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Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions

SAC trials digital identities to share product transparency

12 April 2017 | Michelle Russell

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Avery Dennison have partnered with IoT smart products platform Evrything to explore how suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers can access and share sustainability information by interacting with digital identities on products.... read more

Utilising PLM to fuel growth and fulfil demand

2 August 2016 | Lee Adendorff

Faster time-to-market is perhaps one of the clearest advantages of product lifecycle management (PLM) software, as greater supply chain transparency enables more efficiencies to be made, from the designer’s pen to the store shelf. But connecting to other business processes through PLM, such as retail metrics, supplier inventory as well predictive analytics to forecast consumer choices, is opening up an array of new business possibilities.... read more

Apparel gets smarter with deal to digitise 10bn items

19 April 2016 | Leonie Barrie

In what is being billed as the world's largest Internet of Things (IoT) deal to "switch on" the apparel and footwear industry, plans are underway to create unique item-level digital identities for 10bn products at the point of manufacture – providing new opportunities for consumer engagement and supply chain visibility.... read more

US: More apparel firms taking up RFID

26 July 2010 | just-style.com

There has been an increase in item-level RFID adoption in the apparel industry as companies seek more accurate and efficient solutions from supply chain to point of purchase, an industry supplier has found. ... read more

US: Avery Dennison plastic staples for whiskering jeans

11 August 2008 | just-style.com

The fastener division of Avery Dennison Retail Information Services has developed a new Plastic Staple system for whiskering and pre-washing operations that give a faded or vintage appearance to jeans.... read more

US: Demo planned at apparel-RFID summit

8 August 2007 | just-style.com

Avery Dennison, Motorola and Vue Technology plan to run a live “Dock to Stock” demonstration at the RFID Journal-AAFA Apparel & Footwear Summit.... read more

US: Tag supplier Avery Dennison to acquire Paxar for $1.3bn

2 April 2007 | just-style.com

Labelling, tag and ticket supplier Avery Dennison is to buy its rival Paxar Corporation for $1.34bn, in a move designed to shore up its position in the expanding global retail information and brand identification market.... read more

US: New ComfortTag heat transfers add covert security options

20 June 2006 | just-style.com

A number of new ink-based, covert (non-visible) security technologies that help protect against counterfeiting and diversion have been added to Avery Dennison’s ComfortTag heat transfers.... read more

US: Avery Dennison launches new tagless bonder

11 April 2006 | just-style.com

A new tagless heat transfer bonder which applies production information to clothing and footwear has been launched by Avery Dennison Printer Systems.... read more

US: Avery Dennison offers cut-price RFID for AAFA members

9 January 2006 | just-style.com

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) has signed a deal with Avery Dennison Retail Information Services to provide sharply discounted rates for Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) labels to AAFA member companies.... read more

USA: Avery Dennison RIS adds heat transfer line

23 November 2005 | just-style.com

Avery Dennison Retail Information Services (RIS) is adding heat transfer technology from Mexican company Subli Impresos, Murr SA to its line-up.... read more

USA: Avery Dennison Launches RFID Print/Apply System

26 April 2005 | just-style.com

Avery Dennison Printer Systems has launched a new high-speed RFID print/apply labeling system that aims to prevent mis-shipments due to faulty RFID labels.... read more