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WL Gore & Associates

Gore and Checkerspot team up on performance textiles

28 November 2019 | Beth Wright

Performance fabrics specialist WL Gore & Associates is collaborating with Checkerspot, which specialises in bio-based polymers and biotechnology, in a bid to develop new high-performance textile coatings with improved environmental credentials.... read more

Gore PFC challenge hampered by 'technical barriers'

27 February 2019 | Beth Wright

Performance fabrics specialist WL Gore & Associates has warned its goal to commercialise the production of its polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) membranes without the use of PFCs of Environmental Concern (PFCEC) will take longer than originally expected due to what it called "technical challenges". ... read more

Gore develops new 3-layer laminate performance fabric

5 December 2018 | Beth Wright

Performance fabric specialist WL Gore & Associates is to take another step in its efforts to improve the environmental footprint of its fabric products next year with the launch of a new three-layer laminate for outdoor apparel.... read more

Gore Fabrics hits key PFCEC-free milestone

19 June 2018 | Michelle Russell

The fabrics division of WL Gore & Associates has reached a key milestone in delivering against its ambitious PFC goals with the launch of a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment, free of PFCs of Environmental Concern (PFCEC), that has been used on a new line of outdoor jackets. ... read more

Gore-Tex new technologies go beyond waterproofing

30 November 2017 | Michelle Russell

Performance fabric specialist WL Gore & Associates has invested in new technologies it says have led its product line into a new evolution stage that goes beyond waterproofness.... read more

New Gore Fabrics options for higher-intensity activities

18 July 2017 | Leonie Barrie

Performance fabric specialist WL Gore & Associates is lining up new technologies for outdoor apparel and footwear that tap into trends for higher-intensity athletic activities carried out in shorter periods of time.... read more

Gore Fabrics sets goal for eliminating hazardous PFCs

8 February 2017 | Beth Wright

Performance fabrics specialist WL Gore & Associates has revealed a series of "ambitious" environmental and chemical management goals for 2020, including eliminating hazardous PFCs from its product lines, as part of its Gore Fabrics division's long-term sustainability programme.... read more

Gore develops Invisible Fit technology for running shoes

7 December 2016 | Leonie Barrie

Performance fabrics specialist WL Gore & Associates has developed a new technology that combines the benefits of protective footwear technology with the fit and feel of regular running shoes.... read more

WL Gore unveils "world-class" fabric testing facility

18 November 2016 | Michelle Russell

Outdoor materials specialist WL Gore & Associates has opened new biophysics and heat and flame protection labs to boost its product testing capabilities. ... read more

Gore-Tex fabric made under license for first time in Taiwan

6 September 2016 | Leonie Barrie

Outdoor materials specialist WL Gore & Associates is outsourcing production of its Gore-Tex fabric for the first time, as part of an extended agreement with Taiwan’s Formosa Taffeta Company.... read more

A resilient outdoor industry seeks to broaden its base

15 August 2016 | Debra Cobb

With 29,000 visitors and 1626 exhibitors, this year's Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, which took place earlier this month in Salt Lake City, had its usual upbeat vibe. But there were signs that the outdoor industry is feeling the effects of 2016's "winter of our discontent," along with several retail bankruptcies, stock market disruptions in China, and the Brexit uncertainty in Europe.... read more

Gore Fabrics to launch non-PFC-based DWR products

6 July 2016 | Beth Wright

Outdoor fabric specialist WL Gore & Associates is planning to launch products made with non-PFC-based DWR (Durable Water Repellency) technologies as the first products of its US$15m investment into research for innovative materials.... read more

Gore engineers new protective rainwear fabrics

4 February 2016 | Katie Smith

Outdoor fabric specialist WL Gore & Associates has introduced what it describes as the "next generation" of protective arc-flash rated rainwear fabric. ... read more