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Poorna Rodrigo

Sri Lanka clothing recovery hit by second Covid-19 wave

13 November 2020 | Poorna Rodrigo

Sri Lanka’s plans to kickstart the post Covid-19 recovery of its critically important clothing sector have been sidelined by a deadly second wave of infections. ... read more

Covid and EU duty-free loss a double blow for Cambodia

6 October 2020 | Poorna Rodrigo

The Covid-19 pandemic could not have come at a worse time for Cambodia’s garment sector, since it coincides with the partial withdrawal of the country’s duty-free access to the European Union (EU) market. ... read more

Antiviral fabric developments accelerate amid safety concerns

30 July 2020 | Poorna Rodrigo

Research is ramping up around the world to develop new technologies that tap into growing demand for antimicrobial, virus and bacteria killing fibres and fabrics generated by the Covid-19 pandemic.... read more

Covid-19 has taken its toll on Sri Lanka clothing sector

18 June 2020 | Poorna Rodrigo

Covid-19 has taken its toll on Sri Lanka's textile and clothing sector, with exports forecast to plummet 30% in fiscal 2021.... read more

Wages on the rise in key apparel sourcing hubs

14 February 2020 | Poorna Rodrigo

National minimum wages have been rising in apparel sourcing hubs around the world as governments seek to balance export competitiveness with industrial peace to avoid production disruption and the ability to retain experienced staff.... read more

Mexican apparel industry hopeful of USMCA ratification

6 December 2019 | Poorna Rodrigo

Mexican clothing industry experts hope the current standoff over the ratification of the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will soon be resolved – and that it will cement Mexico's position as a major apparel exporter to the US and Canada. ... read more

Sri Lanka apparel group boss calls for skills accreditation

27 November 2019 | Poorna Rodrigo

Sri Lanka needs to better accredit its clothing sector workers' skills through government-certified institutions to help manufacturers increase exports, the head of the country’s clothing industry body says.... read more

Trade tensions weigh on Australian wool prices

26 July 2019 | Poorna Rodrigo

Uncertainties surrounding the trade war between the US and China are weighing on Australian wool prices though a reduction in demand from key Chinese buyers.... read more

New Cambodia seniority payments cause controversy

15 July 2019 | Poorna Rodrigo

Garment industry associations in Cambodia are accusing factory owners of dismissing experienced workers without paying due compensation, claiming this is a breach of recently introduced legally mandated seniority payments.... read more

Sri Lanka sets sights on ambitious apparel export growth

22 March 2019 | Poorna Rodrigo

Sri Lanka is eyeing annual clothing exports of US$8bn by 2025 after passing the US$5bn milestone in 2018 – a move seen as especially significant for the country because it has been achieved while maintaining an "ethical and reliable brand."... read more

Malaysian clothing sector benefits from rising FDI

9 November 2018 | Poorna Rodrigo

Foreign direct investments (FDI) into Malaysia's garment and textile sector are set to rise further this year on the back of a strong performance in 2017, an official from the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) has told just-style.... read more

Malaysia garment makers worried by minimum wage hike

14 August 2018 | Poorna Rodrigo

Malaysia's garment and textile manufacturers are worried their government's new minimum wage of MYR1,500 (US$368) for the private sector – which was approved this week – could make the industry less competitive.... read more

New Cambodia minimum wage law edges closer

18 June 2018 | Poorna Rodrigo

Cambodia’s newly adopted national draft minimum wage law will not harm the country’s garment and textile sector because it "formalises what the industry has been doing for the past four years," just-style has been told.... read more

France cracks down on garment and textile waste

9 May 2018 | Poorna Rodrigo

With textile industry support, the French Government is planning to crack down on garment and textile waste by ensuring that "unsold products are neither thrown away nor destroyed starting from next year," the French Embassy in London has told just-style.... read more

Cambodia clothing factory fainting figures disputed

15 February 2018 | Poorna Rodrigo

Cambodia's clothing industry has welcomed a reported drop in the number of workers who fainted while at work in garment factories last year – although the decline is disputed by unions.... read more

Where next for minimum wages in Cambodia and Vietnam?

27 September 2017 | Poorna Rodrigo

Cambodia's tripartite talks that will set a new minimum wage limit for 2018 for the country's garment and textile sector opened this week, as Vietnam pay discussions are also moving ahead.... read more

Cambodia clothing sector faces up to skills gap

17 May 2017 | Poorna Rodrigo

Cambodia's apparel industry – of critical importance to its national economy – is struggling to retain experienced workers, which means the sector is facing a chronic skills shortage.... read more

Why traditional financing is a misfit for fast fashion

30 November 2016 | Poorna Rodrigo

Slow and cumbersome traditional financing does not fit the needs of dynamic, small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in today's fast fashion-driven garment industry.... read more

EU and Indonesia start talks on free trade agreement

11 August 2016 | Poorna Rodrigo

The European Commission has told just-style it is planning to launch a sustainability impact assessment on a proposed European Union (EU)-Indonesia free trade deal that is expected to boost apparel and textile trade on both sides.... read more

Cambodia unions target US$177 monthly wage as talks loom

4 August 2016 | Poorna Rodrigo

Cambodia unions target US$177 monthly minimum wage as annual talks loom... read more

Reducing risk – The hidden costs of emerging sourcing locations

3 June 2016 | Poorna Rodrigo

Uncertainty might sound like a rather nebulous concern for international clothing brands considering their sourcing, but it can be a very tough problem that undermines operational efficiency up and downstream.... read more

Cambodia garment exports reached $5.7bn in 2015

12 February 2016 | Poorna Rodrigo

Cambodia's garment and footwear exports earned around US$6.3bn in 2015, recording a growth rate of nearly 6.7% when compared with the year before, according to just-released figures from the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce.... read more

Myanmar makers eye trade boost after election win

13 November 2015 | Poorna Rodrigo

With Myanmar’s opposition party the National League for Democracy (NLD) today (13 November) poised to win a majority in the country’s parliament after the election on Sunday (8 November), clothing industry executives will be hoping for a swift normalisation of trade relations, especially with the US.... read more

Bangladesh garment villages seen elevating exports to $50bn

21 August 2015 | Poorna Rodrigo

Bangladesh intends to establish special economic zones called ‘garment villages’ as a key part of its plans to ramp up garment manufacturing to reach a target of US$50bn in exports by 2021, the country's commerce minister Tofail Ahmed has told just-style.... read more

Ethiopia’s Almeda Textile plans five-fold production hike

21 July 2015 | Poorna Rodrigo

Ethiopia’s Almeda Textile, which supplies apparel to Sweden’s fast-fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), is planning to ramp up production to five times its current capacity in the next five to six years at its Adwa factory, the company told just-style.... read more

Bahrain fears TPL expiry may hit US apparel exports

5 June 2015 | Poorna Rodrigo

The president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bahrain has told just-style he is working closely with the US Congress to secure a Tariff Preference Level (TPL) extension for the Gulf island kingdom this year.... read more

Bangladesh garment makers seek tax break before budget

11 May 2015 | Poorna Rodrigo

Bangladesh garment manufacturers are pushing for a tax break – urging the government to collect a levy from just 10% of their export profits, instead of their overall profits as is currently the case.... read more

Sourcing in Africa: An alternative to Asia?

5 May 2015 | Poorna Rodrigo

Africa has potential to rival Asia as an apparel sourcing hub, but should learn from Asia’s successes and failures, according to industry experts.... read more

Cambodia employers and unions unhappy at wage rise

14 November 2014 | Poorna Rodrigo

Trade unions and employers in Cambodia's garment sector are denouncing the government's new US$128 minimum monthly wage for the clothing textile and footwear industry.... read more

Cambodia to discuss garment sector wages next week

7 November 2014 | Poorna Rodrigo

A Cambodia government-appointed Labour Advisory Committee (LAC) may decide on a new minimum monthly wage for garment sector workers when it meets next week, just-style has been told.... read more

Clothing concerns raised over EU-Canada trade pact

2 October 2014 | Poorna Rodrigo

Euratex, the Brussels-based European Apparel and Textile Confederation, has hailed the completion of negotiations for a European Union - Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) - but says it regrets that origin rules have been weakened for 15 clothing products under the deal.... read more

Armenia textile and garment industry gets $1m boost

1 October 2014 | Poorna Rodrigo

Armenia is trying to increase its share of the garment and textile market locally and internationally, with the Russian government trying to help with a US$1m grant.... read more

US: Apparel ranks as third-largest re-shored sector

19 September 2014 | Poorna Rodrigo

Apparel manufacturing is the third-largest reshored sector of all industries in the US, after electronics and computers, just-style has been told.... read more

US: 'Cotton of the Carolinas' strengthens reshoring efforts

1 September 2014 | Poorna Rodrigo

Cotton of the Carolinas (CotC) - a collaboration of US farmers and manufacturers dedicated to growing, making and selling custom printed T-shirts in North Carolina and South Carolina - is benefiting from demand for locally produced product, its co-founder has told just-style.... read more

CAMBODIA: Mass garment factory faintings soar in first-half

26 August 2014 | Poorna Rodrigo

Mass worker faintings in Cambodia's garment factories have soared despite preventive measures, with 896 workers fainting at work in the first half of this year alone - including three deaths - officials have revealed.... read more