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Sympatex Technologies

Sympatex unmixed polyester laminates can help close the loop

13 November 2019 | Beth Wright

Functional fabric specialist Sympatex Technologies has developed a selection of new, unmixed polyester laminates as part of its goal to offer completely non-toxic, recycled and recyclable functional textiles by 2020.... read more

Sympatex uses recycled textiles in new footwear material

19 February 2019 | Beth Wright

Fabric specialist Sympatex has developed a new line of functional materials for footwear in which polyurethane (PU) foams commonly used in the lining of the laminate are completely replaced by a fleece-like compound made from recycled clothing fibres. ... read more

Sympatex closes the loop with 4.0 functional jacket

25 May 2017 | Beth Wright

Functional fabric specialist Sympatex has partnered with environmental activist group Greenpeace to develop a prototype of what it claims is the "ultimate" functional jacket, combining performance with sustainability to close the loop.... read more

Sympatex granted injunction against Gore eco claim

28 April 2017 | Michelle Russell

Functional fabric specialist Sympatex Technologies has been granted a temporary injunction against rival WL Gore & Associates to prevent it from claiming its polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) membranes – the core of Gore’s basic product – are environmentally-friendly and produced without any PFCs of environmental concern.... read more

Wear2Wear partnership closing the textile loop

27 April 2017 | Michelle Russell

Five European textile recycling companies are partnering on production systems that will turn textile fibres from used clothing into new functional fabrics. ... read more

Sympatex to reveal 100% climate-neutral membrane

22 December 2016 | Beth Wright

Functional fabric specialist Sympatex Technologies is to unveil a "guaranteed green" Sympatex membrane in the New Year, produced in a completely climate-neutral way for the first time.... read more

Sympatex sets sights on 100% recycled membrane

6 September 2016 | Leonie Barrie

Functional fabric specialist Sympatex Technologies is working to develop a 100% recycled waterproof and windproof membrane for the first time.... read more