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Better Cotton Initiative

Cotton innovation challenge seeks sustainable ideas

3 December 2019 | Michelle Russell

A new initiative has been launched to find innovative ideas and solutions to improve global sustainable cotton farming practices around the world.... read more

BCI releases revised cotton claims framework

20 November 2019 | Michelle Russell

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is releasing a newly-revised version of its Claims Framework, including changes that allow members to better communicate about their sustainability efforts, while ensuring the information is accurate and credible.... read more

BCI trained over two million cotton farmers last season

28 October 2019 | Beth Wright

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) says more than two million cotton farmers in 21 countries received training on more sustainable farming practices in the 2017-18 cotton season, with participants achieving a reduction in water and pesticide use while increasing yields and profits.... read more

Which merchants and mills source most Better Cotton?

20 September 2019 | Beth Wright

A new ranking released by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) has revealed the top 20 cotton merchants and top 50 mills based on their total Better Cotton sourcing volumes in 2018.... read more

Marks & Spencer's journey to sourcing more sustainable cotton

17 July 2019 | Beth Wright

British retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) has this season seen its entire clothing range made from 100% sustainable cotton – one of the first retailers to reach this milestone. Key to its achievement is the Better Cotton Initiative, the largest sustainable cotton programme in the world, according to Phil Townsend, technical lead, environmental sustainability and technical services at M&S. He also believes the transformation of the cotton sector should be a blueprint for other raw material initiatives.... read more

Better Cotton Initiative joins fight to tackle climate change

5 July 2019 | Beth Wright

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) has joined the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's (UNFCCC) Fashion for Global Climate Action initiative as a signatory to the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action.... read more

H&M and Gap Inc top Better Cotton sourcing leaderboard

18 June 2019 | Beth Wright

Swedish apparel giant Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), furniture giant Ikea, and US speciality apparel retailer Gap Inc have topped a new ranking by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) based on their total Better Cotton sourcing volumes in 2018. ... read more

Gap announces 100% sustainable cotton goal

7 June 2019 | Beth Wright

US specialty apparel retailer Gap Inc has announced it is working with supply chain partners to source all cotton for its brands from sustainable sources by 2025.... read more

Benetton eyeing 100% sustainable cotton by 2025

3 June 2019 | Hannah Abdulla

Italian fashion company Benetton Group says it is aiming for all its cotton products to be sustainable by 2025.... read more

H&M to phase out conventional cashmere

20 March 2019 | Beth Wright

Swedish apparel retailer H&M has announced plans to phase out conventional cashmere as part of its 2030 goal to only use sustainably sourced materials.... read more

Members source 1m tonnes of Better Cotton in 2018

8 March 2019 | Beth Wright

In 2018, the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) experienced a historic level of uptake as 93 retailer and brand members sourced more than 1m metric tonnes of the fibre, an achievement the organisation says sends a "clear signal" to the market.... read more

New pilot will safeguard Egyptian Cotton supply chain workers

15 February 2019 | Hannah Abdulla

Cotton Egypt Association has announced a collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation — The Egyptian Cotton Project — which it says will boost sustainability efforts and improve conditions for supply chain workers of the Egyptian Cotton brand.... read more

BCI to release updated Claims Framework

15 February 2019 | Beth Wright

As the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) enters its tenth year, CEO Alan McClay has outlined a series of actions the organisation will take in 2019, including the launch of an updated Better Cotton Claims Framework.... read more

UK retailers make progress on reducing environmental impact

18 December 2018 | Beth Wright

The UK-based Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) says that changes introduced by retailers and brands who have signed up to its Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP 2020) have helped improve footprint of the clothing they sell.... read more

Timberland continues to accelerate sustainability efforts

3 December 2018 | Beth Wright

Timberland has once again increased the use of organic, US-origin and Better Cotton in its products and continues to progress towards its 2020 sustainability goals.... read more

H&M, Adidas, Gap, Nike largest BCI cotton users

15 November 2018 | Michelle Russell

H&M, Adidas, Gap Inc and Nike have been named in the top five of Better Cotton Initiative's (BCI) top brands list for sourcing the sustainable raw material.... read more

Timberland makes progress on 2020 sustainability goals

11 September 2018 | Beth Wright

Outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland continues to progress towards its 2020 sustainability goals, particularly in its bid to incorporate more sustainable cotton into its apparel.... read more

More than 350 brands now committed to Better Cotton Initiative

1 August 2018 | Beth Wright

Takko Holding GmbH and Target Australia Pty Ltd are among the newest retailer and brand members who joined the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) in the second quarter of 2018. ... read more

Decathlon to significantly reduce its polyester impact

20 July 2018 | Leonie Barrie

Global sporting goods retailer Decathlon has pledged to significantly reduce its polyester impact, with all textile products sold in France due to be made from 100% more sustainable polyester by the end of 2021.... read more

Timberland uses more responsibly sourced cotton

26 June 2018 | Beth Wright

Timberland has increased the use of organic, US-origin and Better Cotton in its products in the first quarter of 2018, the US outdoor apparel and footwear giant has said, as it outlined its latest sustainability achievements. ... read more

Textile certification schemes slammed for false promises

4 May 2018 | Beth Wright

A campaign group's new report has called for the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to be scrapped, and suggests most certification schemes in the textile sector are guilty of making false promises on sustainability.... read more

Hugo Boss outlines new sustainability agenda

4 May 2018 | Beth Wright

German fashion brand Hugo Boss has outlined a series of new sustainability goals, including plans to up its use of sustainable cotton, reduce the use of chemicals in its products, and to make a significant contribution to five of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).... read more

Lindex notes supply chain transparency challenges

27 April 2018 | Beth Wright

Swedish fashion retailer Lindex says 55% of its garments were made from sustainable materials last year – but admits there is still work to be done in consolidating its supply chain and increasing transparency past the first tier. ... read more

Mango commits to sustainable cotton sourcing

19 April 2018 | Michelle Russell

Spanish fashion chain Mango has become the latest brand to join the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) as part of a new commitment to ensure 50% of the cotton it sources is of sustainable origin by 2022.... read more

Timberland makes "steady" progress on 2020 sustainability goals

13 April 2018 | Beth Wright

Outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland says it is making "steady" progress towards its 2020 sustainability goals, particularly in its bid to incorporate more sustainable cotton into its apparel.... read more

Mozambique on course as 100% Better Cotton country

18 December 2017 | Michelle Russell

Mozambique's Government is undertaking an initiative it hopes will enable it to be the first country in the world to produce 100% Better Cotton, revitalising its cotton industry and securing access to new markets.... read more

M&S launches sustainable selvedge denim jeans

25 August 2017 | Leonie Barrie

Retailer Marks & Spencer has launched a range of more sustainable selvedge denim jeans as part of its commitment to address the social, ethical and environmental impacts of its products.... read more

Better Cotton membership jumped 40% last year

25 July 2017 | Michelle Russell

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) says it continued to scale up and engage with more farmers globally last year, growing its membership by 40% in 2016 and generating a 28.5% rise in income.... read more

Clothing brands commit to 100% sustainable cotton by 2025

25 May 2017 | Michelle Russell

Asos, Kering, Levi Strauss & Co and Nike are among 13 clothing and textile brands who have committed to using 100% sustainable cotton by 2025.... read more

H&M leads Better Cotton league

14 February 2017 | Beth Wright

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) says demand for more sustainable cotton is on the rise, with Swedish retailer H&M and sportswear giants Adidas and Nike leading the field in its 'Better Cotton league'.... read more

KappAhl launching Better Cotton denim line

29 November 2016 | Michelle Russell

Nordic value fashion retailer KappAhl is preparing to launch a sustainable denim collection next year, produced using Better Cotton. ... read more

Brazil maintains Better Cotton top spot

1 November 2016 | Michelle Russell

Brazil's cotton industry is looking to invest in advanced technology that offers both social and environmental benefits to growing the crop, as the country maintained its position as the largest source of Better Cotton globally last year. ... read more

Global brands back training for Pakistan cotton farmers

29 September 2016 | Michelle Russell

Around 200,000 Pakistani cotton farmers are set to benefit from a global cotton industry partnership that will train them on issues such as sustainability in farming and child labour thanks to funding from brands such as H&M and Levi Strauss & Co. ... read more

Why traceability plays a key role in social compliance

1 September 2016 | Guest author

With traceability playing a key role in addressing the rising importance of social compliance, it might be time to review your traceability strategies and confirm you're armed with comprehensive product information across your supply network, says Thomas Ng, managing director, supply chain solutions, Amber Road.... read more

Gap joins Better Cotton Initiative

28 July 2016 | Beth Wright

 US specialty fashion giant Gap Inc has signed up  to the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) as part of its commitment to help improve cotton farming practices globally.... read more