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Simon Warburton

Jeans from Nimes

24 August 2010 | Simon Warburton

Extraordinarily, it seems Europeans may have been walking around in denim during the seventeenth century.... read more

Pure maths

4 August 2010 | Simon Warburton

From the esteemed halls of car maker Nissan comes a new range of clothing to, well, "celebrate the power, heritage and style" of its sports car collection. ... read more

Uniforms in the sky

30 July 2010 | Simon Warburton

Sitting on an aircraft the other day on my way back from Scotland got me thinking about airline uniforms as you do.... read more

Slick solution to oil spill

13 May 2010 | Simon Warburton

As the massed ranks of the US Air Force, a flotilla of ships and a rather embattled BP attempt to plug the hole in the Gulf of Mexico oil well that has so far spewed forth 15m litres of the black stuff, word reaches just-style of an extraordinary contribution from the fashion business.... read more

UK: Further 27 Faith stores to close today

13 May 2010 | Simon Warburton

Administrators acting for Faith Shoe Group said a further 27 stores will close by the end of today (13 May) after a previous two bids for the chain were rejected.... read more

UK: M&S apologises for crop top confusion

13 May 2010 | Simon Warburton

Marks & Spencer said it has no plans to withdraw its Santoni crop top range despite criticism it was aimed at encouraging young girls to think it was a bra.... read more

COMMENT: Skinny Rootstein model unleashes storm

7 May 2010 | Simon Warburton

News that mannequin manufacturer Rootstein is to unveil an ultra-slim model aimed at teenage boys has provoked a media storm in the UK.... read more

UK: Second senior Asda executive quits

7 May 2010 | Simon Warburton

UK supermarket chain Asda has announced the sudden departure of another senior executive within weeks of its CEO resigning.... read more

UK: Original Factory reveals huge expansion plan

6 May 2010 | Simon Warburton

Up to 600 jobs are due to be created by Original Factory Shop as it plans to open a raft of new stores this year with hundreds more slated to start by 2020.... read more

Retailers to feast on TV World Cup?

16 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

As a reported 500,000 tickets remain unsold for the upcoming football beano in South Africa, the potential dearth of spectators doesn't appear to have deterred fashion retailers from jumping on the quadrennial bandwagon.... read more

COMMENT: Time to let children be children

16 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

Primark must be breathing slightly easier today (16 March) following a torrid week in which it has been battered by a large section of the UK media.... read more

BELARUS: Sports Ministry in talks with Adidas

16 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

Belarus officials say they are in discussions with German giant Adidas to start potential operations in the country as well as supply its Olympic team with uniforms.... read more

UK: JD Sports chairman hails product range

15 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

JD Sports' executive chairman attributed the company's impressive rise in profits to growing market share allied with a targeted product range, in an interview with just-style. ... read more

INDONESIA: Chinese firms eye major plant investments

15 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

Up to nine Chinese garment manufacturers are mulling whether to relocate to Indonesia with the possibility of creating up to 200,000 jobs.... read more

Turning up the pressure Aussie style

14 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

Not content with being assailed on all sides by the need to moisturise, trim, work out and wax, there now comes from Australia - of all places - news of yet another way to knock men into shape.... read more

UK: Primark dumps girl's bikini top after concerns

14 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

Value clothing chain Primark has withdrawn a controversial girl's bikini top with immediate effect following criticism concerning its appropriateness.... read more

INDIA: Tata signs MOU for Bangladesh shoe production

14 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

Tata International has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Nitol-Niloy to produce up to 5,000 pairs of shoes per day in a new Bangladesh factory.... read more

Move over Che, Kim Jong chic is here

9 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

North Korea's Dear Leader seems to be catching the eye of even the sternest fashion critics. Can it catch on?... read more

UK: New Saltrock backers ensure staff are paid

9 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

New investors in UK surf and leisurewear brand Saltrock have made an ex-gratia cash injection to staff in order to secure wage payments following the company's exit from administration.... read more

UK: Bangladesh webcams to reassure customers, says Asda

9 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

Asda says its decision to install webcams in two Bangladesh factories is to reassure customers about working conditions at its overseas suppliers.... read more

Not out of the woods just yet

8 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

Not content with being keelhauled by the media in the past few months, Tiger Woods has appeared in a remarkable Nike ad.... read more

UPDATE: Tommy Hilfiger eyeing growth in China

1 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

Tommy Hilfiger is keeping tight-lipped concerning details of its future role in China following the announcement yesterday (31 March) it is to assume direct control in the country.... read more

UK: Blacks turns to fundraising as Sports Direct bid ends

1 April 2010 | Simon Warburton

Blacks Leisure Group says it will now pursue existing fundraising efforts for its ongoing turnaround plan following the collapse of a bid by its Sports Direct rival.... read more

India: Alok Industries to double polyester production

31 March 2010 | Simon Warburton

Indian textiles firm Alok Industries has raised INR4.25bn (US$94.5m) to fund an ambitious expansion programme.... read more

INDIA: Maxwell launches Eminence underwear range

31 March 2010 | Simon Warburton

Indian textile major Maxwell Industries has launched the French underwear brand Eminence in India.... read more

Gown fit for town?

26 March 2010 | Simon Warburton

Word reaches us that the UK department of health, in collaboration with the Design Council, has come up with a natty new hospital gown.... read more

INDIA: Exporters say yarn costs too high

25 March 2010 | Simon Warburton

Industry group the Tirupur Exporters Association (TEA) has condemned what it says are steep yarn price hikes from textile producers.... read more

ITALY: Hogan announces Lagerfeld tie-up

22 March 2010 | Simon Warburton

Tod's clothing and shoe division Hogan has teamed up with Karl Lagerfeld for a spring collection next year.... read more

UK: Police make massive fake fashion goods seizure

22 March 2010 | Simon Warburton

UK and US authorities have unveiled what is believed to be one of the biggest seizures of counterfeit apparel in British history.... read more

UK: New Look mulls IPO for third time

22 March 2010 | Simon Warburton

A board meeting scheduled for tomorrow (23 March) of the New Look board in London could see a potential initial public offering plan back on the table.... read more

US: Walmart hit by India low wage claims

12 March 2010 | Simon Warburton

US retail giant Wal-Mart has been hit by allegations it is among several retailers not paying its workers in India the required minimum wage.... read more

Cottoning on to manufacturing

12 March 2010 | Simon Warburton

If it's Thursday it must be London again, so it was down to the Smoke for Lawson's press briefing to launch its latest software gizmo.... read more

UK: Lawson urges companies to heed recession lessons

12 March 2010 | Simon Warburton

Enterprise management systems provider Lawson is cautioning that unless the fashion industry accepts recession-fuelled change is permanent, companies will continue to struggle in any post-downturn recovery.... read more

US: Nike names Krane as new VP and general counsel

4 March 2010 | Simon Warburton

Nike has announced former Levi Strauss executive Hilary Krane as its new vice president and general counsel.... read more

Green gets shirty

4 March 2010 | Simon Warburton

Having already startled the 200 or so delegates at the Retail World Conference in London this week by maintaining his F&F range would become the world's top fashion brand, Tesco CEO UK Clothing Terry Green had another trick up his sleeve.... read more