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Parametric Technology Corporation

Michelle Russell

Are digital design solutions worth the money?

26 June 2018 | Michelle Russell

Apparel brands and retailers are constantly told how digital design technology and solutions like digital storyboarding and PLM can transform the product creation process. But what is the actual business value they bring to your team?... read more

How to speed up the product creation process

23 May 2018 | Michelle Russell

As brands and retailers come under increasing pressure to respond to consumer demand for new trends, slashing time in the development process offers the greatest potential for companies to remain competitive.... read more

How PLM is transforming the way you design, source and sell

12 February 2018 | Michelle Russell

The time between the emergence of a trend and its mass dissemination has shrunk considerably, from one year to three to five weeks, according to the Boston Consulting Group.... read more

NRF 2018 – Retail technology launches and developments

17 January 2018 | Michelle Russell

Retail's 'Big Show', the National Retail Federation's Annual Convention & Expo, which took place in New York this week, is an annual opportunity for retailers to tap into the latest technologies for improving everything from customer analysis to inventory management. Here we highlight some of the latest launches and developments.... read more

Embracing digital key to survival for industry

2 June 2017 | Michelle Russell

Manufacturers need to embrace digitalisation and completely change the way they sell and produce products if they are to survive, was the message from a recent US technology conference.... read more

Nexgen utilising ThingWorx for supply chain apps

18 January 2017 | Michelle Russell

Apparel identification and RFID business Nexgen Packaging is to use PTC's ThingWorx Internet of Things (IoT) platform to develop a range of design and delivery solutions for the retail, apparel and footwear industry.... read more

New 3D PLM platform enables faster decision making

5 August 2016 | Michelle Russell

Electronics For Imaging's Optitex software unit has integrated its software with PLM provider PTC, allowing apparel brands to leverage 3D technology to review and validate collections within a few weeks of design.... read more

PTC develops smart connected PLM update

29 April 2016 | Michelle Russell

Software firm PTC has launched the latest version of its product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that it says includes role-based apps and ThingWorx platform connectivity for greater speed and efficiency.... read more