim specialists – US based Cone Denim and Hong Kong based manufacturing giant Crystal International – have teamed up on a new range of sustainable denim fabrics.... read more

Why tackling water risk must go beyond the factory fence

30 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Global fashion firms have been stepping up their efforts to tackle water use and management in the countries where their clothes are made. But with population growth and climate change set to make water an even scarcer resource, transforming the industry's approach to water is key to safeguarding its future.... read more

CPD-infused textiles crop up in clothing

28 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

CPD-infused products such as skin creams, tinctures, edibles and beverages offering anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits are all the rage right now – so it was only a matter of time before they cropped up in clothing.... read more

Trump hikes tariffs due to hit China clothing and footwear – Update

27 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

There have been more twists and turns in the tit-for-tat trade war between the US and China, with the office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) confirming it has received instructions from President Trump to hike tariffs on about US$550bn worth of Chinese imports – including all clothing and footwear – by a further 5%.... read more

US textile executives push for passage of USMCA

21 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

US textile executives have today (21 August) pushed for passage of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) during a roundtable meeting with Congressman Tom Rice.... read more

Why vegan fashion materials require careful scrutiny

21 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

With fashion retailers from Topshop to New Look and Asos launching new vegan clothing and footwear lines, firms are also being advised to be aware of the difficulties in entering this complex market.... read more

Renegotiate prices now to cut China tariff impact

19 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Importers are being advised that they have just weeks to renegotiate prices with their vendors if they want to minimise the impact of new tariffs on imports from China.... read more

New EU guidance on the use of cords and drawstrings

14 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

The European Commission (EC) has published new guidance on the use of cords and drawstrings in children’s clothing, answering a number of questions to help retailers display and style garments correctly. ... read more

Germany gears up for ‘Green button’ textile mark

13 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

The German government is gearing up for the launch of its ‘Grüner Knopf’ (Green Button) textile seal in September, a certification mark that indicates products comply with a number of social and environmental requirements.... read more

China currency move adds to US trade war fears

13 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Last week’s decision by the US to formally label China a currency manipulator is likely to lead to a hardening in the trade dispute between the two countries, and slower expansion in both economies, experts have warned.... read more

US apparel imports from China get cheaper while Asia rises

12 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Threats of looming tariffs on apparel imports from China have seen sourcing costs spike for US fashion brands looking to alternative destinations such as Vietnam, Bangladesh and India. But unit prices on products from China have fallen in the first half of this year.... read more

Rana Plaza worker lawsuit against Loblaws dismissed

9 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

A $2bn class action lawsuit filed by victims of the collapsed Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh against Canadian retailer Loblaws has been dismissed by the Supreme Court of Canada.... read more

Workers protest at new India labour law reforms

9 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Workers across India have been taking part in demonstrations against labour law reforms introduced by the Modi government that they say put ease of doing business ahead of worker welfare.... read more

PurFi circular fibre process poised for global expansion

7 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

A US company that produces high-end yarns and filaments from textile waste streams is set for global expansion after agreeing a new joint venture with a textile manufacturing and finishing firm in Belgium.... read more

HanesBrands' EcoSmart line helps cut climate impact

7 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Apparel giant HanesBrands is introducing new EcoSmart items to its line-up as it explores demand for more environmentally-friendly products and production methods.... read more

Odour-fighting fabric releases fragrance on contact with sweat

6 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Researchers in Portugal have modified cotton fabric to emit a lemony citronella aroma on contact with sweat – opening up potential for new body-odour-fighting garments to deal with hot summer weather, stressful situations and intense workouts.... read more

C2C Certified V4 draft standard now open for comment

5 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII) is seeking comment on a draft of its new Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard (Version 4).... read more

Some brands are mitigating the potential impact of new China tariffs. Here's how

5 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

US apparel brands and retailers may be caught between higher costs and rising prices when it comes to navigating an extra 10% tariff on clothing and footwear imported from China from the beginning of next month – but analysts suggest some are managing to mitigate the potential impacts.... read more

US fashion industry reeling as new China tariffs loom

2 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

US apparel stocks have taken a battering, while "truly shocking" and "a disaster" are among the first responses to President Trump’s tweet that an extra 10% tariff will be imposed on $300bn worth of US imports from China – including all textiles, apparel and footwear – beginning 1 September.... read more

Cotton prices slump amid trade uncertainty

2 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Uncertainties surrounding the trade war between the US and China have pushed cotton prices down from a season-high last August to a low in July, new figures show.... read more

Vilebrequin streamlines process with new digital tools

2 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Luxury swimwear brand Vilebrequin is turning to new digital solutions to speed product development and offer more opportunities for customisation.... read more

Trump ramps up trade war with new China tariffs

1 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

US President Donald Trump has ramped up his trade war with China by announcing that a punitive 10% tariff will be imposed on $300bn worth of US imports from China – including all textiles, apparel and footwear – beginning 1 September.... read more

Poor purchasing hurts refugee garment workers in Turkey

1 August 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Despite efforts by a small but growing group of European fashion brands and retailers to tackle exploitation of Syrian refugees in Turkish garment supply chains, the majority are still failing to take steps to prevent abuse, particularly beyond their first-tier suppliers, new research suggests.... read more

Seamless apparel maker IKAR elevates products with AR

31 July 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Apparel design and manufacturer IKAR is working to transform traditional 2D fashion visualisation images and paper catalogues into engaging and immersive 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) customer experiences for its intimates and activewear lines.... read more

China’s textile leadership continues in new machinery trends

31 July 2019 | Leonie Barrie

For all the talk of China’s weakening role as a global apparel supplier, one thing’s for sure: it looks set to continue its dominance of the international textile industry. Indeed, new data shows the country remained the world's largest investor in spinning, texturing, weaving and knitting machinery last year.... read more

New SML tags target sustainability for RFID in retail

31 July 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Hong Kong based branding and item-level RFID solutions provider SML is adding new design capabilities and easily-recyclable materials to its line-up of tagging products.... read more

Cambodia strikes hurt investment as EBA loss looms

30 July 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Cambodia’s garment and footwear manufacturers have been warned that a recent increase in "illegal" strikes is hurting the sector and could lead to a loss of confidence from buyers, at a time when the country risks losing the European Union (EU) ‘Everything But Arms’ (EBA) trade benefits.... read more

US cotton farmers to benefit from $16bn aid package

26 July 2019 | Leonie Barrie

The Trump Administration has set out details of a $16bn aid package to support American agricultural producers – including farmers of extra-long staple cotton – hurt by trade tensions with China.... read more