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UK: Mudpie buys stake in German trend distributor

15 July 2011 | just-style.com

Trend forecasting agency Mudpie has bought a stake in United Global Trend Information (UGTI), a German-based distributor of fashion, forecasting, colour, design and lifestyle information.... read more

The week ahead on just-style...

7 March 2011 | just-style.com

Taking a look at the week ahead for the footwear and apparel industry, here is a snapshot of just-style's latest news and insights agenda. ... read more

Top stories on just-style this week...

22 October 2010 | just-style.com

Here is a roundup of the top five stories on just-style this week. Click on each headline for the full story. ... read more

COMMENT: India's growth set to outpace China by 2014?

21 October 2010 | Mudpie

Economists predict that India's growth will outpace China by 2014. But has the apparel industry invested enough in innovation to keep up with this pace of change? Fiona Jenvey, CEO of online trend, design and consumer insight service mpdclick.com looks at how the apparel industry in India could reverse the downward trend for exports by investing in trends, design and innovation.... read more

COMMENT: Is vintage taking over the designer market?

4 August 2010 | Mudpie

Despite producing some of the most talented designers across every aspect of the creative industry, and being home to some of the most successful fashion houses in the world, Britain just can't seem to keep hold of these creative minds for very long.... read more

COMMENT: The changing eastern consumer

10 May 2010 | Mudpie

In an ever-changing global environment it is no surprise that consumer attitudes and behaviours are constantly changing and adapting. Shoppers in eastern countries like Japan are no exception.... read more

COMMENT: How influential are the new fashion youth?

28 April 2010 | Mudpie

In today's technological age, advances are wired in place to help designers astound the fashion world with both new and revisited innovative creations. Designers are seeking inspiration from more than just their minds as they take to the streets in a bid to find ideas.... read more

COMMENT: The blurring of fashion and sportswear

7 April 2010 | Mudpie

As the line between trend-led fashion and sportswear continues to blur, Mpdclick explores how fashion influences sportswear, and how sportswear has impacted the design industry, both on the runway and on the high street.... read more

COMMENT: A fair future for Fairtrade fashion?

30 March 2010 | Mudpie

As consumers tightened their belts during the recession, Fairtrade clothing saw its sales slump. But now that shoppers are again starting to seek out ethical options, is it time to revisit the debate on whether Fairtrade really is fair?... read more

UK: Mudpie adds Denimhead West to trendbooks

25 March 2010 | just-style.com

Trend forecasting agency Mudpie has teamed up with cutting-edge fashion service Denimhead to launch its latest trend book analysing the latest denim trends from the US West Coast.... read more

COMMENT: British design at risk as talent moves overseas

18 March 2010 | Mudpie

Thinking like a designer can transform the way brands develop products, services, processes and even strategy. So why is it that Britain, a country so good at training designers, fails to make use of its own talent?... read more

COMMENT: An insight into fashion blogging

10 March 2010 | Mudpie

Whether they are posting London Fashion Week catwalk images straight from their Blackberry’s or drooling over the latest pair of Balenciaga wedges, bloggers are becoming an important voice in the new generation of style.... read more

COMMENT: The future of plus-size retailing

15 February 2010 | Mudpie

Plus-size is a bone of contention for many in the fashion industry. Away from the runways, however, it is emerging as an area of the market worthy of strong investment.... read more

UK: Mudpie releases S/S 2011 garment trend books

12 October 2009 | just-style.com

Trend forecasting agency Mudpie has launched its spring/summer 2011 garment, graphic and colour trend books.... read more

COMMENT: Protectionist policies do more harm than good

21 September 2009 | Mudpie

While the global financial outlook inevitably remains the main focus for governments around the world, fiscal stimulus and bilateral trade agreements are at the centre of many recovery packages aiming to aid the textile and apparel sectors. But there is a real danger that protectionist policies could in fact prolong the effects of recession rather than solve them.... read more

COMMENT: Is the discounting culture nearing an end?

9 September 2009 | just-style.com

Could the end of the recession lead not only to the end of the discounting culture but also to rising prices and inflation?... read more

UK: Mudpie releases S/S 2011 print and pattern trends

5 August 2009 | just-style.com

Trend forecasting agency Mudpie has launched its spring/summer 2011 trend predictions, with the second of its Print & Pattern trend books now available.... read more

Top stories on just-style this week...

26 June 2009 | just-style.com

Here is a roundup of the top five most-read stories on just-style this week. Click on each headline for the full story.... read more

COMMENT: Apparel made – and designed – in India?

23 June 2009 | just-style.com

India is now moving up the value chain, and offers a offer a compelling combination of both outsourcing and innovation. But, asks Fiona Jenvey, CEO of trend forecasting agency Mudpie, how long will it be before the clothing and textile products imported from India are also designed there?... read more

AUSTRALIA: Will federal funding boost clothing industry?

4 June 2009 | just-style.com

The federal budget package in Australia, released last month by Kevin Rudd’s Labour Government, is promising to make the depleted textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) sector stronger and more sustainable by supporting the development of new products and processes, especially at the high-tech, high-value end of the market.... read more

UK: Mudpie names sales director as workforce grows

31 March 2009 | just-style.com

Trend forecasting agency Mudpie is expanding its team as works to build its product base, grow sales and support a network of sales agents across the world.... read more

UK: Trend agency Mudpie opens new global offices

16 March 2009 | just-style.com

Trend forecasting agency Mudpie has opened new offices in Sao Paulo, Los Angeles and Bangkok to take its trend books and bespoke apparel, colour, graphic and design services to new markets.... read more