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UPM Raflatac

CHINA: UPM Raflatac opens new label unit in Guangdong

27 November 2008 | just-style.com

Label specialist UPM Raflatac has opened a new RFID manufacturing site in Guangzhou, southern China.... read more

FINLAND: NP Collection in RFID supply chain pilot

23 November 2007 | just-style.com

NP Collection has become the first fashion firm in Scandinavia to pilot an RFID-based total supply chain solution.... read more

MEXICO: UPM Raflatac and Digilogics team up on RFID

29 June 2009 | just-style.com

UPM Raflatac is teaming up with Digilogics SA de CV to develop RFID label solutions for retailers operating in Mexico.... read more

UPM Raflatac develops residue-free labelling solution

17 January 2017 | Beth Wright

Technology supplier UPM Raflatac has unveiled what it calls a safe and residue-free labelling solution, designed to keep apparel labels securely in place yet prevent fabric discolouring or marking after removal.... read more

MEXICO: Carnaval implements item-level RFID tags

7 October 2009 | just-style.com

Children’s fashion and textiles designer Carnaval de México has begun one of the country’s first item-level RFID tagging projects for apparel, and plans to use to technology to track and trace more than one million garments a year.... read more

RFID on the rise in fashion

22 January 2008 | just-style.com

Retailers such as M&S, Tesco, Wal-Mart and Metro are among the pioneers of RFID across their supply chains. But as well as enhancing inventory visibility and reducing shrinkage and out-of-stocks for fashion firms, RFID offers benefits for the consumer too, as Niki Tait finds out.... read more

November management briefing: Part I - RFID's growth poised to accelerate

22 November 2010 | just-style.com

Networked clothing that can show you where it is at all times, talking to mirrors and shelves on the shop floor, is no longer the stuff of science fiction, but a reality developing rapidly in stores around the globe. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging is taking apparel retailing to a whole new level, with an uptake that shows no signs of slowing.... read more