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Pou Chen Corporation

Kathmandu Holdings and Pou Chen achieve FLA accreditation

29 June 2018 | Beth Wright

The social compliance programmes of New Zealand outerwear brand Kathmandu Holdings and Pou Chen Group – a leading footwear manufacturer in Taiwan – have been accredited by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) following a multi-year evaluation.... read more

Shoe maker Pou Chen to privatise China retail unit

23 January 2018 | Leonie Barrie

Pou Chen Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of athletic and casual footwear, is to privatise its sportswear retail subsidiary in China.... read more

Global news roundup

3 December 2015 | Michelle Russell

The following is a round-up of apparel and footwear news from the world's local media. ... read more

VIEWPOINT: Pou Yuen strike underscores Vietnam challenges

9 April 2015 | Leonie Barrie

Strikes and protests are rare in Vietnam, but recent demonstrations by thousands of footwear factory workers underscore some of the challenges facing one of the industry’s main manufacturing hubs.... read more

UPDATE: Production resumes at Vietnam footwear factory

2 April 2015 | Katie Smith

Production has resumed at a footwear factory in Vietnam, which supplies sporting goods majors Adidas, Puma and Asics, after workers took part in a six-day strike over new social insurance legislation.... read more

Strike hits Adidas and Nike footwear supplier in Vietnam

31 March 2015 | Katie Smith

Major footwear manufacturer Pou Chen Group, which supplies Adidas and Nike, is in discussions with the Vietnamese government to address worker concerns at its Pou Yuen factory, which resulted in strike action.... read more

CHINA: Adidas says its production has resumed at Yue Yuen

25 April 2014 | Michelle Russell

Adidas has confirmed its production facility within the Yue Yuen shoe factory is now fully operational following a near two-week strike, likely one of the country's largest in history. ... read more

UPDATE: CHINA: Adidas supplier in Government discussions over strike

16 April 2014 | Michelle Russell

Adidas has said it is closely monitoring the Yue Yuen shoe factory strike in China and that the supplier is in talks with the country's Government in a bid to address worker's concerns.... read more

Global news roundup

14 December 2012 | Katie Smith

The following is a round-up of apparel and footwear news from the world's local media. just-style has not checked these stories so cannot guarantee their accuracy.... read more

INDONESIA: Nike workers win $1m in unpaid overtime

12 January 2012 | Leonie Barrie

Sportswear giant Nike today (12 January) told just-style it "commends" one of its Indonesian suppliers after it agreed to reimburse workers more than US$1m in unpaid overtime.... read more

INDONESIA: Nike promises action on worker abuse reports

14 July 2011 | just-style.com

Sporting goods giant Nike has promised “immediate and decisive action” after reports surfaced of unfair labour practices at two Indonesian factories making footwear for the company’s Converse brand.... read more

HONG KONG: Daphne to buy Full Pearl stake for HK$195m

7 January 2010 | just-style.com

Chinese shoe manufacturer and retailer Daphne International Holdings Limited is investing HK$195m (US$25m) for a 60% stake in Full Pearl International Ltd, in a move that takes it into the high-end footwear market.... read more

CHINA: Seminars on US apparel product safety issues

23 January 2009 | just-style.com

A series of seminars aimed at updating Chinese apparel and footwear firms on US product safety issues is being organised by the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) in March.... read more

US: Pou Chen to install ERP software at Mexico plants

29 October 2008 | just-style.com

Taiwanese athletic shoe and apparel maker Pou Chen Corporation is to install Syspro enterprise resource planning (ERP) software at two of its units in Mexico to enhance manufacturing and distribution efficiencies.... read more