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Amber Road

How technology can help supply chain tackle trade woes

21 February 2019 | Beth Wright

Tariffs and policy changes from the ongoing trade spat between the US and China have become the main enemy of the supply chain manager, who relies on consistency and certainty to plan and execute global trade, a new white paper says.... read more

Global supply chains still missing sourcing strategy links

3 April 2018 | Guest author

Like the scientists and academics debating the missing link in human evolution, global supply chains are still missing "links" when it comes to their sourcing strategies, even after years of practice. In today's supply chains this is the compelling connection between sourcing and logistics.... read more

New level of agility needed to tackle sourcing challenges

22 November 2017 | Michelle Russell

Traditional sourcing, trade and commerce networks that have been relatively stable for years are now in a state of flux – and companies need to re-engineer their processes and supporting systems if they are to achieve the new levels of agility required to respond to these new market forces.... read more