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Schoeller Technologies AG

Schoeller unveils new range of biodegradable textiles

18 September 2019 | Beth Wright

Performance fabric and textile technology specialist Schoeller Textil has introduced a new collection of biodegradable textiles, comprised of Bluesign-approved fabrics with biodegradable polyester, as part of a joint venture with Taiwan's Formosa Taffeta Company (FTC).... read more

Texprocess & Techtextil 2019 – Material innovations

10 June 2019 | Beth Wright

A number of new fibre and fabric concepts were on show alongside eco-innovations for clothing and footwear at the recent Texprocess and Techtextil trade shows in Frankfurt, Germany. A new line of identification threads, the "perfect alternative" to down, and a water-based breathable imitation leather were among some of the highlights.... read more

New ski jacket wicks away sweat with wearable tech

16 November 2018 | Beth Wright

Swiss sportswear brand Kjus has launched what it claims is the world's first garment to feature an electronic, user-controlled membrane, designed to eliminate sweat simply by touching a button.... read more

Schoeller showcases Hydro_Bot technology in ski wear

29 January 2018 | Michelle Russell

Functional fabrics and performance textiles specialist Schoeller Textil, and Swiss-Norwegian start-up Osmotex, have launched the first clothing product using their electro-osmotic membrane technology for moisture management.... read more

Schoeller releases new functional fabrics

19 January 2018 | Michelle Russell

Functional fabrics and performance textile specialist Schoeller Textil has released new fabrics with sustainable features including a naturally warming material with Nilit Heat yarn made with coffee bean shells, qualities in mulesing-free wool, and PFC-free bio-technologies based on renewable raw materials.... read more

Schoeller and Red Bull partner on performance textile

13 June 2017 | Beth Wright

Functional fabrics and performance textile specialist Schoeller Textil has partnered with Austrian energy company Red Bull to develop new performance textiles it claims reduces fatigue symptoms and boosts regeneration.... read more

Schoeller reveals new performance textiles

12 June 2017 | Beth Wright

Functional fabrics and performance textile specialist Schoeller Textil has partnered with specialised chemical company Lubrizol to develop new performance textiles it claims meet a previously unachieved standard in terms of compression, fabric elongation and comfort.... read more

Texprocess & Techtextil 2017 – Material innovations

18 May 2017 | Beth Wright

A number of new smart fibre and fabric concepts were on show alongside eco-innovations for more sustainable clothing and footwear at last week's Texprocess and Techtextil trade shows in Frankfurt, Germany. Electro-osmotic membranes, eco-efficient textiles and recycled yarns were among the highlights.  ... read more

Schoeller signs production deal for Hydro_Bot technology

9 May 2017 | Michelle Russell

Functional fabrics and performance textile specialist Schoeller Textil AG has signed a production agreement with Swiss-Norwegian start-up Osmotex in a further step towards the commercialisation of an electro-osmotic membrane for moisture management in outerwear.... read more

Wear2Wear partnership closing the textile loop

27 April 2017 | Michelle Russell

Five European textile recycling companies are partnering on production systems that will turn textile fibres from used clothing into new functional fabrics. ... read more

Schoeller unveils ecodye auxiliary for polyester dyeing

10 April 2017 | Beth Wright

Schoeller Textil has partnered with textile chemicals specialist Textilcolor to develop a new new ecodye auxiliary concept for polyester yarns and piece goods.... read more

Schoeller heated e-soft-shell material for sale by metre

13 February 2017 | Leonie Barrie

The latest wearable textile technology from functional fabrics and performance textile specialist Schoeller Textil AG is a durable, heatable e-soft-shell material that can be flexibly cut to size.... read more

A resilient outdoor industry seeks to broaden its base

15 August 2016 | Debra Cobb

With 29,000 visitors and 1626 exhibitors, this year's Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, which took place earlier this month in Salt Lake City, had its usual upbeat vibe. But there were signs that the outdoor industry is feeling the effects of 2016's "winter of our discontent," along with several retail bankruptcies, stock market disruptions in China, and the Brexit uncertainty in Europe.... read more

Schoeller Textile adds bio-based PFC-free finishes

1 August 2016 | Leonie Barrie

Schoeller Textil’s portfolio now includes two PFC-free finishing technologies based on renewable primary products.... read more

Outerwear faces up to the challenge of climate change

18 January 2016 | Debra Cobb

Faced with downward pressure on demand from unseasonably warm weather, the outdoor industry is broadening its appeal to work across multiple end-uses. New product introductions at the recent Outdoor Retailer trade show included innovations in outerwear, performance denim, and wool. ... read more

Fibres and fabrics: Innovations in sports textiles

7 October 2015 | Kitty So

Sportswear innovators are focusing on growing demand for environmentally-friendly fibres and fabrics and lightweight materials that can keep sport consumers comfortable while optimising performance.... read more

Fibres and fabrics: Functional finishes meet environmental concerns

7 October 2015 | Kitty So

As functional finishes for textile products become increasingly effective and innovative, producers are looking for new ways to meet brands’ environmental concerns with ecologically friendly solutions.... read more

Biomimicry inspires eco-friendly performance apparel

26 June 2015 | Leonie Barrie

Designers of performance apparel are looking to nature for inspiration when developing their ranges – a process, known as "biomimicry."... read more

New fibre and fabric innovations for outdoor wear

20 February 2015 | Leonie Barrie

New eco-friendly fibre and fabric concepts that not only offer more sustainable choices for sportswear and outdoor apparel, but in many cases give improved functionality too, were on show at this month’s ISPO Münich trade fair. The natural performance of wool, plant-based laminates, ultra lightweight insulation and advanced temperature regulation were among the highlights.... read more

US: Vestagen buys Vestex tech rights from Schoeller

5 February 2014 | Richard Woodard

Vestagen Technical Textiles has moved to acquire the worldwide rights to technologies associated with its Vestex fabric from Schoeller Technologies.... read more

GERMANY: Klopman and Schoeller team up on workwear fabrics

21 June 2013 | Leonie Barrie

A new range of high performance workwear fabrics has been launched as part of a joint project between Klopman International and Schoeller Works, a division of Schoeller Textil.... read more

Techtextil 2013: Textile finishes respond to eco-friendly demand

20 June 2013 | Leonie Barrie

Ongoing concerns about the use of certain chemicals in the textile, apparel and footwear industry have prompted new research into more sustainable alternatives. Many of which were on show at last week's Techtextil trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, along with some other new products for enhanced fabric performance.... read more

Techtextil 2013: Pyroshell flame protection for synthetic fabrics

10 June 2013 | Leonie Barrie

The latest technology from Schoeller is Pyroshell, a permanent flame protection for synthetic fabrics.... read more

SWITZERLAND: Tonizzo to head up Schoeller Textil knit business

1 February 2013 | Katie Smith

Textile specialist Schoeller Textil has appointed Stefano Tonizzo as head of its knitted textiles division. ... read more

SWITZERLAND: Eco-friendly approval for water repellent finish

30 January 2013 | Petah Marian

Swiss firm Schoeller Textil says Greenpeace has recommended its Ecorepel water and dirt repelling textile finish as an alternative for brands trying to phase out harmful flurocarbons and PFCs.... read more

SWITZERLAND: Schoeller buoyed by eco-friendly water repellent

9 July 2012 | Leonie Barrie

A water repelling high-tech fabric finish inspired by the way ducks and other water fowl can dive under water and re-emerge with their feathers still dry is attracting interest from companies such as Mammut and Adidas Porsche Design, its developer says.... read more

SWITZERLAND: Textile firms Schoeller and Eschler to merge

6 June 2012 | Leonie Barrie

Textile specialist Schoeller Textil AG is taking over Eschler Textil GmbH in a move that will see the two companies merge their operations in a bid to expand their products and global presence.... read more

SWITZERLAND: Winkelbeiner to head Schoeller Textil

3 April 2012 | Katie Smith

Schoeller Textil has appointed textile chemist Siegfried Winkelbeiner as CEO of the Swiss fabric and technology firm.... read more

SWITZERLAND: Schoeller fabric finish boosts wearer warmth

18 January 2011 | just-style.com

Schoeller Textil AG has developed a new finishing technology for garment fabrics that harnesses the heat reflecting properties of certain minerals to keep the wearer warm.... read more

SWITZERLAND: Schoeller fabric finish repels ticks and mosquitoes

23 June 2010 | just-style.com

Schoeller Textil AG has developed a new finishing technology for garment fabrics to protect wearers from ticks and mosquitoes.... read more

SWITZERLAND: Coldblack finish now available for wool

2 October 2009 | just-style.com

Coldblack, the fabric finishing technology that helps to reduce heat build-up in garments and protect wearers from the sun's harmful rays, can now be applied to woollen garments.... read more

SWITZERLAND: Schoeller Textile-DNA tackles textile fakes

19 June 2009 | just-style.com

An exciting new technology originally developed to protect Schoeller fabrics from counterfeiting could be used to tackle fakes throughout the apparel and textile industry, the company said this week, including chemicals, fibres, textiles and clothing.... read more

SWITZERLAND: NanoSphere uptake soars on new licenses

18 November 2008 | just-style.com

The number of plants licensed to use the NanoSphere nanotechnology-based textile finish for clothing and home textiles has nearly quadrupled over the past year.... read more

SWITZERLAND: NanoSphere finish for fine woollen garments

18 September 2008 | just-style.com

Schoeller Textil AG’s NanoSphere textile finish is now available for premium woollen garments.... read more

US: New Coldblack UV and heat protectve fabric finish

20 August 2008 | just-style.com

A new fabric finishing technology from Schoeller and Clariant claims to reduce heat build up in garments and protect wearers from the sun's harmful rays.... read more