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Toray Industries Inc

Toray takes new PET-recycled fibre to next level

13 December 2019 | Hannah Abdulla

Japanese fibre firm Toray Industries says it has developed a new commercial fibre brand called "&+" derived from recycled PET bottles, but with properties comparable to those made from virgin materials and incorporating traceability technology.... read more

Uniqlo and Toray team up on recycled down and fabric

18 September 2019 | Hannah Abdulla

Uniqlo-owner Fast Retailing and materials maker Toray Industries are teaming up to produce clothing made from recycled down and fabric that contains polyester fibres from recycled plastic bottles.... read more

Toray targets athleisure with new Primeflex microfibre

15 April 2019 | Beth Wright

Toray International America, the US arm of Japanese fibre and textile specialist Toray Industries, has added a new microfibre polyester to its Primeflex portfolio of stretch materials.... read more

Asics and Toray team up on colour-changing textile

28 June 2016 | Leonie Barrie

Japan’s Asics Corporation and Toray Industries have teamed up to develop a new high performance fabric that changes colour depending on the angle at which it is viewed.... read more

2015 – A year in review – Supplier winners and losers

16 December 2015 | Lee Adendorff

Investments in new facilities, automation and technology, and worker training schemes paid dividends for some apparel suppliers in 2015, while others were hampered by pay disputes and safety violations.... read more

Top stories this week on just-style...

20 November 2015 | Katie Smith

The most-read stories on just-style this week include a look at how C&A's overhaul of its fit and product development processes is paying dividends, Uniqlo and Toray ink a new sourcing deal aimed at reducing lead times and optimising production, and Cambodia approves a draft union law despite criticism. ... read more

Uniqlo and Toray expand global sourcing deal

17 November 2015 | Katie Smith

Fast Retailing-owned casual clothing brand Uniqlo has inked a new five-year sourcing deal with Japanese textile maker Toray Industries in a move aimed at reducing lead times, optimising production and "creating a new industry centered on the future". ... read more

Fibres and fabrics: Functional finishes meet environmental concerns

7 October 2015 | Kitty So

As functional finishes for textile products become increasingly effective and innovative, producers are looking for new ways to meet brands’ environmental concerns with ecologically friendly solutions.... read more

Malaysia's Penfabric labels products 'Made in Green'

23 July 2015 | Leonie Barrie

Malaysian textile firm Penfabric, a subsidiary of Japan’s Toray Industries, has become what is thought to be the first vertically-integrated textile maker to start labelling its products with the Oeko-Tex ‘Made in Green’ traceable product label.... read more

New fibre and fabric innovations for outdoor wear

20 February 2015 | Leonie Barrie

New eco-friendly fibre and fabric concepts that not only offer more sustainable choices for sportswear and outdoor apparel, but in many cases give improved functionality too, were on show at this month’s ISPO Münich trade fair. The natural performance of wool, plant-based laminates, ultra lightweight insulation and advanced temperature regulation were among the highlights.... read more

Toray modifies Dermizax performance membrane

4 February 2015 | Michelle Russell

Japanese textile giant Toray, together with its partner Bergans, has further modified the high performance membrane system Dermizax NX, designed to be both breathable and water-resistant.... read more

Uniqlo debuts water-repellent ultra light down

6 January 2015 | Katie Smith

Casual clothing brand Uniqlo has launched its first water-repellent Ultra Light Down as part of an expanded line of jackets and compact down for spring.... read more

First signs of shake-out in Chinese polyester capacity?

4 November 2014 | Leonie Barrie

Polyester projects that are already planned, financed and committed are continuing to drive an increase polyester fibre capacity in China - but first signs suggest growth is also starting to slow down.... read more

JAPAN: Uniqlo to expand kids & baby line by 50%

25 September 2014 | Michelle Russell

Casual clothing brand Uniqlo has revealed plans to expand its kids and babies' line by 50%, as it launches the brand's new season range.... read more

US: Patagonia debuts temperature regulating technology

9 September 2014 | Katie Smith

Patagonia has launched what it describes as a "revolutionary" new insulation technology which regulates body temperature and eliminates the need to adjust layers.... read more

Spotlight on...Textile and garment makers discuss 'Made in the UK'

19 June 2014 | Katie Smith

The growing hunger for ‘Made in the UK' products is finally translating into business for many UK textile and garment manufacturers, according to exhibitors at the inaugural Make it British ‘Meet the Manufacturer' sourcing event in London last week. While some believe the move is still in its infancy, others are looking to expand their production capacity in response to growth and new opportunities. Katie Smith takes a closer look.... read more

JAPAN: Toray plans international expansion

17 December 2013 | Richard Woodard

Yarn and fabric maker Toray Group is targeting international expansion in a number of emerging markets, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Brazil.... read more

CHINA: Fast Retailing to push ahead with Chinese expansion

27 September 2012 | Katie Smith

Japanese retailer Fast Retailing has no intention of slowing the expansion of its Uniqlo casual clothing brand in China, despite anti-Japanese demonstrations last week. ... read more

Emerging markets drive investment in nonwovens

10 February 2012 | Textiles Intelligence

Rapid growth in demand in emerging markets is driving investment in nonwovens, according to a new report - with several nonwovens roll goods producers expanding to target markets in Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, North Africa, South America and Southern Africa.... read more

just-style management briefing: Manufacturing winners and losers in 2011

19 December 2011 | Keith Nuthall

Established skills and tradition were not enough to save some apparel makers from layoffs and factory closures in 2011. But acquisitions, an environmental focus and international expansion helped others to build on a solid recovery from the recession.... read more

THAILAND: Toray rejigs production to mitigate flood impact

14 December 2011 | Leonie Barrie

Japanese yarn and fabric maker Toray Industries Inc says it has increased production across the group in a bid to offset the impact of the recent widespread flooding in Thailand, which led the company to close four plants in the country.... read more

JAPAN: Toray claims renewable PET breakthrough

22 November 2011 | Richard Woodard

Toray Industries is claiming a world first with the production of laboratory-scale samples of fully renewable, bio-based PET fibre.... read more

JAPAN: Toray to expand textile recycling business

28 October 2011 | Petah Marian

Toray Industries plans to expand its fibres and textiles recycling business as part of the Green Innovation Business Expansion project launched in April this year.... read more

US: DuPont invests $500m in new Kevlar facility

10 October 2011 | Leonie Barrie

DuPont is hoping for a 40% boost in the global production capacity of its high strength Kevlar fibres, best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body armour, after opening a new $500m facility in South Carolina. ... read more

GERMANY: Puma launches eco-friendly shoe

19 September 2011 | Petah Marian

Puma has launched an eco-friendly version of its suede shoe, which is made using 100% recycled materials.... read more

JAPAN: Toray fabric developments target outdoor market

12 July 2011 | just-style.com

Japanese textile maker Toray Industries Inc is targeting the outdoor clothing market with two new fabric developments which offer lightweight breathability and water repellent insulation.... read more

JAPAN: Toray launches ultra-fine nylon yarn

26 May 2011 | just-style.com

Japanese textile maker Toray Industries Inc has begun full scale production of a new ultra-fine nylon yarn for stockings and inner wear, which it claims is significantly finer than other products already on the market.... read more

JAPAN: Toray develops “next generation” breathable fabric

13 January 2011 | just-style.com

Japanese textile maker Toray has developed a new membrane technology that offers laminated fabrics with what it describes as “the next generation of breathability” as well as being completely waterproof and windproof and high stretch.... read more

JAPAN: Uniqlo extends HeatTech line into jeans

10 November 2010 | just-style.com

Japanese casual clothing chain Uniqlo is launching a range of jeans that uses the same heat-retaining technology used in its best-selling HeatTech thermal underwear line.... read more

JAPAN: Uniqlo unveils new “ultra-lightweight” jacket

7 October 2010 | just-style.com

Clothing retailer Uniqlo has joined forces with fibre specialist Toray to develop a new range of ultra-lightweight down jackets.... read more

August 2010 management briefing: Part IV - The winners and survivors

31 August 2010 | just-style.com

Looking at performance on a global market positioning basis, rather than geography, the last two years have been challenging for all global textile and clothing producers, as demand waned and customers put off purchasing decisions.... read more

JAPAN: Textile demand helps Toray swing to Q1 profit

11 August 2010 | just-style.com

Synthetic fibre maker Toray Industries Inc has swung to a first-quarter profit helped by better sales and cost-cutting measures.... read more

JAPAN: Uniqlo expands sourcing deal with Toray

20 July 2010 | just-style.com

Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo has renewed a five-year sourcing deal with Toray Industries in a move that is expected to see it buy JPY400bn (US$4.6bn) in fibres and fabrics over the next five years.... read more

JAPAN: Uniqlo eyes summer sales boost from new tech lines

7 April 2010 | just-style.com

Japanese casual clothing chain Uniqlo is hoping it can replicate the winter success of its Heattech line of heat-retaining thermal underwear with new products that are being lined up for summer.... read more

JAPAN: Toray invests in China unit

21 September 2009 | Michael Fitzpatrick

Synthetic fibre maker Toray has announced further investments in its already burgeoning Chinese market.... read more