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Growing commitment to Responsible Wool Standard

29 September 2016 | Beth Wright

Textile Exchange has revealed more brands and suppliers are pledging their commitment to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), taking the total number of brands on board to 15.... read more

Top stories this week on just-style...

23 May 2014 | Katie Smith

The most-read stories on just-style this week include a court ruling that Deckers Teva sports sandal is not a sports shoe, the reaction by Nike and Adidas to claims toxic chemicals are in some World Cup products, and an insight on the made-in-US focus at Texprocess Americas.... read more

Apparel software trends: Supply chain challenges

2 April 2013 | Leonie Barrie

Social and environmental compliance are the main issues facing today's apparel supply chains, according to industry experts consulted by just-style. The continued shift towards faster and faster fashion cycles, along with pressure on retailers to adapt to an omni-channel experience, are also throwing up challenges when it comes to flexibility in global sourcing.... read more

Outlook 2013: Other issues to watch

4 February 2013 | Leonie Barrie

Generally, 2013 is seen as being another challenging year for the apparel industry – although there is cautious optimism for an improved business environment. Issues such as compliance, sustainability and product safety are likely to come to the fore, and keep a close eye on trade talks to expand duty-free opportunities such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).... read more

Outlook 2013: Apparel industry opportunities

4 February 2013 | Leonie Barrie

Opportunities the apparel industry should focus on this year include developing strategic relationships to improve flexibility across the supply chain; a focus on adding value through design, innovation and branding to protect margins; and the use of technology to integrate the multichannel experience.... read more

Outlook 2013: Lessons that should have been learnt

4 February 2013 | Leonie Barrie

What should apparel firms have learnt from the upheaval of the past couple of years - and what should they be doing now if they want to remain competitive into the future? They need to remain nimble enough to respond to changing buying patterns, develop strong partnerships across the supply chain, and focus on a sourcing portfolio that balances costs and risks.... read more

Outlook 2013: Apparel industry challenges

4 February 2013 | Leonie Barrie

Uncertainty is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the apparel industry in 2013. The economic situation in Europe and the US, a combination of rising production costs and flat prices, the pressure to improve working conditions, a lack of new production centres and low volume growth in fashion all add up to a worrying year.... read more

Speaking with style: Harry van Dalfsen, president, IAF

6 September 2012 | Leonie Barrie

The theme of change resonates loudly with Harry van Dalfsen, who took on the role of president of the International Apparel Federation (IAF) two years ago at the height of the global economic crisis. Not surprisingly, ‘Fashion business in a changing environment’ is also the focus of the upcoming IAF World Apparel Convention, which takes place later this month.... read more

US: Teva launches TevaSphere collection to improve stability

13 July 2012 | Katie Smith

Deckers' action outdoor brand Teva has launched its TevaSphere footwear collection, which claims to improve stability for athletes on rocky terrain. ... read more

PORTUGAL: Speakers unveiled for IAF supply chain session

24 May 2012 | Katie Smith

Top executives from Escada, TAL and Yesim Tekstil are among speakers lined up for the supply chain session at the International Apparel Federation's (IAF) World Apparel Convention later this year.... read more

just-style management briefing: Other issues to watch in the year ahead

2 February 2012 | Leonie Barrie

Generally, 2012 is seen as being another challenging business year for the apparel industry. Uncertainties include the performance of the global economy, the European debt crisis, US consumer sentiment, and producer price inflation. Being able to react quickly to sourcing challenges, get more efficient in production, and reduce cycle times will help firms react to these volatile markets.... read more

just-style management briefing: Lessons learnt from the past for the future

2 February 2012 | Leonie Barrie

What should apparel firms have learnt from the upheaval of the past couple of years - and what should they be doing now if they want to remain competitive into the future? Buyers and manufacturers need to build a deeper, long-term relationship our respondents said, as well as focusing on a sourcing portfolio that balances costs and risks.... read more

just-style management briefing: Opportunities for the apparel industry in 2012

2 February 2012 | Leonie Barrie

Opportunities the apparel industry can look forward to this year include speed to market, which favours sourcing in the western hemisphere; growth in the number and spending power of middle-lass consumers in emerging markets like China and India; and the use of technology and the internet to make sourcing a truly global activity.... read more

just-style management briefing: Apparel industry challenges in 2012

2 February 2012 | Leonie Barrie

Uncertainty is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the apparel industry in 2012. The economic situation in Europe and the US, swings in commodity prices, labour shortages and rising costs, especially in China, all add up to a worrying year.... read more

GUATEMALA: Sourcing specialist sells stake to India's Fifth Avenue

14 November 2011 | Leonie Barrie

Supply chain specialist Fifth Avenue Sourcing (India) is set to take a stake in sourcing consultancy RegionaLink LLC, which was set up earlier this year to link US and European apparel firms with factories in Central America and the Dominican Republic.... read more

New consultancy to help navigate Americas sourcing

6 June 2011 | Ivan Castano Freeman

As US and European apparel firms scramble to move some of their Asian production to Central and South America in a bid to offset rising production prices, help is needed to link them to the growing number of factories courting business from these brands.... read more

Prime Source Forum 2011: Quote/unquote - day 1

1 April 2011 | Leonie Barrie

Apparel industry issues tackled on the first day of the Prime Source Forum in Hong Kong included the challenges facing the apparel supply chain, including inflation, China's shift from major supplier to buyer, and labour issues. Here is a roundup of comments from some of the speakers at the event. ... read more

Speaking with style: Kurt Cavano, CEO, TradeCard

31 March 2011 | Leonie Barrie

There's plenty of talk about the uphill battle confronting apparel supply chains in the face of cautious consumer spending and the pressure on margins from rising raw material, labour and transportation costs. What's needed are constructive ways to counter these pressures. Kurt Cavano, CEO of the TradeCard supply chain platform, believes technology has a key role to play.... read more

Japan earthquake: apparel industry impact

21 March 2011 | Leonie Barrie

In the wake of the massive earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant explosions which have devastated many areas in the north of Japan, first thoughts are of course with the millions of people caught up in the tragedy. But there is a commercial cost to be considered too - including its possible impact on the apparel industry. ... read more

Top stories on just-style this week...

10 December 2010 | just-style.com

Here is a roundup of the top five most-read stories on just-style this week. Click on each headline for the full story. ... read more

HONG KONG: International line-up for IAF Convention

24 September 2010 | just-style.com

The line-up for the 26th IAF World Apparel Convention, which takes place in Hong Kong next month, includes nearly 30 industry experts from around the world who will host discussions on the event's central theme of 'How retailer brands, internet and green manufacturing are transforming fashion business.'... read more

10 ways to counter rising raw material and labour costs

17 June 2010 | just-style.com

Retailers and brands face an uphill battle. Just as the economy begins to show signs of life and retailers prepare to rebuild inventory levels, we're seeing rising production costs. Prices for cotton have doubled in the last year. Lumber prices in May were 79% higher than last year. Concerns about rising costs of raw materials, labour and transportation continue to come up on earnings calls. What can be done about it?... read more

US: Apparel network makes sourcing search easier

17 August 2009 | just-style.com

The American Apparel Producers’ Network (AAPN) is making it easier for retailers and importers to find apparel and fabric suppliers around the world via its new website, which uses the very latest in Web 3.0 technologies.... read more

US: Neoprene suit reduces childbirth deaths - study

6 March 2006 | just-style.com

New research has found that wearing a simple reusable garment modelled on military anti-shock pants could prevent as many as 100,000 childbirth deaths every year.... read more

Accessories are more than the finishing touch

15 February 2006 | just-style.com

The Scandinavian fashion scene is booming, and it is not just fashion companies that are creating the ‘Scandinavian look.’ This was clear from the very well accessorised fashion trend shows at two recent Danish trade fairs: Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) and Copenhagen Vision.... read more

Winter sports are back in style

8 February 2006 | just-style.com

The latest trends in sports footwear and clothing are not just based on high technology - as Penny Leese found out at ISPO, the international trade fair for sports equipment and fashion.... read more

Hi-tech sportswear in fashion

3 February 2006 | just-style.com

Winter sports are back in style. The recent ISPO sports trade fair was buzzing with new ideas and designs, including technical innovations and a fresh new look at fashion. Penny Leese reports from Munich.... read more

Battle of the bras

6 January 2006 | just-style.com

The bra may appear a modest garment, undercover and appreciated more for its contents than for its structural qualities. Yet behind the lace lies a cut-throat world of takeover bids and high security R&D – all part of the mission to develop a perfect bra. By Sapna Arora.... read more

What lessons can be learnt from 2005?

3 January 2006 | just-style.com

2005 was certainly an interesting year. For most people in the industry, it’s probably the year’s roller-coaster quality that stands out above everything else. That “Buy. Oh we can’t. We can now,” quality is something we’ll probably never see again. Or want to. Mike Flanagan believes that things can only get better.... read more

Successful sourcing in 2006

19 December 2005 | just-style.com

The phase-out of quotas in 2005 presented the global garment industry with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rationalise the way it does business. But instead of giving consumers the greatest retail price reductions in history, it failed. The problem is that after all these years, we are still buying not sourcing, says David Birnbaum.... read more

China in no rush to cut clothing prices

12 December 2005 | just-style.com

What buyers and sellers wanted to know at the beginning of 2005 was what price level Chinese businesses could sustainably run at. By tracking what’s happened to the competitiveness of Chinese apparel exports this year so far, Mike Flanagan believes prices to rich countries now seem to be stabilising at around 80-90% of world averages.... read more

Reacting to change in the clothing supply chain

31 October 2005 | just-style.com

Quota abolition and surging exports from China aren’t the only issues apparel manufacturers around the world have to contend with. Clothing businesses are, in fact, living with six possibly greater issues believes Mike Flanagan, with the common thread being that suppliers are becoming more important than countries.... read more

Japanese fashion turns up the heat on global warming

19 September 2005 | just-style.com

For over a century, the suit and tie have been fending off periodical attempts to retire them permanently. But where socialism, a hippy revolution and dress down Fridays have failed, a warming planet may well succeed in ensuring their demise, writes Michael Fitzpatrick.... read more

INDIA: To Axe Bangladesh, Pakistan Textile Duties?

16 September 2005 | just-style.com

The Indian government is considering axing specific duties on a wide range of Pakistani and Bangladeshi textile imports, Press Trust of India reported.... read more

Bra Wars: are Europe’s retailers to blame?

5 September 2005 | just-style.com

The Great Bra War and Sweater Crisis has shown that Europe’s retailers can be a lot better at whining than at working professionally together to avoid problems in the first place. Back in April, when the EU made it clear that quotas might be reimposed, Europe’s retail industry should have seen the inevitable consequences, reflects Mike Flanagan.... read more