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Parametric Technology Corporation

Industry 4.0 weaves into the clothing supply chain

6 January 2020 | Leonie Barrie

Experts have told just-style of the urgent need for the clothing sector to embrace Industry 4.0 to boost productivity and harness creativity by providing a single, connected platform for all supply chain processes. ... read more

Footwear specialist AMG Asia embarks on PLM project

23 December 2019 | Leonie Barrie

Advanced Manufacturing Group (AMG), a multinational specialist in footwear development and production, has embarked on a PLM (product lifecycle management) project to help provide retail customers with end-to-end visibility and connectivity.... read more

PTC and Browzwear integrate PLM and 3D tools

9 September 2019 | Beth Wright

Software firms PTC and Browzwear have launched the first native integration between their PLM and 3D tools in a move aimed a improving the efficiency and creativity of design teams, as well as extending the value of 3D throughout the supply chain.... read more

PTC to "transform" sourcing with new manufacturing initiative

7 June 2019 | Beth Wright

Software firm PTC has announced a new apparel manufacturing initiative, designed to transform the way products are sourced and manufactured across the industry.... read more

PTC unveils new Vuforia augmented reality tool

3 April 2019 | Beth Wright

Software firm PTC has launched a new tool under its Vuforia platform that it says enables manufacturers to not only improve accuracy and speed but also reduce training costs and time to productivity.... read more

Are digital design solutions worth the money?

26 June 2018 | Michelle Russell

Apparel brands and retailers are constantly told how digital design technology and solutions like digital storyboarding and PLM can transform the product creation process. But what is the actual business value they bring to your team?... read more

How to speed up the product creation process

23 May 2018 | Michelle Russell

As brands and retailers come under increasing pressure to respond to consumer demand for new trends, slashing time in the development process offers the greatest potential for companies to remain competitive.... read more

Lululemon upgrades to latest version of PLM tool

14 March 2018 | Leonie Barrie

Athletic and yoga wear specialist Lululemon has upgraded its PLM software, with additions to deliver greater functionality, an improved user experience and further process efficiencies.... read more

How PLM is transforming the way you design, source and sell

12 February 2018 | Michelle Russell

The time between the emergence of a trend and its mass dissemination has shrunk considerably, from one year to three to five weeks, according to the Boston Consulting Group.... read more

New online database streamlines material selection

17 January 2018 | Leonie Barrie

A new online materials database has been launched to provide brands and manufacturers with a more streamlined and collaborative way of selecting material samples and swatches – as well as populating PLM data for the product creation process.... read more

NRF 2018 – Retail technology launches and developments

17 January 2018 | Michelle Russell

Retail's 'Big Show', the National Retail Federation's Annual Convention & Expo, which took place in New York this week, is an annual opportunity for retailers to tap into the latest technologies for improving everything from customer analysis to inventory management. Here we highlight some of the latest launches and developments.... read more

PTC updates ThingWorx Studio augmented reality technology

10 October 2017 | Hannah Abdulla

Software firm PTC is giving its Thingworx Studio augmented reality technology a fresh update to help improve time to revenue as well as reduce costs and complexity for its users.... read more

Embracing digital key to survival for industry

2 June 2017 | Michelle Russell

Manufacturers need to embrace digitalisation and completely change the way they sell and produce products if they are to survive, was the message from a recent US technology conference.... read more

PTC expands Vuforia platform with remote presence capability

1 June 2017 | Beth Wright

Software firm PTC is to expand its Vuforia platform to include a new remote presence capability for developers, consumers, and businesses.... read more

PTC unveils new ThingWorx manufacturing apps

30 May 2017 | Beth Wright

Software firm PTC has launched a selection of new manufacturing apps based on its ThingWorx Internet of Things (IoT) platform, designed to boost operational performance and simplify digital transformation.... read more

PTC and ANSYS develop digital simulation for IoT

18 May 2017 | Beth Wright

Software firm PTC has partnered with specialist developer ANSYS to develop a platform solution that enables digital simulation for its industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform.... read more

Nexgen utilising ThingWorx for supply chain apps

18 January 2017 | Michelle Russell

Apparel identification and RFID business Nexgen Packaging is to use PTC's ThingWorx Internet of Things (IoT) platform to develop a range of design and delivery solutions for the retail, apparel and footwear industry.... read more

PTC FlexPLM software app aids digital design

16 January 2017 | Beth Wright

Software firm PTC has revealed the latest innovation for its product lifecycle management (PLM) software, a concept management app designed to provide retailers with the tools they need to embrace digital design.... read more

PTC FlexPLM software app to improve design efficiency

11 January 2017 | Beth Wright

Software firm PTC has unveiled the first in a series of apps it claims will further enhance its product lifecycle management (PLM) software by boosting workflow and information accessibility.... read more

PTC joins SAP PartnerEdge programme

26 September 2016 | Beth Wright

PTC is to make its ThingWorx Internet of Things (IoT) technology available on the SAP HANA platform after joining the SAP PartnerEdge programme as a partner that designs, develops and builds software integrated with SAP solutions.... read more

Role-based app to enhance PTC FlexPLM software

24 August 2016 | Beth Wright

PTC has unveiled its first role-based app which it claims will further enhance its product lifecycle management (PLM) software by providing vendors with quick access to product data, improving collaboration with suppliers.... read more

MESH01 plans platform integration with PTC FlexPLM

23 August 2016 | Leonie Barrie

MESH01, which provides metric-driven insights for consumer-centric brands, is to integrate with PTC FlexPLM in a move that will provide a single platform to streamline product development and information.... read more

New 3D PLM platform enables faster decision making

5 August 2016 | Michelle Russell

Electronics For Imaging's Optitex software unit has integrated its software with PLM provider PTC, allowing apparel brands to leverage 3D technology to review and validate collections within a few weeks of design.... read more

Timelines to plan for a successful PLM project

5 August 2016 | Lee Adendorff

It may sound like tautology, but planning really does work better when well planned. Indeed, planning to implement a planning tool is no small feat, and introducing a product lifecycle management PLM solution to an apparel business has a lifecycle all of its own.... read more

Tools to help choose an apparel PLM vendor

4 August 2016 | Lee Adendorff

Product lifecycle management (PLM) has become so entrenched in modern manufacturing that it has spawned its own academic discipline and a massive body of research. And some common themes are evident when it comes to selecting a PLM vendor.... read more

How to determine if PLM is right for your company

3 August 2016 | Lee Adendorff

Companies trying to determine if product lifecycle management (PLM) software solutions are right for them should note that size is not an obstacle; these systems can be useful to businesses of nearly any size.... read more

Utilising PLM to fuel growth and fulfil demand

2 August 2016 | Lee Adendorff

Faster time-to-market is perhaps one of the clearest advantages of product lifecycle management (PLM) software, as greater supply chain transparency enables more efficiencies to be made, from the designer’s pen to the store shelf. But connecting to other business processes through PLM, such as retail metrics, supplier inventory as well predictive analytics to forecast consumer choices, is opening up an array of new business possibilities.... read more

PTC develops smart connected PLM update

29 April 2016 | Michelle Russell

Software firm PTC has launched the latest version of its product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that it says includes role-based apps and ThingWorx platform connectivity for greater speed and efficiency.... read more

LC Waikiki selects PLM for product development

15 December 2014 | Katie Smith

Turkish apparel retailer LC Waikiki Retail Company has deployed a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to support its product development and expansion plans. ... read more

US: PTC to expand IoT technology with Axeda buy

25 July 2014 | Katie Smith

PTC is to acquire privately-held Axeda Corp for US$170m in a move that will help the software solution provider expand its Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio.... read more

Supply chain software: PLM trends

1 July 2014 | Lee Adendorff

Product lifecycle management (PLM) systems provide increasingly sophisticated tools for getting the right products to market at the right time - with current trends including more integration with ERP, and collaborative sharing in the development process.... read more

UK: Marks & Spencer picks PLM for general merchandise

12 June 2014 | Leonie Barrie

Retailer Marks & Spencer is rolling out a PLM solution to manage product development for its general merchandise business, which includes clothing and footwear.... read more

Apparel software trends 2014: What else to watch?

3 April 2014 | Leonie Barrie

What else is likely to be topping the apparel industry's software agenda this year? 3D product development and design, digital continuity of information and images, predictive analytics, Systems that bridge supply chain processes for end-to-end visibility and collaboration, and tool that help manage supplier capacity and materials are all highlighted.... read more

Apparel software trends 2014: The future focus

3 April 2014 | Leonie Barrie

Where should apparel firms be focusing their investments now if they want to remain competitive into the future? Technology agendas should include tools that help shorten the time from concept to consumer, boost collaboration across the supply chain, and offer end-to-end visibility, flexibility and speed. 3D product development and visualisation is also coming to the fore.... read more

Apparel software trends 2014: Tackling the issues

3 April 2014 | Leonie Barrie

Software can help tackle the key industry issues by connecting all processes, departments and geographies within a global business and ensuring that correct and up-to-date information can be shared in real time. Systems can also help companies be prepared for everything from new opportunities to unexpected events.... read more