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AZM Anas

Bangladesh seeks EU help to curb garment order cancellations

18 May 2020 | AZM Anas

The Bangladesh government has taken the unusual step of asking the European Parliament to use its influence to try to persuade European clothing brands to be more sensitive about the impact of cancelling orders with Bangladesh-based suppliers during the Covid-19 crisis.... read more

Bangladesh factories told to operate despite lockdown

27 March 2020 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh has ordered thousands of clothing factories to continue production throughout a 10-day countrywide lockdown in force since Thursday (26 March) aimed at slowing the spread of new coronavirus that causes Covid-19.... read more

Bangladesh garment group's new boss has big agenda – Interview

30 August 2019 | AZM Anas

Months after taking the reins as president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), businesswoman Dr Rubana Huq tells just-style of her priorities for the next two years – from factory safety, to exploring new markets, increasing sustainability, and promoting innovation in the world’s second largest clothing exporter.... read more

New Bangladesh guidelines on garment subcontracting

19 July 2019 | AZM Anas

A new guideline aimed at stemming unauthorised subcontracting in Bangladesh’s textile and clothing sector will help control its "unplanned" expansion – but at a risk of increased costs and lost jobs, industry owners warn.... read more

Bangladesh gas price hike sparks fear among manufacturers

16 July 2019 | AZM Anas

A swingeing 32.8% hike in the average price of natural gas in Bangladesh from 1 July has stoked anger among clothing and textile manufacturers, producers and trade unions, raising concern it could damage the competitiveness of their US$34bn industry. ... read more

Bangladesh leather sector lags on health and safety

19 June 2019 | AZM Anas

With decent working conditions eluding Bangladesh's booming leather industry, an advocacy group has suggested forming a tripartite body involving the government, manufacturers and unions to help improve the sector's health and environmental safety standards.... read more

Green factories help Bangladesh get an edge over rivals

11 March 2019 | AZM Anas

The Rana Plaza tragedy pushed Bangladesh’s US$30bn clothing industry into making health and safety improvements to reassure brands they would not be tarnished by similar disasters – and now the industry is going a step further by seeking to establish a reputation for environmental excellence.... read more

Bangladesh RMG workers reject latest wage proposal

19 July 2018 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh's garment owners and trade unions are far apart in the fraught ongoing minimum wage negotiations, proposing pay floors that are widely divergent.... read more

DBL embraces digital focus to turbocharge its business – Interview

10 July 2018 | AZM Anas

The digital integration of Bangladesh’s booming textiles and garment sector is gaining pace, with ‘Industry 4.0’ becoming a watchword for increased competitiveness. One company taking such technological development very seriously is Dhaka-based DBL Group, which has targeted digital efficiencies to turbocharge its business growth – as managing director MA Jabbar explains.... read more

Bangladesh sets safety deadline for hundreds of garment units

2 July 2018 | AZM Anas

The Bangladesh government could shut down more than 750 apparel factories if the units fail to complete safety improvement work by December this year, according to the country’s junior labour and employment minister, Mujibul Haque.... read more

Bangladesh Alliance brand group’s mandate renewed

18 June 2018 | AZM Anas

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety has also received a renewed mandate to carry on its health and safety work.... read more

Bangladesh eases trade union formation rules

30 May 2018 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh has eased regulations for forming trade unions at garment factories in what appears to be a bid to appease the International Labour Organization (ILO).... read more

Accord’s stay in Bangladesh embroiled in legal tangle

29 May 2018 | AZM Anas

The right of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh to continue working in the country has been thrown into renewed uncertainty after the high court extended an injunction preventing the government from prolonging its operations.... read more

Bangladesh a role model for health and safety progress

25 April 2018 | AZM Anas

Five years after the Rana Plaza disaster, Bangladesh’s apparel industry has undergone expansive structural transformation and become a role model for health and safety progress, industry-insiders and trade unionists say.... read more

Suits offer a boost for Bangladesh apparel exporters

6 March 2018 | AZM Anas

Senior executives and analysts have told just-style how the higher margin suit segment is drawing in major manufacturers, who are now confronting the challenges of building technical know-how, recruiting skilled labour and attracting global buyers.... read more

Bangladesh unions again urge tripling of garment wages

26 February 2018 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh’s trade unions are again pushing for what they call "rational" minimum wages for workers in the country’s US$28bn garment industry – demanding a tripling in rates.... read more

Bangladesh unions want garment wages to triple

2 February 2018 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh labour rights groups are pressing for increased pay after the government set up a wage board last month to recommend fresh wages for the country’s 4m apparel workers.... read more

Bangladesh manufacturers making inroads into lingerie

16 January 2018 | AZM Anas

Lured by a shifting global market and better margins, Bangladesh's apparel producers are rushing into the lingerie space – predicting Chinese manufacturers will secure fewer export orders for these lines as their costs rise.... read more

DBL Group to plough $1.2bn into economic zone

9 November 2017 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh textiles and apparels major DBL Group is pressing ahead with a plan to build a dedicated industrial zone in Moulvibazar, within the north-east of the country, sinking as much as US$1.2bn into the project by 2021.... read more

Bangladesh apparel makers feel pain as gas shortage bites

8 November 2017 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh's apparel makers have been facing one of the country's worst bouts of gas shortages, which has disrupted production in 350 units in Dhaka and its vicinity, with no immediate let-up in sight.... read more

Doubts over BGMEA Bangladesh factory safety platform plans

7 September 2017 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh's apparel makers are pressing ahead with establishing a separate factory inspection and remediation body, which would operate after existing international health and safety initiatives expire in 2018.... read more

Bangladesh garment exporters feel pain of EU cargo ban

3 August 2017 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh’s apparel makers have heaved a sigh of relief after the government said it has received new explosives-detecting equipment for Dhaka airport, which the industry hopes will persuade the European Union (EU) to lift a ban on direct flight air cargo.... read more

Bangladesh apparel sector faces up to challenges

28 February 2017 | AZM Anas

With the global garment market still growing fast, Bangladesh needs to seize the so-called ‘China-plus’ opportunity while penetrating new markets and diversifying its products, a Dhaka conference has heard.... read more

Fair prices the way forward in Bangladesh

6 October 2016 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh's apparel makers have invested heavily in improving factory safety since the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster, but global buyers are still failing to pay fair prices and following non-transparent purchasing practices, a conference in Dhaka has heard.... read more

Bangladesh knitters claim worker database is on track

1 June 2016 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh's knitwear makers have told just-style they are on track to establish a workers' database by a government deadline of 15 June, despite delays.... read more

Indian cotton supply key to Bangladesh garment goals

15 March 2016 | AZM Anas

With Bangladesh aiming to double its apparel exports over the next five years, the importance of maintaining secure and quality cotton imports from its top supplier India has been underlined at an international conference staged in Dhaka.... read more

Bangladesh knitwear makers go organic as demand rises

2 November 2015 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh’s major knitwear manufacturers have scaled up their consumption of organic cotton fibre, meeting increasing demand from global buyers.... read more

Bangladesh execs say labour reform supports US GSP

6 October 2015 | AZM Anas

As the US government reviews its trade benefits regime this month, Bangladesh's garment industry and labour leaders have argued that the country deserves to regain GSP (Generalized System of Preferences) status.... read more

Bangladesh conglomerate plans nation’s first PSF plant

5 October 2015 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh’s diversified manufacturing conglomerate the Deshbandhu Group is to set up the country’s first major polyester staple fibre (PSF) plant, following robust demand for the key raw material.... read more

New Bangladesh labour rules draw union criticism

5 October 2015 | AZM Anas

The roll-out of new labour rules in Bangladesh has been welcomed by US and European Union (EU) diplomats, but reactions from union bosses and worker rights activists have been tepid.... read more

Sustainability: Bangladesh courts buyers with sustainable production

3 July 2015 | AZM Anas

Deadly accidents such as the Rana Plaza disaster may have earned the Bangladesh textile and clothing sector notoriety, but there is a new generation of firms trying to erase that spot on the industry’s reputation.... read more

Falling euro adds to Bangladesh production woes

3 March 2015 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh's textile and clothing exporters, still reeling from the impact of continuing political unrest in the country, now say they are facing a second shock wave: the freefall of the euro.... read more

BANGLADESH: Rising export sales clipped by safety issues

13 May 2014 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh clothing producers who follow good labour standards and comply with good social responsibility practice have seen orders increase in recent months, according to a local buying intermediary group.... read more

Factory safety: Bangladesh battles to meet requirements

2 May 2014 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh's clothing and textile industry is struggling to meet safety requirements as factory inspections by North American and European retail groups gather pace.... read more

BANGLADESH: Clothing exports to Japan to hit $1bn

16 April 2014 | AZM Anas

Bangladesh clothing exports to Japan are increasing and could hit US$1bn in value in the next 12 months, due to capacity and product quality increases, a senior government official has told just-style.... read more