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Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited

US/AUSTRALIA: Cotton Leads attracts 200 partners

24 July 2014 | Richard Woodard

The Cotton Leads responsible growing programme has attracted more than 200 partners across the global cotton supply chain since it was launched in October last year.... read more

CHINA: Fountain Set swings to a FY loss

15 April 2013 | Petah Marian

Knitted fabric and garment maker Fountain Set swung to a loss over the 16 months ended 31 December amid "one of the more difficult years for the textile and apparel industry and the group."... read more

HONG KONG: Fountain Set sells 34% stake to Chinatex

10 April 2012 | Leonie Barrie

Hong Kong listed knitted fabric manufacturer Fountain Set (Holdings) Ltd is selling a 34% stake in its business to China's state-owned cotton trader Chinatex Corp for HKD511.3m (US$65.8m).... read more

HONG KONG: Fountain Set delays fabric mill as sales slump

2 June 2009 | just-style.com

Knitted fabric and garment maker Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited has delayed the completion of its new Yancheng fabric mill, citing weak demand from retailers and brands in the US and Europe.... read more

Chinese suppliers struggle with US slowdown

7 May 2008 | just-style.com

A huge number of Chinese manufacturers are worried about the US retail downturn – even though the country accounts for less than a fifth of China’s apparel sales. One reason is that their businesses were set up to exploit the US’ relatively large orders, believes Mike Flanagan, and that learning to adapt to non-US markets is one of the biggest challenges facing Chinese suppliers today.... read more

HONG KONG: New group promotes sustainable fashion business

25 April 2008 | just-style.com

A group of leading Hong Kong textile and apparel companies this week launched the ‘Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium’ (SFBC) to help the industry minimise its impact on the environment.... read more

ANALYSIS: Will safety scares hurt ‘Made in China’ label?

11 September 2007 | just-style.com

Worries about Chinese product safety standards spread to the apparel industry last month, when dangerous levels of contamination were found in children’s bibs and pyjamas. There’s a strong possibility consumers will now pause a little longer over the ‘Made in China’ label and, Mike Flanagan argues, this offers new opportunities to China’s manufacturing competitors.... read more

Sri Lankan apparel giants make moves into India

29 May 2007 | just-style.com

Sri Lanka’s two largest textile and apparel companies – MAS Holdings and Brandix Lanka – are in the process of setting up textile and apparel parks in India. The moves are part of a long-term strategy that will see Sri Lanka become a regional sourcing hub and India the main production base. And they are inviting key textile and apparel companies from around the world to join them, as Niki Tait explains.... read more

HONG KONG: Fountain Set H1 profit drops on trade restrictions

22 May 2007 | just-style.com

Trade restrictions on Chinese textile and clothing exports to the US and EU contributed to a 20.6% drop in interim profit at yarn, fabric and garment maker Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited.... read more

INDIA: Sri Lankan firms to set up $20m weft-knit fabric plant

10 April 2007 | just-style.com

Sri Lanka’s largest garment exporter, Brandix, and the island’s largest producer of weft-knit fabric, Ocean Lanka, have joined forces to set up one of the region’s largest weft-knit fabric manufacturing plants.... read more

SRI LANKA: Ocean Lanka gets Fairtrade certification

22 February 2007 | just-style.com

Ocean Lanka, Sri Lanka largest manufacturer of weft knit fabric, has become the first Sri Lankan company to qualify for Fairtrade accreditation from certification body FLO-Cert GmbH.... read more